View Full Version : Mini-Z Airplane ?

Tim Johnson
2009.01.18, 12:20 AM
Mini-Z Airplane?


2009.01.18, 12:27 AM
wow, that pretty cool. Nice and smooth for a indoor plane.

2009.01.25, 02:52 AM
Haha that's cool! Now its between this and the blade mcx...or maybe both? Too many toys.

2009.01.25, 09:38 AM
Isn't that the Minium series? :)

2009.01.25, 09:49 AM
yes, it looks to be the minium series. in most hobby shops you will find these under parkzone vs. kyosho. it's the exact same stuff with different stickers.

2009.01.25, 11:42 AM
I want their new helicopter model!
My Dad has their Cessena, but he wants the Cherokee.

2009.01.25, 01:34 PM
They have a heli model too?! I need to go check one of those out now.

2009.01.25, 02:29 PM
Uh, the picture of the helicopter is at the top of this very page your looking at! It's on the left side of the TinyFlight forum banner. It's a very neat little helicopter and my Dad reported to me from the California AMA show two weekends ago, that Kyosho is working on a collective pitch version.