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2009.01.08, 11:23 AM
to build the battery pack what do you use to solder the cells together? bars or braid or other?

im in the process of building a mrcg and getting close to the final stages.

thank you for your time.


2009.01.08, 12:45 PM
Hi Jamie,

Bars are probably the best way, if you can make/find them in the right size. I made my own bars by taking 18AWG wire, stripping off the insulation, and filling it up with solder until it got stiff. Then cut the "bar" to size and solder the cells together.

Braid would be OK if you glued the cells together, but I don't know if it would be more or less conductive than a good battery bar.

Hope that helps a bit.

2009.01.08, 12:51 PM
How is using wire different than using braid? :P

I've used braid and it works great jet, just do as color says and put a lot of solder into it to stiffen it, chop it to size and solder it on. It helps to roughen the battery ends with sandpaper and use flux if you have it to pre-tin the ends w/o heating the battery up as much.

I like shoo goo for assembling the pack otherwise, but you don't need it if you do the braid/bars right (but can't hurt either).

2009.01.08, 03:54 PM
thanks a bunch, great info.

2009.01.08, 06:57 PM
I used wire... but glued my batts together before assembly. I saw on PNs MRCG, that he used the motor terminal eyelets instead of bars/wire. Looks like a good idea if you have a few spare motor wires...

2009.01.12, 01:22 PM
got -er all together...my next question is...

can my ice charger do the deed? and how and what amp, time, ect....

the info may be on this website but stuck at work with little time to surf.....

thanks jamie.

2009.01.12, 01:33 PM
The Ice should be a good choice. What batteries are you using? I charge around 1A for my 900mah cells. Generally, you only want to charge at 1C, which is 1xCapacity, so a 900mah cell should be charged at .9A.

The Orion 750mah SHO cells should be charged at .5A.

I have never used the Ice charger, so I cannot fill you in on the smaller details of the charge settings.

2009.01.12, 01:58 PM
i have the Orion 750mah SHO and i'll check if my ice goes that low..this will be the first time using it for other then my 10th and 12th cars.

if you dont mind me asking what charger do you use for your 4 cell packs?

2009.01.12, 11:52 PM
I have 2x DTX Onyx 240's, and a Triton Jr. I normally use only the Triton Jr when I go racing.