View Full Version : getting rid of servo saver slack?

2009.01.10, 09:16 PM
so my car keeps going left or right after turns, and i have narrowed the culprit down to steering play, caused all by the servo saver. are there any tips on how to reduce slack in the steering?


MINIz guy11
2009.01.10, 09:21 PM
Well, could you put some preload on the servo saver spring by shimming it?

With a stiffer/harder spring, that should take out the slack in the mechanism, right?

2009.01.10, 09:30 PM
yes, good idea! but i think its in the linkage arm too. [those holes are boring out or sometinhg maybe?]

MINIz guy11
2009.01.10, 09:36 PM
Well, I'd start out by shimming first, then move onto another part of the mechanism. That way, you really know if your fix worked.

For the linkage arm, I wouldn't know an easy fix for. I would try some heatshrink over the metal parts, but then again, this is too tiny. It would also be too fine to wrap tape around. If it is the linkage arm, I believe you would have to either live with it or replace the whole unit. Either way, run a narrower offset while driving!

2009.01.10, 09:38 PM
i run +1's :eek:

maybe its just getting old? if thats possible

MINIz guy11
2009.01.10, 10:05 PM
I don't think wear would be that bad, but then I don't know your driving style. All my cars are atleast 2 years old and are holding up fine with minimal/bearable slack, granted they had a 1.5 year rest. Also, I was 12 when I was running these, so the driving didn't help with keeping the cars in tip-top shape.

Regarding your offset, why not go to 0? I remember Magic's old post about how wide rear and narrow front would lead to a "tricycle" effect, with better turn-in. Plus, they would stick out less so no more catching walls!

2009.01.10, 10:09 PM
could give it .5 or 1 caster, makes cars track straight

2009.01.10, 10:16 PM
how would caster help? thanks for the tips so far guys!

2009.01.11, 01:15 AM
What chassis is this? You can try a new servo saver first... second, you have to narrow down exactly where is the play that you are talking about coming from. The tie rod to the knuckles, or the tie rod to the servo saver, the servo saver itself not recentering, or play from the servo saver to the main servo gear. Check to see if any of the parts are showing wear. Try a different tie rod with a little more toe in...

What knuckles are you using? PN knuckles seem to have a little more toe in than the Kyosho knuckles. I noticed this alot using the Reflex WTF. They felt a little toed out with the Kyosho knuckles, but were perfect with the PN knuckles. I like no toe or a tiny bit of toe in, I dont like toe out.

You can add a little caster, as suggested above. Think of it like the front wheels on a shopping car. When you go forward, they rotate to go that direction.

2009.01.11, 08:29 AM
also keep in mind that if you shim the saver to tight and if you bang a wall there wont be any give to the saver so the next area of give is the gears and then you take a chance of stripping the gears and not having any steering

2009.01.11, 02:59 PM
i tinkered with my z for about 3 hours today, cleaning out everything, and to investigate this play. there was absolutely no play with the servo saver, and only a little [average] with the servo gears. so finally i assumed the only thing it could be was the tie rod or knuckles. I put a strip of masking tape onto the tie rod "horns" and pushed it on. 75% of my play was gone right there.... :D

2009.01.13, 07:56 AM
ok, so if my car is still veering left and right after turns [not centering], and the pot is secure, and the gears are clean and not binding, then is it just a dirty pot? i guess it has been about 5 weeks now running on rcp :eek:

2009.01.13, 12:45 PM
Where did you add your tape? Is it on the tie rod between the two protrusions that hold the servo horn? If so, make sure your tape isnt binding on the horn. If its a little too tight, it will keep the servo from totally recentering. I would reccomend swapping the tie rod out for a new one and see what happens.

2009.01.13, 09:32 PM
yup, even without a taped up tie rod it still veers. but is veering a sign of a dirty pot?

2009.01.14, 12:09 PM
so my car keeps going left or right after turns, and i have narrowed the culprit down to steering play, caused all by the servo saver. are there any tips on how to reduce slack in the steering?

It doenst need to be slack.
Try steering with the tie rod taken out and look at the servo saver arm moving while steering slowly both from left and right back to center; does it return to center completely? Can you feel slack on the saver arm? If not and it doent return to center than it is some binding in servo saver/servo gear/POT.

((Another cause could indeed be binding of the knuckles (eg heavy preload on the springs), it leads to the same symptoms. ))

2009.01.15, 12:45 PM
i cleaned the pot and it didnt really help, so i investigated further. i looked at the servo horn without anything on it and it centered perfect no matter what i did. so i swapped out the front springs to low downs [using the washer also] and the steering is fixed! before swapping out the springs, i turned the knuckles on the kingpin, and they were binding pretty badly. after putting low downs on, they turned under their own weight. :)
man im glad its fixed. race day today!!!