View Full Version : chinook!

2009.01.11, 09:28 AM
picked this up from maplin yesterday (british equivelent of radioshack) for 25, ive wanted one since i saw they were being released, i didnt know till i got it they were 3 channel tho:D
ive only had a few other helis, just copies of the piccoz, running the same internals, but this is the easiest to use by far- still gotta trim it up perfect but i can fly it ok:D takes quite a few knocks too, i crashed it down the stairs a few times and it still flies:o oh and its a light you can switch off/on from the controller... pretty cool:p



2009.01.11, 12:00 PM
i stop to look at these everytime i go to the store. one day i'll get one when they go on sale or clearance priced, they just look cool and fun.