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2009.01.12, 08:40 AM
With the active group of people we have been having lately we decided to extend our track, which in turn, added more pit space, opened up the feel of the room, and gave a little more space for track layout, and driver stands.

Ill let the pictures do the talking :D

The fun stuff :D Here is the new layout.


And what it looks like from my spot on the stand.



Heres a shot of the drivers stand. Getting every one elevated just 20 inches really makes a big difference on how you can see the sweepers coming on and off the straight. It also makes it where some one can walk in front of you without interfering too much, so I like it :D They are also wide enough to be able to put a stool up there, and still have room to safely move around it. I will be making a step at each end to help some of the guys get up there easier ;)


Here are some shots of the new pit tables. The pit stations are about 36x20, and all have light. Some of the tables are two sided, and some of us still pit on the couple tables that divide the pit and track areas.



Enjoy, and come check us out when you come down to the beach for vacation! Dont forget to check out the new set up over at 843 R/C Hobbies (http://minizracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=30358) as well!

2009.01.12, 10:58 AM
That's an awsome set up Landon. Finally got my lap counter runing. Haven't had much time for Mini-z lately. Mostly just working or should I say trying to work. I am hoping to make a trip sometime soon. My wife has some gifts to exchange at the outlets.

I know it is probably posted just wondering how your schedule corresponds to the new track. It would be cool to race at both clubs.

Just out of curiosity how is that working out with both clubs participation wise. It seems like if there the race schedule where different both venues would have a pretty good shot.

I know my way there is a guy that owns two slot car tracks with in ten miles of eachother and they both to well doesn't make much sense but it works out.

Hope all is well with you and the family. Tell your pops and mom I said hey!


2009.01.12, 01:54 PM
....just wondering how your schedule corresponds to the new track.

Just out of curiosity how is that working out with both clubs participation wise.

We do have our scheduling posted, but as for now, we have limited ourselves to racing on wednesday nights, and 843 runs on saturdays. There are a few folks that cant make it out on saturdays, and if my dad is in town, they may come over and run on friday nights for practice or something like that.

The two tracks in town together is working out just fine. Even though, Ive always had my own venue, Ive still always pushed for a LHS based track. Even though I intriduced the core group to miniZ, the LHS exposes more people than I could ever think of to Z racing. If it werent for them, Id be around the 10 person mark without much chance to grow further. With them in town, we are getting up towards 20 active racers (locally). That number is still growing and will continue to, as more and more of their customers are exposed to the racing this scale brings. Running at an office track after hours doesnt appeal to every one, but Im sure as the LHS picks up 4-5 more racers at a time, Ill get 1-2 of them over to my track, so itll all be worth it in the end. Plus, these guys almost all have event experience, so they are going to be able to help me learn how to put on bigger and better events. Stay tuned to the event forum for our first joint venture. I am going to be teaming up with the 843RACEWAY group to bring you the first true big event in Myrtle Beach. The atmoshpere should be similar to the turkey weekend race, but everythng else should be a LOT bigger. We are getting lined up for some awesome door prizes, the track is HUGE, the pit space is top-notch, the racing should be tight, and we should all have a great time!!

All-in-all I have to say that having another track is town is just great. As long as Ed, James, and I can maintain our dispositions and mentality towards Z racing in MB, then I dont see why this wont be a long, healthy, successful relationship. This first event should just be a teaser for what is to come of local miniZ racing here at the beach.

2009.01.12, 05:10 PM
Looks great Landon... ROADTRIP!

2009.01.18, 12:18 AM
Pedro, Come on down! :D

Heres the newest layout.




2009.01.18, 04:41 PM
landon let me now when the big event is. I have the wifes permission for a travel vacation/race trip. Let us know early enough and I will come over from atlanta and stay at the beach with the ids while we are at it.
Art Shull

2009.01.18, 04:58 PM
Here is the info about the March event Art;)

2009.01.18, 07:11 PM
Itll be great to race with you again. The race will be on March 7th, at the new LHS track (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=26247&d=1229047795). Hank has the link to the event thread. Ill be updating it with information frequently. You guys should try and get Patrick to bring his family out too!

Hope to see you soon guys ;)

2009.02.04, 09:30 AM
hrddrvr where is the new track layout looking for you to post photos!!!

2009.02.04, 10:42 AM
^ Ask and you shall recieve :D

I was hoping to get pics with everything painted, but here is the layout as it stands right now (with the exception of the starting grid and bump-outs). Tonight will be the last race on this layout, and I plan ot change the layout every week through out february.





