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2009.01.16, 02:31 AM
Matsushima's PN Racing PanCar Points Series Schedule

PCPS Race 1 @ Matsushima's 2/01/09 Mod & Stock
PCPS Race 2 @ Matsushima's 2/08/09 Mod & Stock
PCPS Race 3 @ Kenon RC 2/21/09 Mod & Stock
PCPS Race 4 @ Matsushima's 3/01/09 Mod & Stock
PCPS Race 5 @ Matsushima's 3/15/09 Mod & Stock
PCPS Finale @ Kenon RC 3/28/09 Mod & Stock

Prizes will be awarded @ each PCPS for the top 3 finishers in each class
Entry fee for each event is 20.00 for the first class and 10.00 for the second class
In addition to the PCPS we will be also running a 2 event club race spec for
F1 so7 and asc stk class
it will be a best of 2 points race with prizes held @ Kenon RC
the dates will be
2/03/09 starting @ 6pm
3/10/09 starting @ 6pm

Pn pancar superstock:
Pn pancar body only
hand out motor pn 70 turn
no foam tires
4 aaa batteries only
no lipos
no white bodies(paint for best of show)

Pn pancar modified:
Pn pancar body or any lexan pancar body
any ballbearing 130 motor(u gotta drive it)
no foam tires
4 aaa batteries only
no lipos
no white bodies(paint for best of show)

2009.01.16, 06:57 PM
Hey Grant,

Happy New Year hope everything is well with you and the familia! Just wondering does anyone ever beat you and what are you doing with all the prize money LOL!!!!! HA!HA!HA!

Landon and some guys from the new Myrtle beach track are planning a huge event March 7. They have a pretty huge track 25 x 40 something like that. Any way it would cool to hang out with you and the wifey again.

Well thats about it for now good luck with the upcoming series of events!


2009.01.17, 02:45 PM
due to a conflict with valentines day i had to move a few around:o

2009.01.27, 03:19 PM
Matsushima's Pn PanCar points series kicks off this coming sunday Feb 1 2009:eek:
the first round will be a great start to an awesome winter series with
$$100.00$$ in prizes @ every round leading to a $$300.00$$ grand prize for the top finisher in the points series for each class
doors open @ 8 am control practice begins @ 10 am:D

2009.01.31, 11:39 AM
round 1 begins tomorrow.....i picked up the handout motors for the 70 t pancar
and the prizes for the podium finishers and the best of show prize....
doors open @ 8 am......