View Full Version : I thought my track was tight!

2009.01.06, 05:49 PM
Friend of mine send this link to me. Check out how many cars and how tight this track is. Crazy!

Not sure if this has been posted but anyway.. enjoy!


2009.01.06, 06:46 PM
I cant view any videos from work... but here is my old practice track in my friends basement... real tight. http://tw.youtube.com/watch?v=7UphqeZ4Y58

I will check out your vid when I get home...

2009.01.06, 07:26 PM
Asian tracks are usually smaller and tighter, no 25mph Mod madness like we have here in the USA. ;)

2009.01.07, 01:35 AM
From what I've seen, mini 96 looks tighter than the first vid. EMU's is actually tight and I'd love one like that myself. Just more straights to practice speedy turns given our club layouts here.

2009.01.07, 02:25 AM
Just had a chance to watch the vid TJ, I really like tracks that are free flowing. RCP, even with the newer additions, is too limiting when you want to make different radius corners in a layout. RCP is great because it is easy to transport, but for a more permanant track, I would prefer something that you can just change the borders to whatever you want without having to work it like a puzzle.

2009.01.07, 02:12 PM
Wouldn't the best be to just buy alot of blank tiles and cut them up to your exact spec? I'm pretty sure for the same $200, you can get ALOT more coverage and spare pieces.

2009.01.07, 05:51 PM
The problem with tiles, is that you have seams every 50cm. Causes the track to be more bumpy, even at its smoothest, compared to a track without seams.

I started racing on a track that was foam tiles, with less traction than RCP with a foam barrier the same as TJ's vid. I liked it better than RCP, since any type of corner could be implemented and changed easily.