2009.02.04, 10:52 AM
nice layout, I like the elevated section with the little "table top" elevation in there. Do you catch air if you hit it at full speed?

2009.02.04, 11:13 AM
^ With the table top right where you come onto the straight I cant really catch any air. I had it pushed down the straiaght about halfway, and you could get the front wheels off the ground.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the main "climb" half way down the straight. Stock cars could lift the front wheels, and mod cars could jump onto the wall :o Ill be keeping it on a short shoot our coming out of a turn from now on ;)

As stated, Ill be changing the layout each week for the next few, so Ill be doing some creative things with the elevation each time.

2009.02.04, 11:24 AM
Looks cool Landon! Hope we can make it over to your track while we are down March 7th

2009.02.04, 11:30 AM
Very nice!!!

2009.02.04, 11:54 AM
Looks cool Landon! Hope we can make it over to your track while we are down March 7th

Thanks! Its only a hop and a skip from 843, so I think I can arrange the short tour if nothing else :D

Very nice!!!

Thanks Phillip! Maybe if you are ever down in the south you can come by and we can race AWDs ;)

2009.02.04, 01:00 PM
Looks good Landon You do work hard to keep it interresting!!

2009.02.06, 06:02 PM
I decided to go ahead and set up the layout for next week! I had to build one more bridge section for the straight, so I didnt get it done until right at quitting time. I didnt get in any laps :(





This may not be quite done, as Id like to add the small 'hump' ("table top" that was on the straight last time) into the layout. I havent decided as to where to put it, but in one thought, I would have to change out the one 45 corner, for a regular 90d inside set up. Im also going to move the starting grid back to the neginning of the straight.

Ill post pics when I rearrange it. :D

Ed Roberts
2009.02.06, 08:51 PM
Looks awesome Landon, I'll be there Monday.

2009.02.07, 12:00 AM

Looks like fun se ya later

2009.02.07, 03:44 AM
nice.......now you need a wider straightaway.....;)

2009.02.07, 11:38 AM
Ed, 2EZ, Thanks! See you guys soon!

yasuji, Thanks :D We took some inspiration from your recent elevation experiments :D How are your guys enjoying it over there? We really like the new lement it throws into racing. I also really enjoy the realsim that gets added with the supensions of the car really working.

Why would we needer a wider straight? The cars are only 4 inches wide, lol. j/k Ill widen it out to 3 ties when I get a bigger room :D

2009.02.07, 01:47 PM
Ed, 2EZ, Thanks! See you guys soon!

yasuji, Thanks :D We took some inspiration from your recent elevation experiments :D How are your guys enjoying it over there? We really like the new lement it throws into racing. I also really enjoy the realsim that gets added with the supensions of the car really working.

Why would we needer a wider straight? The cars are only 4 inches wide, lol. j/k Ill widen it out to 3 ties when I get a bigger room :D

if you go 3 tiles on the straight it will not take up any more room ... that is the beauty of having an elevated straight..... you can go under it ;)

2009.02.09, 11:51 AM
Go ahead send us some blank tiles we will surely use them!!!!!
LOL Hope to see ya here at the beach again soon!!!

2009.02.09, 07:02 PM
landon got a real taste of power with some nitro today:D. it's all over now your like a junky, gotta have that fix:eek:.you know you want one:).it's ok to come to the nitro side:cool:. cya wednsday

2009.04.06, 08:26 AM
Its been a while since I updated this, so I thogh Id throw a few pictures up to share what Ive been doing.

The elevation changes have been a blast, but with the straight barely elevated, I wasnt able to take advantage of all the space under it. I decided to go up a little higher, and mount it to the wall, so there is nothing in the way of the track layout below. I just doulbed up the height (went to 2'), so I can still use my modular build-ups to get up and back down. I like how Ive now created a second tier, and it is essenthially bi-level. Ive got a ton of ideas about layout, and cant wait to start trying some new things.

Anyway, here are the pics of the most recent layout!







And one overall shot from the other end of the track room!


I got some great feedback from the folks who have run it allready! Its a lot of fun, and Im now up to a 12 second lap time :eek: Just a few months ago we were running 8 seconds on the hardest layouts I could come up with :D

2009.04.06, 08:55 AM

2009.04.06, 06:30 PM
great fun to race on the hills can be tricky

2009.04.12, 10:00 AM
A little teaser for something else thats going to be tricky this week :D


2009.04.13, 06:54 PM
Ed popped in a spotted my new 'curbing' on the track, and I posted them elsewhere on the forum, so I thought Id update our thread with the current pics of the new track additions.

