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2009.01.13, 09:15 AM
I lost one of the few 102 SMD recistors on my asf board. Is there a place (online) or where I can get a replacement? the only thing I can think of is a borken used PCB (which i make a WTB thread) but maybe you guys know more than me.

2009.11.04, 12:31 AM
i loose my 102 too when i try to change my ASF FET.
got replacement from cellphone's board.
lucky to be an "ex" freelance cellphone repairman.

2009.11.04, 02:20 AM
Keep in mind that "102" is a package size, not a resistance value. We have no idea what value resistor you lost. If you can find that out, it's easy enough to buy the part from online electronics stores if not have it sampled free in the low qty that you need.

2009.11.04, 09:20 AM
I would think that the '102' is probably a capacitor no?! Get as a pic of the board and the part that's missing.

2010.12.20, 10:31 AM
Hi Guys,

Something that I can help with! I am totally new to Mini-z but I can help with this one.

The 102 on the resistor is the value. There is no size 102. There is 201 sized smd resistor, but it's about the size of a grain of salt. The mini-z mr-03 board looks to be of 0603 technology.

10 x 10^2 = 1K

I haven't looked at the board yet as I just got my first mini-z on Friday.

If I was guessing at what size it was I would say 603 or 805.

0603 size


best regards,


2010.12.20, 11:24 AM
interesting. thanks for the reply. Unfortunatly I am no longer racing mini-z =(
but, it is good to learn something new everyday. Enjoy you mini-z

2010.12.22, 06:54 PM
Good call on the value instead of package size. My mistake!