View Full Version : sweet track surface

2001.12.08, 02:02 PM
while driving my car around my house i came a cross some consrtuction paper type stuff in long sheets. i started driving on it and it had really good traction. i don't really know what it is but it works extremely well. i am thinking of using it on my track that i am building.

2001.12.08, 02:28 PM
How's the durability? Seems like it would turn into lint over time?

2001.12.08, 02:54 PM
it seems to be holding up pretty well, i have only been driving on for about 2 hours. i guess only time will tell

2002.01.04, 11:55 AM
Try roofing "TAR PAPER". This is what ALOT of people are using to build their tracks.