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2009.01.17, 01:06 PM
i would like to strike a conversation about the development, building, etc. of regional club competitions. i've touch on the subjuct and will be using the annual DC Endurance Rac (http://www.mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=332138&posted=1#post332138)e as a starting point.

the idea behind this is there are ergions where there are relatviely large numbers of clubs within say a 4 hour drive of each other. how do we go about developing regional club competitions? the simnple goals are;
foster club growth
increase club awareness
develope regional pride as well as individual club pride
create atmosphere of fun and friendship building environment regionally.

for a great deal of us the atomic and pn national and world series events are a bit unrealistic. while it's fun to participate, i'd argue a vast majority aren't going to go farther than 3-4 hours travel for an event. i'd like to develope regional series that expand on the individual club experience by racing with other clubs in the region.

for example, in my region there are clubs within 4 hours travel from ny to nc. i've already raced with a great many of them and our club has had wonderful experiences in racing with many of these clubs. our annual endurance race is a chance to take this idea and run with it due to it's format which suits the idea well being that it's team based and the teams are 98% club based. we have a couple that travel from far off lands to take part in this annual event which build team that are less regionally specific but it still works very well.

have any other groups done this? any tips, ideas?

2009.01.19, 09:33 AM
Im glad this has a place for discussion. Ive been wanting to try and promote inter-club competition for a while now. Im just at a loss of what we can do to get travelling interest up by getting the folks who havent travelled to try it.

Ive been lucky enough to travel and race with a few clubs at large events, and just at club races. Both are equally as rewarding, but so many of us dont make the effort for that extra experience. It forms a sense of unity between us as miniZ racers. Also, in the 10 or so times Ive been able to race with folks outside of my general area, Ive learned a ton of information.

In the last few trips Ive made (over the course of this year), Ive met a few people that are very very close to my skill level. Our clubs are mostly small, and diverse, so the tight competition goes away after a group gets its pecking order sorted out, and leveled a bit. When you go race against other groups, there is more of a chace for some really tight battles with folks you dont get to run with otherwise. This has been one of the things that has made MiniZ so enjoyable to me recently. Ive had the chance to have had multiple extrememly tight races this year with a person from PA, NC, GA, a couple from VA. Its been so awesome to get to race each of them on different tracks in different states. Ive enjoyed it so much, I cant wait to get on the track with any of them again whenever I can, and Im just as excited about the next person that Ill run across with the same scenario. I also want to mention all the other folks that I met and raced tight races with at those same events. I cant wait to get to run with them again, and hopefully form the same rivalry/bonds as I have with this handful.

These experiences make it totally wirth the effort to try and find other spots to race. I, at first, was settled into thinking I would travel 2-3 hours to race. Once I found out there was no where in that range to go, I thought 5 hours would be a good limit to put on driving time. Once I got out to do that, I upped my travel distance to 6-8 hours, and sice Ive even been 10 hours away from home (for the PNWC race). Id shy away from those 10 hour trips, but 6 hours plus or minus is plenty worth a trip to get to meet and race with folks.

From all of my raving about this years venues, Ive got a lot of folks from my local group willing and ready to travel, but to where? We dont have too many events over here in our side of the US. I wish we could get events from RCP, and KoPropo, and Kyosho, and, and, and, lol. We dont get those events though, and if we did, Im sure they would follow suit of the PN and ATM cups and would end up somewhere right around NY. Im to the point now where I dont forsee the south getting a lot of recognition for such events (maybe soon though, Im always hoping :D). WE need to make our own, and I think some type of inter-club points series owuld be awesome to get started. The DC enduro event has me thinking that an enduro series event held over the course of a year with 4-6 clubs each hosting an event or two would be pretty dang awesome. There are all kinds of reasons why enduro would be a good jump-off point, but who within 8 hours of MB is also interested? Ed if your reading this, Ill travel 10 hours to see you guys again :D

Ive got a lot more to say, but seem like Im rambling too far right now (a constant habit) :D Im excited to see this thread started, and am very interested to see what ideas folks have, especially as far as what they are willing to do to get to race with people outside of their local group.

2009.01.19, 11:44 AM
I agree with hrdrvr on this on. I have had the opportunity to travel and race with some of the other clubs around. I have race with the DC GTG group, Hank and a few other guys from Atlanta. At RCX I was able to meet up with Rod and Phillip from PN Racing, Joe and Cristian from Reflex, Bill Crotty Jr. and a lot of other racers from all over the country. I would say that I have learned a lot from racing with these guys, Rod especially was a great help in learning a few trick to setting up my Cars.

I was also able to try our a nicely setup pan car (thanks Rod) and that got me hooked, I build one when I got home, and will be racing it at RCX this year !

5 of our club member will be making the trip to Wyoming on February 7th to race in a mini-z race hosted by WyomingRC. They are probably the closest group to us (6 hours away). I wish we had more clubs that were in this range to race with. Most are 10 hours +

I will also be attending RCX again this year for another go around with the top drivers in the country. John and of course Phillip put on a great event last year and I expect nothing less this year. For those of you that want 2 days of solid racing this is the event for you.