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2009.01.22, 12:35 PM
We should be seeing the teaser trailer sometime during the Superbowl. Some of the hype has started. We will be seeing more and more soon.

[EDIT] NASCAR listing was changed, so I took it off.

The real car being wrapped in the graphics.

2009.01.22, 02:00 PM
It is still funny to see a Toyota Nascar...

2009.01.23, 12:51 PM
Yea, draconious. I figure in less than a years time Toyota would dominate NASCAR, just look at the way they tore up the truck series. I don't see what that has to do with the movie though. I posted that as I liked the graphic design. There is also a 1/64 scale on that site as well.

M&M's candies seems to have a big stake in this summers Transformers ROTF movie as well. There has been alot of pictures showing them in the TF style designs. I think we may see those TV ads in the next few months. That may be getting a little bit ahead of things. As I mentioned before the teaser trailer will be aired with the Superbowl. With the Youtube version a day after.

2009.02.01, 02:51 PM
Are you ready for the devastation? Some trailer screencaps on Seibertron dot coms news site. Enjoy.


Youtube trailer. With slow mo, normal, and fast speeds.

Better quality.

2009.02.01, 03:29 PM
Awesome looking trailer. Is the hot chick from the first movie going to be in it? And what about Sam Whitwicky?

Any serious Transformers collectors/fans out there should pick up this awesome looking book. Check out ebay item number 310116317126. It specializes in the newer Alternators/Binaltech series but also the original's as well. It look's as good as the Kyosho Mini-Z booklet I got a while back. Unfortunetly, it's all in Japanese text, but look's like it has enough photos that you really probably wouldn't read it anyway. It's not a cheap book, but if your a collector, I think it's worth having if you can afford it.

2009.02.01, 03:52 PM
I like this one so far. Look's more like the older Bay movies. I think the first Transformers movie was weak from that standpoint. Yea, Sam and Mikaela are there. Just watch the trailer. Maybe after the Superbowl I can find an HD link. We may see a little longer one attached to Friday The 13 movie. It being produced by Bay. And so it begains.

And now that trailer link was taken down. darn.
Found another one with three speeds.

2009.02.01, 04:30 PM
i expected the worse with the first one and was pleasantly surprised so i'm afraid to have high hopes for the second movie. much like the new gi joe movie coming, i'd rather be surprised than disappointed so i keep my expectations low for live action adaptations.

i do like this trailer better than what i've seen so far for gi joe.

2009.02.01, 04:34 PM
Sometimes the sequal is worse than the original, sometimes it's better. Example, I liked 2 Fast 2 Furious much better than the first one. Hope same will be true here. Always expect the unexpected, not sure how that works cause then the unexpected will be expected! LOL!

2009.02.01, 08:26 PM
The GI Joe trailer seems to play off the first Transformers. That guy doing the flip over that missle, just like Ironhide did.

Roberto Orci made a boast that all the "money shots" this film has would make a 20 min ling trailer. I think the first film the full trailer did bite into the movie quite a bit.

Michael Bay stated that he didn't like trailers that give away most of the film. He also said Megatron would not be in this film also. But I think there was a shot with him pinning Sam down. There has been a Siebertron tank toy of him made with pictures floating around. The tank tread foot was a give away. He may also be called Galvatron in this one though, or some other name.

2009.02.01, 10:02 PM
Galvatron and tank tread make sence. In the original cartoon series, after Megatron turned into Galvatron, he was a much larger more menacing weapon that had tank tracks. So let's hope this continues with the movie. Although, since Megatron was one of those they dumped into the depths of the sea, I'm not sure how they'd bring him back as Galvatron.
I actually liked the teaser trailer they had for the first movie. Where all they show us was the picture that the satelite gave us of the endoskeleton on Mars.

2009.02.02, 05:50 PM
Leonard Nimoy as Galvatron;
Starscream: Who disrupts my coronation?
Galvatron: Coronation, Starscream? This is bad comedy.
Starscream: Megatron? Is that you?
Galvatron: Here's a hint!
[transforms and shoots Starscream. Starscream crackles and falls to dust]

The best part of the 86 animated movie.

I myself am not totaly sold on the Galvatron idea. Another idea is Bay meant that the Megatron from the first movie isn't going to be in this one. The comics play into the idea that his body was stolen before being disposed of. Somehow he comes back in this new form.

