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2009.01.11, 01:16 PM
Hey peeps, time for a new season! Last season went reasonably well considering it was my first time at organising something of this nature.

Hopefully, this season will run equally as well, if not better.

I was particularly pleased with how well the rules and points systems worked. I wasnít so impressed with the qualifying and staggered start systems however and have therefore decided to not bother with these any further. Lets just do it how we do it in any other race, a simple (and crazy, I know ;) ) start.

Itíll make for less arguments and more fun if we donít take it too seriously. :D

On another note: Iím not being funny, but please read the rules prior to joining please. This is so that you know what youíre paying for as there will be no pre-season rule changes like there were last season.

Donít let this stop you asking questions and making suggestions however. Everything will be taken on board for next season.

Finally, Due to the dramatic increase in autoscale prices, this seasonís joining fee is £7 and free for under 10ís. Those who do not wish to compete in the championship will not be denied the opportunity to compete in the races either! So no pressure!

Hereís this years rules and regsÖ


Not much has changed, like I said.

SoÖ Whoís in?!

2009.01.11, 02:05 PM
sounds awesome! i do quite like the mad race starts anyway:p
1 q, when do we have to have the funds in by....?
oh, and will the special races you mentiond a while back be part of the cc or are they just for fun?

2009.01.11, 02:47 PM
sounds awesome! i do quite like the mad race starts anyway:p
1 q, when do we have to have the funds in by....?
oh, and will the special races you mentiond a while back be part of the cc or are they just for fun?
1. ASAP ideally.

2. Both, but you will know in advance what events count. It'll be made well clear before the event, don't you worry! :P One event for sure, will be the Nascar 500 again! :D

2009.01.13, 04:34 PM
hey tom, just had a brainstorm... maybe as a 'special race' we could do hot laps? like topgear, you get 3 laps to put down the fastest lap you can? maybe even try and replicate the topgear track?
just a thought lol...

2009.01.14, 05:11 AM
Lol, good idea. Maybe more than 3 laps though? 3 Laps would be over in 30 seconds lol!

2009.01.19, 08:28 AM
Not a bad start to the season, yesterday. Thanks to those participating - it's all in good club spirit and helps towards the prizes at the end. More on this later...

Anyway: the standings for heat one:


...And the overall standings after those races:


I added Mal, asuming his participation. You in Mal??

Also, I had a brain wave yesterday for a special event. Similar to Liams idea.

I'll build a car using that will handle well. Then, over the course of the day, everyone will get a chance to tune it in to their TX and get used to it before racing it for five minutes on their own.

Basically, a time trial.

Then, points are given like a regular race in order of 1. the fastest lap and 2. the most laps.

What does everyone think?


As participation this season is low, there isn't much money in the kitty (£35) to be exact, myself included. This means I don't even have enough for an autoscale. Nevermind the price of trophy engraving, medals and other prizes. So I was wondering, how would everyone feel about getting small prizes and 1st place just gets a slightly bigger one?

Or there's Sarahs' idea.

Everyone pays £7 for the whole season, then a further £1 per month thereafter. This will leave us with a fairly large kitty: Almost £100 to be exact. Which will be awesome for prizes.

Let me know your thoughts.

2009.01.22, 10:01 AM
Peeps... Feedback of somesort would be fantastic!

Afterall it is a CLUB championship. >.<

2009.01.22, 11:25 AM
Can't exactly second my own idea there Tom, but a pound is a pound, it's nothing really, but it all builds up over the year. Plus there's what I said to you Sunday about the autoscale.

Looking forward to this coming season, and challenging Tom's position, and I'm only one point behind Bri at the mo' :)

2009.01.22, 06:00 PM
Yeah Sarah, I kinda guessed that's why you never replied. I shoudl've said, lol. Thanks though. I do think it's a good idea. I'll implement it as of next month if no one minds. I also thought, maybe, there were no replies because my dad, Matt and Bri don't post much.


Silly me!