Here are some pics of the 'dots' in various configurations.

Regular 90

Extra extended on the 90

Altering the entry/exit of the 90

Regular hairpin

Extended hairpin

The outside run-off


I like the curbs close to the walls, so I tucked them down to the minimum. Heres an overview of a section of the track outfitted :D

2009.04.13, 07:54 PM
Nice shoes. Oh, and dots too. Now just get rid of the yellow and replace it with a nice day-glo red.

Ed Roberts
2009.04.16, 07:54 AM
I just wanted to say what a great race last night, not just because I won, LOL. Landon put on a fast and fun show and the track lay out was one of the best I have every driven on. The corner dots work great and I bet you will start seeing them at big events soon, they made me remember my old 1/12 scale days. The dots were made perfect, if you hit one it didn't make you crash but just though you off a little. I just want to thank Landon for everything he and his Dad have done for the mini-z racing in this area. I haven't had this much fun since I stop 12th scale racing over 12 years ago.



2009.04.16, 10:04 AM
I agree Ed great fun last night. I like the dots also. I just need to find a way to beat Daddy Rabbit in the A!! My night was good though 2 Q wins, TQ and a 2nd in the Sportsman A. I think the lights and music Daddy Rabbit has on his pit box distracted me and made me dizzy!!!

2009.04.16, 10:10 AM
I meant to add the overrun areas are very interesting I know I tested several of them!!! Landon Ya keep it fun and for sure it is hard to get bored racing at CFI!!! Daddy Rabbit I am still “Blinded by the light!!!

2009.04.16, 10:58 AM
very interesting track layouts is that a mini 96

2009.04.16, 02:46 PM
Mike, lol. Ill probably end up doing something in red, to keep with the realistic look. I just had the yellow electric tape lying around, and threw it on.

Ed, You da man. That was the most fun Ive had running in a while too. The race I had with KB when I gave up the LMPS championship (last race at our place) was my favortile in a LONG time. This rivaled it, and I think if as much had been on the line, it would have been even better :D There was definitely some great racing between you Eric and I, and you definetely held it together better than we did. It was a much deserved win. I just hope you dont go on a rampage like KB did when he got his first win :D Ill be working on my car a little to try and prevent that next wednesday. Good luck this weekend ;)

Tannie, I tell my dad all the time, Dont worry about qualifying as long as you are in the 'A'. After that (making the 'A'), its all about the main :D You had some great runs! You ran well in the main too, its just that Daddy Rabbit got away in the beginning while you and Chad were battling for position. Once he was coming around to lap you guys (only s hort while into the race) he was able to cruise without pushing too hard, so it was easy for him to keep it clean. It was a fun race to watch though!

All you sportsman need to watch out for Steven! When he gets that thing under control, its going to be scary :D

Oh, and to Ed and Tan, thanks a lot for the props. I do work hard, and even though its mostly fun, its nice to know some one else recognizes it, and even appreciates it ;) Thanks for the support guys!

Stugottz, Interesting is what I shoot for with my layouts :D I like to keep the guys over here on there toes. since weve added the elevation changes, and now the dots, things are highly variable, and highly interesting! It is a wide tile track though. Our club owns 3 wide Ls, a 45* kit, and a wide radius turn kit. Now of the members also has 3 wide Ls, that he lets the club use (thanks 2EZ!!), so weve got plenty of track :D

Daddy Rabbit
2009.04.16, 04:15 PM
Great family and good racing buds, what else could a man ask for?:p
Maybe some work uh?:D
Thanks for all the nice comments guys, allways fun to be around you guys.

2009.04.16, 08:30 PM
no comment about my superior racing skills? j/k i too had a blast as usual. i hope we can get this many and more every week. i just need to get my car to handle on your track a little better, just not sure what im doing wrong with my setup. see everyone next week.

2009.04.17, 10:58 AM
Your car if fine like it is don't change a thing on it or your controler!! Ha Ha!!

Steve ,
As fast as that car is I hope you make the same mod to your controler as Chad!!!!

Daddy Rabbit
How many AAA's does it take to run all the lights, fans and music on your pit box?????