Look behind Sam's knee the tank tread foot. I am not sure if I posted any of those tank megatron pictures in that other transformers thread or not. May have to weed through the Siebertron news pages to dig them up. His head design look's more g1 styled to me, that I like.

2009.02.04, 05:44 PM
You guy's who collect Transformers and in particular the Masterpeice models, should really check out this awesome one! This guy custom built a Masterpeice-like model of the red Lamborghini SideSwipe! It is freaking awesome! Man, wish I had 400 dollars to spend on this! Check out ebay item number 190283549095.
It is simply awesome! I wonder if he can build SmokeScreen!

2009.02.10, 07:30 AM
Michael Bay interview at the Friday The 13th premiere. There are some language issues so be warned.

$910 for a kitbash of a Tamiya model kit and Gundam parts. whoa.

2009.02.10, 10:10 AM
$910? Did it really go that high? Damn! Last time I saw it the price was around 300 I think. WOW!

2009.02.10, 08:34 PM
It ended at that when I looked it up this morning. I always thought there should be Transformers model kits like the Gundam models we have seen. That was an interesting kitbash though, that price is way out of my league.

2009.02.10, 09:16 PM
Yea, way out of mine as well. I wouldn't have spent more than 300 on it, and even that's pricy! He told me that he plans on makeing more and others including Jazz, Red Alert, and a few others. Can't wait to see those! Wish I could build like that!

2009.02.16, 01:00 PM
Movie trailer link.
I would have one sooner, but all the youtube ones was crappy camera phone caps. The 1080p one takes a while to D/L, but worth it with the quality.

2009.02.19, 11:58 AM
WOW! I was watching Comedy channel last night with that new comedian, what is it something like Important Things? Anyway, I saw the trailer for Revenge and it look's freaking AWESOME! It look's like it might even be more high-packed adventure than the first one! A tip, don't have anything to drink before watching it! That, or wear a legg-bag! LOL!
Even the first one didn't stop for a minute! When is it supposed to come out? I didn't catch a date.

2009.02.19, 01:44 PM
June 24th, 2009, it was the 26th but it got bumped up two days. Last year about the only big film to come out was The Dark Knight, everything else seemed like dust in the wind next to that. Back in 07 and this year there are a number of good films lined up. Friday The 13th kicked off a good box office return already this year. I didn't see it though, I seen all those types of films back in high school. Going to see those remakes makes me feel old for some reason.

Was that the super bowl spot they showed or the two minuite movie trailer? The movie trailer added the Bumblebee scene and another with Sam tearing apart a mechanical insect, in the high quality clip I posted above.

I understand the leg bag thing, as I go to see a film I have to get a large drink and over butter the popcorn. My pit stop was the part when Sam got picked up for ranting about his car standing up. Speaking of running time this one may be a hair longer than the first one.

2009.02.19, 03:31 PM
Yea, it was the longer trailer. Seemed like two minutes, didn't time it though.
The first one my Dad and I saw together, I did not want to get up for a second! Some movies are like that! Other movies, you want to get up and leave. My Dad and I actually got up and left 10 minutes into Bean's last movie. Bean goes on Vacation. That was the most boring movie ever! We NEVER ditched a movie except for that one! LOL!
But yea, leg bag would be a good idea! LOL!

2009.02.28, 03:27 AM
An interesting behind the scenes look at the camera rigs, also used for many tv ads as well.

One five minuite clip showing the camera rigs that is used.

Demo reel, three minuites long.

2009.03.03, 06:13 PM
O/T Terminator; Salvation trailer B.


Look's to be a battle brewing between that and TF;ROTF this summer.

2009.04.01, 10:46 PM
More TF goodness, Two news pieces with an overview of the robots for the movie. I don't think it's all of them, just the ones they released so far. The Decepticon called "the doctor" I think may be called Scalpel. Or at least that's what is on the toy package. On with the links.

I like this Ravage shot of him jumping.

2009.04.02, 05:59 PM
Hopefully the new GIJoe will have Fumbles in it!


Wha... What's hap...


2009.04.15, 01:35 PM
A few newsworthy items. trailer with Wolverine and a piece where Shia talks about his hand injury from his crash last year.

Everyone at ILM and DD are killing themselves right now, they are doing a stellar job on the effects. We also just finished our trailer which is coming out with Wolverine. Talk to you soon.


