View Full Version : Drifting in my basement

2009.01.20, 10:09 PM
My drift video with SAS setup.


2009.01.21, 11:33 AM
Awesome man!!!!! Have you tried drifting on RCP? Wonder which is better. I have drifted on cement and RCP. Never on a track on cement though. Anyway, I like your track set up as well. Very cool!


2009.01.21, 01:04 PM
That's a tight mini straight-away. It looks hard to try to have the rearend swing out coming in on the sweeper. Cool layout! Thanks for sharing!

RCP track has a bit more traction compare to cement or wood floor. Either way, it's all fun!

2009.01.21, 01:08 PM
thanks Jay! Glad you liked it. I only tried drifting on RCP once, but not with my AWZ. Would love to try that one day. Drifting on cement is quite tough (as least to me) to be consistent, I found I have better control over wood veneer flooring..