Daddy Rabbit
2009.04.20, 12:05 PM
T Man,
It takes the big power to run that box.LOL

Ed Roberts
2009.06.04, 12:23 PM
Great race last night Landon, sorry for flipping you over. I would of stop but was trying to catch Eric. Also, it good to see some of the 1/8 scale drivers coming back.

2009.06.04, 01:57 PM
^ Its all good Ed. Ill flip you back next week ;)

Eric was smooth, and if he has found his groove again, its going to be hard for either of us to get any wins from him. Last time he was driving this clean and consistant he went on a two month long victory parade! We need to put a stop to that next thursday!

Ed Roberts
2009.06.04, 02:50 PM
Ya, I say we take him out next week, LOL.

2009.06.04, 03:49 PM
how about you take each other out and let me win one, are at least not come in dead last. i like the elevations but can not drive them to save my life. i'll be glad when the track is flat next week.

2009.10.09, 08:50 PM

2009.10.12, 08:30 AM
Okay, so after 4 hours if intense elevated racing this past saturday some one (cough * Eric * cough) mentioned going back to flat tracking for a while. I see a post about some one else (cough * Chad * cough * cough) mentioning prefering the flat tracks too, so Ive got an idea. Ive got a mostly flat layout in my mind that will be different from anything else, and itll have some VERY high speed flat areas for going extra fast. It may have some techinical nightmares thrown in with it :D who knows.........

2009.10.12, 06:52 PM
don't hate me cause i'm beautifull:D. 33turn???????goes fast.

2009.10.12, 08:15 PM
i've been meaning to ask, what amp circuits are you using for pit tables? how many tables per circuit?

2009.10.13, 08:05 AM
I just asked the guy who installed them. He said hes not 100% exactly how many are on each, but we have two 30 amp curcuits for the three pit tables. From the looks of it, there are four boxes (with four plugs each) on one, and five boxes on the other. Im not sure how the lighting is divided amongst those curcuits though.

I need to get some new pics up. Ive got some cool layouts that have been put down recently, and they are worthy of sharing :D

2009.10.14, 08:17 AM
Been slacking on pics, so here are a couple of the newest layout (same one we ran at the enduro this past weekend).....





a few random shots....




2009.10.14, 08:36 AM
This is the most fun lay out that I have ever competed on. Especially in the rain stages. You also can't imagine how stable a Porsche 962 body is while it is in the air. Great take off's made for great landings.

Any club or organization that has the means to do this should.

2009.11.22, 02:34 PM
Just about to take the latest layout down, and just getting to posting pics up. This was the most fun layout weve had!!





We will be flat tracking it with the HFAY layout starting early next week. Hope you guys get some practice on it while Im gone. Im coming back with a vengance!

2009.12.22, 04:27 PM





Daddy Rabbit
2009.12.22, 06:40 PM
You guys wanted fast/////////////:eek:
Well you got it.:cool:
Good job son.:D

2009.12.22, 07:07 PM
i saw it today and it will be fast. i ran maybe a dozen laps but only 2 might have been clean. my mod car was horrible and didn't have time to tune on it any. cant wait for wednesday night

2009.12.22, 07:38 PM
Nice track.... would love to give it try..:)

2009.12.22, 07:43 PM
Running this on Jan 30th? Cool!

2009.12.23, 07:16 AM
Mod is going to get a little out of hand on this layout. I dropped a 14t pinion on mine just to see what would happen. Unbelievably, I got it maxed out a couple of itmes on the straight! Of course there was nothing I could do at the end of the straight at that speed, but it was pretty cool to see my pan car winging down there that fast! The flow of the layout is awesome, and its going to be fun to race on. The guys like KB, Steven, Andy, and Tannie who are notoriously hard to get around, are going to be really hard to pass now. Its open and flowy enough there are multiple fast lines, but I dont think there are many great overtaking oppertunities. We will see tonight :D

Maj, Weve got an event coming up the 30th of next month ;) It would be great to see you (and some of your guys) for it! Hotels are cheap this time of year!

Pedro, I usually leave a layout up for 6 weeks or so, and that puts me right about the event window, so its crossed my mind. I may modify for the event, or I may drop a whole new one. If its as fun as I think its going to be, I may want to share it with you guys too! :D

2009.12.23, 12:18 PM
landon....dude:eek:....i gotta get back out there and drive on this track.....it looks AWESOME!! ur track has come a long way!good job! now the HSH guys need to do this as well!id like to come out and visit all of you guys!