New trailer debut with X Men Origins; Wolverine.

Crappy camera phone grab of the new trailer.

Shia Labeouf talks about his hand.

2009.04.30, 11:25 PM
Yahoo movies link, has the new one with the teaser and superbowl spot.

Is the hot chick from the first movie going to be in it?

This what you mean?
Now with captions.

An edited compilation of the two trailers and Showest footage.
I am sure the final product would be different than this.

2009.05.22, 07:22 PM
Transforminators, a mashup of Terminator Salvation and Transformers ROTF.

2009.05.24, 04:30 PM
I'm trying to get my Dad and me to see Terminator 4 this Tuesday. It look's very good from the trailers I've been seeing advertised on tv.

2009.05.24, 05:34 PM
i'm far more optimistic about the tf sequel than i am about gi joe. from the trailers i've seen it all looks a bit like iron man and other super hero rip off material. the areobatic super suit sequence is really one of the parts that turns me off to that film. it's just a bunch of tony stark clones and copy cat scenes from the other tf movie.

i am really looking forward to the sequel though. it's nice to have a movie that my wife also enjoys and kids will get a kick out of. i refuse to watch hsm 1, 2 or 3.

2009.05.24, 10:30 PM
I was going to see Salvation, mostly to see if the latest cut of the trailer was attached. Maybe that would be online soon. There are a few tv spots making the rounds though.

I have a sister eight years older than me, she's a big scifi nut. She likes anything Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Glactica, even Buck Rogers. Back in the day Transformers was just a dumb cartoon show to her. Since the first live action film she has got into this alot more, see it from a sci fi level. I on the other hand got into the cartoons because my nephue was a big fan with all the neat toys and such. He showed me how to transform them and back, That's how we bonded.

Without spoiling anything, I think the sequel will be tight. It seems that alot more thought has been applied in the making of this one.

2009.05.25, 12:02 PM
I saw Salvation this weekend with my dad. I thought it would be like the last one they came out with but I thought that this one is even better and then the special effects were more toned down a bit IMO from the last one.

Im REALLY looking forward to TF-2 though. I want to see what the hell that thing is that sucks sand up through its mouth and a grinder if it is indeed that. And I keep hearing how The Fallen character is like a Lucifer Transformer, I wonder how big he is and if his character is on fire because some of the cartoons I seen of him he has fire on him. I bet he's going to be a raw Cybertonian from and pissed off!

2009.05.25, 05:24 PM
From the trailers I've seen of T.S., it almost look's like there is a big Transformer in that! In Terminator, we see this huge robot, and a robot-motorcycle? Makes me wonder if the two producers were working together. I am looking forward to seeing Salvation this week with Dad.

2009.05.25, 10:13 PM
Im REALLY looking forward to TF-2 though. I want to see what the hell that thing is that sucks sand up through its mouth and a grinder if it is indeed that. And I keep hearing how The Fallen character is like a Lucifer Transformer, I wonder how big he is and if his character is on fire because some of the cartoons I seen of him he has fire on him. I bet he's going to be a raw Cybertonian from and pissed off!

This is about all I know of the Fallen. The large sand sucking thing is Devastator. There was one of those tv spots that showed him comming together. You see Mixmaster the cement truck slamming into the body to form the head. That has my heart racing, that alone is worth the ticket price right there.

@marc, here is a nice article for you to read.

The Bay and McG feather ruffling. I don't have much of an opinion on that, I just want to see a good movie.

2009.05.27, 10:15 AM
Dad and I just saw T4 Salvation's last night! It was pretty awesome! I'm curious, was it just me, or did the voice of Sarah Conner on the tapes not sound like the original tapes she played in the first movie?
Also, at the end of T4, was that really Arnold there? The Governator? Also, no mention of Katherine Brewster from T3?

Interesting read there Hammer. Thank's for posting that. Kind of funny the battle between T4 and TF2. I'm a big fan of both and both have different story lines. Transformers are a battle between two waging robot's, Terminator is "machines against humans." Transformers have transforming capabilites and human-like personalities. Terminators dont' transform, and have no personality what's soever with the exception of the main Terminator character in T4. The one that was designed for infiltration perposes. After seeing T4, I am looking forward to seeing TF2.
With a movie like T4, you really want to go back and watch previous 3 to tie it all together. Especially if you dont' understand the theme.

