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2009.01.21, 02:14 AM
FPR is proud to announce that we have opened a new Website, in addition to this we have also formed a new team to help develop and enhance our services and racing environment. Please visit our new website for more information.

Thank you,

2009.01.21, 11:28 AM
Hey, I like the new site. I would love to visit your track sometime. Anyway, enjoyed the site and your write up on the all wheel drive. I would be interested in checking out your drift setup.


2009.01.21, 11:56 AM
Site looks good, TJ! Just put something in your Links section to fill the space. ;)

2009.01.21, 12:05 PM
Hi Jay,

Thank you. I sure wish you'll be able to make it here someday. Honestly I'm not really into drifting until last Saturday. I'm so into it now that I had to get my own, thanks to my drift buddies ;). I can sit down on the floor and drift for hours. Who would have thought?! I use drifting as my grip practice since my finger movements are too slow (I don't know how to yank the steering nor blimp on the throttle.) This will definitely help me with that, especially using brakes (pushing finger forward).

We'll try to post some vid of me drifting (not like anyone would want to see that but who knows :)) and post the car's set-up as well.


2009.01.21, 12:08 PM
Site looks good, TJ! Just put something in your Links section to fill the space. ;)

Thank you Brian. Pete did a very good job on the site... We are still working on the link page.

Btw, where do I get a dealers account for the MRCG's? I have few guys asking me for it and I always refer them to getting MRCG's instead of sinisters etc... I told them that MRCG was built and tuned on a RCP track and I was one of those guys that was lucky enough to test one before they came out in the market. :)

2009.01.21, 04:02 PM
My buddy Tallgeese turned me on to drifting and some drift tires at Necko con. We don't really run AWD at our club in NC and my AWD is slow at best.

I picked up an orange supra body at the NRC race in Maryland so I have decide to designate my AWD as a full time drifter.

No one at our club is drifting yet, so hopefully I can get some interest going. I have been practicing all week so I know what you mean. It's definately challenging.

I have definately enjoyed the drift video. I have been using it as a reference. The Toyota on the vid has it going on. Who is that?


2009.01.21, 04:12 PM
After releasing that vid, we have quite a few guys asking about that Toyota Falken drift car. It's my new biz partner, Peter Dinh. Him and his friends drifts 10th scale a lot. If I'm not mistaken they even go to big events like RCX and such and compete... I'll ask him to have the set-up posted on our web soon. He set-up my car and my drift car is pretty hooked up. I should really take a vid of it. :)

Not a lot of people that races mini-z or any other scale have passion in drifting because they said it's not fun... including myself but that was before. They have to actually try it themselves and be good at it to appreciate drifting.

2009.01.21, 06:16 PM
^ Definitely agreed. RC drifting is definitely nothing like real drifting, or RC racing at all, it takes a whole different kind of skillset. I can probably drift as well as TJ but I'll be darned if I ever beat him in a race. :p

Check your PM box TJ, I don't know if there are any MRCG's left in our stock but I'll let you know. :)

2009.01.21, 06:33 PM

You'd probably drift around me while I'm drifting around the track. lol :P. I'm pretty bad at it but it's fun since it is not a practice for me but rather just plain fun/play time. Next time please do stop by the area, swing by the shop. The downhill sweeper is a killer for the drifters. I'm hooked! lol.


2009.01.21, 07:25 PM
Nice site Tjay. Can you move closer to my house? :D

Red Team
2009.01.22, 05:55 AM
Better looking site, colorful...great info, thanks !