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2009.01.06, 08:09 PM
man i want one but i cant find one anywhere :( they look so cool any one have any links and such?

2009.01.06, 08:49 PM
You should check item number 120348398921 on the bay ;)

2009.01.06, 11:00 PM
If my friend Tallgeese see's this he will tell you where to fing them, I have one in peices that is a long term project for rock crawling. He has two, one that is completly stock and one for rock crawling. It is a fun and tough little truck.:D

2009.01.06, 11:22 PM
I've had 3 Minigiants and I love them, I was planning on keeping all 3 until I sold one of them to VAzRACER.. I've had mine forever and no matter what I put them through they just won't break, great little truck.. They sell the Minigiant under a lot of different names such as, A-Tech mini, Leo-x, and others.. Trinity has they're own version of the Minigiant as well that they call the "Clash".. To the best of my knowledge the "Venom Minigiant" version has been out of production for a while.. The last I heard Schumacher racing still sells the minigiant, if I remember correctly the part number for the Schumacher is{T-ATCMMAZ001R} for the red, ready-to-run version...

2009.01.06, 11:36 PM
you shouldn't have to pay more than about $70 shipped for one of these.... that $145 is way high !

I have several of them, in Salt Lake we race them monster truck style. the Bay is really the best place to find them. Look for Venom Mini Giant, Leo X, Trinity Clash & A Tech. they are all the same truck.

they are great trucks, you need to do a steering mod to get the most out of them, but they are sure great fun.

there are a few short videos in our club gallery...


here are a few cool pics of some as well, from my gallery.

http://www.saltlakemini-z.com/forum/gallery/0/thumb_1_22_02_08_6_34_37_4.JPG http://www.saltlakemini-z.com/forum/gallery/0/thumb_1_22_02_08_6_34_29_0.JPG

2009.01.07, 08:48 AM
yeah brian that's why i want one. your guys racing looks so cool, monster jam style :)

2009.01.07, 10:25 AM
yeah brian that's why i want one. your guys racing looks so cool, monster jam style :)

that's pretty much what it's styled after, We rotate from one race to the next.

We also run 2 sessions of freestyle. basically it's 2 minutes of running. you get 1 turn over if you flip, but the second time your done.

Voting from 1-10 in score based on style point. :D

2009.01.07, 11:06 AM
I have one too,tho mine is in bits atm it's getting a new life as a crawler.:)

2009.01.08, 07:09 PM
Here's a few pics of my 5 year old Minigiant.. This one started out as a racer/basher that I used to run using an HPI Micro Elite coreless motor, 2 cell Thunder Power 1800 Mah Lipo battery and a 12 tooth pinion while still using the factory speed controller/receiver combo. With this setup the truck had pretty good speed{roughly 30mph}and felt pretty light with the 1800 Mah Lipo pack.. I ran it like that for about the first year I had it and loved it because it had just enough power to clear large jumps and pull nice wheelstands from a roll.. Here's how it looks currently setup for crawling with the wheelbase stretched out and steering servo mounted on the front axle..

Here's some pics of my newest Minigiant which I'm planning on going brushless with.. I've been collecting parts over the last year and I'm hoping to build it in the next few months once the weather warms up..


Here's one last pic that compares the two chassis..

2009.01.08, 08:19 PM
that looks pretty cool. i found that guy on the bay who sells them new. i'm probably just gonna drop in a fireball and maybe a 8.4 battery, just to cause havoc around my neighborhood