2009.12.23, 12:32 PM
the track looks awesome....I have a question? How do you marshall that type of multi level track? You need ninja marshals. How do you get tocar without obstructing another racers view???
Im not trying to be a wiseguy Im truly curious...

Daddy Rabbit
2009.12.23, 02:45 PM
Marshalling is hard and getting to the cars in some of the places is tough, but this keeps the drivers on their toes.It's like Alex said up at your PN Race "the marshalls did not put you there".We would love to see you get a group from up there and come down to our Jan 30th event. The weather and hotel rates are resonable that time of year, see details in the Events forum.
Hope you and Mini Berm have a good holiday.:)

2009.12.23, 03:59 PM
OMG the track looks kick@ss L . to bad im not going to be able to race untill jan.

2009.12.24, 07:07 AM
Grant, you definitely gotta get out here some time! Like I told Maj, we are having an event on the 30th of next month. You should come out for that! You could hit HS on the way down, and get a club night of racing in with them on thursday before heading over to practice friday. :D

Also, I mentioned to Phillip about him trying to get a PN team together for our enduro. Unless we get more than my track will hold, I plan to have it on a layout similar to this too! You should come out with Phillip and run mod pan in the proto class! I was shooting for March 20th, but RCX is allready scheuled for that weekend. Ive got my hand in my pants right now, but Ill make a decision on a new date really soon (probably the weekend after easter). Hotels are a ton cheaper this time a year than they were when you guys were looking to come out for the regional last year, so it should be a bit more affordable, esepcially if you fly into Charlotte.

George, We also use some sticks to flip cars, especially in the hard to reach places. I try and keep the toughest turns easy access when I design the layout, but mainly clean driving is what keeps marshalling down.

Chris, you missed a good one. We had 6 at a time on the track! It was mayhem, and this track is a lot tougher than it looks! Its FAST for sure!

2010.01.01, 10:03 AM
Marshalling is hard and getting to the cars in some of the places is tough, but this keeps the drivers on their toes.It's like Alex said up at your PN Race "the marshalls did not put you there".We would love to see you get a group from up there and come down to our Jan 30th event. The weather and hotel rates are resonable that time of year, see details in the Events forum.
Hope you and Mini Berm have a good holiday.:)

we would love to come down and race with you guys but for me Im really busy with customer projects at work. We sell a lot at the end of the year and then we scramble to install and validate it in the new year....

The track must be awesome to race on and what is really kool you guys have a great race attitudes. Me and mini berm will make it down to race with you guys.....


Daddy Rabbit
2010.01.01, 02:25 PM
George, we look forward to the visit when it happens.
Otherwise we will see you at some northern events after it gets warm up there.
Have a happy New Year.

2010.01.04, 07:08 PM
Well it is my plan to be there this wensday I have missed several gatherings lately with the holidays but plan to get active again see ya all soon. Watch for the T-Bone!!!

2010.01.04, 07:12 PM
glad to have you back tbone. there should be some new but familiar faces this wednesday. i few wont be there but we should have a good turnout.

2010.01.07, 01:17 PM
Here is the new layout :D



2010.01.07, 01:29 PM
WOW! looks great. Wish I lived closer.

2010.01.07, 01:35 PM
WOW! looks great. Wish I lived closer. We wish you did also!!!
just know this is not all the track we have just all the room!!!!hrdrvr keeps it interesting!!
by the way there was talk of a wide track to Mini96 adapter did you ever make them to market??

2011.01.06, 08:53 AM
3 Wide at CFI!!!


This is the first time we have had a 2 wide straight at CFI. Its a lot different for us, but I think we are going to like it :D

2011.03.12, 11:55 AM
I tried building an incline like the first one you guys did. I must say that after trying to get it right, that you guys did a great job. It wasn't as easy for me as you guys have made it look. I'm still getting lift off of the entry onto the platform. It's going to take some experimenting, but I don't think I will ever get to the point that you guys have. Your track looks great!!

2011.03.12, 02:40 PM
no matter you do your going to get lift ar the top of the incline and your going to rub at the bottom. its all in trying something new and tuning your car to handle it.

2011.06.15, 10:32 AM
We need to get back to racing soon!!!

2011.06.15, 12:50 PM
You are right. I've had this challenging layout down for a little while lately. I think Chad ran on it once. It's hard enough that it is good practice even alone :D Passing would be very fun if I could ever get some one to run with me :D




2011.06.17, 03:33 PM
only thing your missing now is jumps:D. looks good