2009.05.27, 01:22 PM
New either/hopefully 1/24 or 1/18 'bee fits lil driver figures- my dream come true! I always enjoyed having scale models that could be manned and didn't just look static and at last Hasbro stepped up to the plate. I may pass on selling couple of my Auto Arts if Sam from the 'bee fits those alright.

2009.05.27, 11:25 PM
Roland Kickinger, played the T 800 with Arnolds face mapped on I think.

Bryce Dallas Howard played Kate Connor. Wasn't she suppose to been married to John.

This is a long clip but it shows what can be done in films today. In the old days they just pasted rubber parts to an actors face and that was it. Again dial up warning it is a long clip.
http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/ed_ulbrich_shows_how_benjamin_button_got_his_face. html

2009.05.28, 10:28 AM
I didn't notice Kate Connor was in there at all, and yes she was supposed to been married to John. Perhaps they divorced? Anyway, I didn't catch that she was in the movie as I never remembered hearing her name. I'll have to see the movie again when it's out on DVD and see if I can catch it.
Still, anybody else noticed Sarah Conner's voice on the tapes? It didn't sound like the young Linda Hamilton we remembered from T1 when she was in her Jeep recording those tapes.

2009.05.28, 02:02 PM
Arnold in T3 looked nothing like he did in the first Terminator film. I guess both him and Linda aged quite a bit in all those years. I think I read something on her doing the voice on the tapes. It's always a trip watching her in that first film, her hair with that puffy crinkle style from the 80's, not to mention the clothing. Say it with me; "Oh My Gosh, Gag Me With A Spoon!" I just could not resist that.

2009.05.28, 05:27 PM
She was a lot cuter back in the day's wasn't she? I thought the best scene in T1 was the boy in the restaurant putting his scoop of ice cream in her uniforms pocket and the guy next to him says, "Way to go kid, I should give you the tip." LOL!

2009.05.28, 10:50 PM
Getting back to Transformers, here's some new shots making the rounds of Optimus Prime combined with Jetfire. I think these may be early renders, the final result may be a little different. The toys I have seen support the idea though.


2009.05.28, 11:01 PM
Look's awesome, but why are they combined? I don't ever recall theme being combined in the cartoon's. That actor who played Sam Witwiki in TF1, I keep thinking it's the girl's name cause it sure doesn't sound like a guy's name. He was also in the most recent Indiana Jones wasn't he?

2009.05.29, 08:42 PM
Sick Jetfire combo. I got Sideways (really though, on AWD?) and I'm just as impressed as i was w/ 1st movie's figures:


Just can't beat a 10$ alternator with probably 80% detail/accuracy especially since that line is long dead here.

This guy is like a hybrid of Barricade and bee/Jazz based on the transformation- rather simple and clean, but body parts are more involved in the robot than not. The doors-rear panels meeting can be somewhat hard to pull apart due to a E-F kind of connection, so it gives off a feel of being for older collectors that take care of their toys rather than younger kids.

2009.05.29, 09:37 PM
Well it's clear the toy floodgates been opened. If I had the cash on hand, I'd love to get the leader class Optimus and Jetfire toys and combine them. I have heard that one is a rather large chunk to display.

I am sure that plays a part in the film, but I will not say anything more. There are many spoilers tied to the Prime Jetfire combo. I think some of the cartoon series after G1 had Jetfire combine with Optimus. Maybe someone else can enlighten us on that part.

2009.05.29, 09:50 PM
Last year I had a mint condition G1 Jetfire. Even the box was mint condition with a little flap wear! Stickers were perfect, instructions booklet, everything was mint. I can't remember why I had to sell him but I did and now I wish I still had'em as part of my small collection. I did get near back what I paid for though which is always nice!
I'd love to collect the Binaltech's but are they worth the extra price in comparison to their plastic counterparts? Which ones are more poseable? Who's fingers can you pose more realistically? Yea, I'm being a little silly, but would be cool to pose Optimus Prime giving Megatron the finger! LOL! Or vise-versa I suppose would be more likely. :D
I can post a pic of my small TF collection if you'd like.

Oh side note! I was visiting K-Mart today at the local shopping mall while waiting for Dad at the DMV, and I noticed they had a small collection of toy's from Terminator Salvation's. One of the coolest toy's was a nice sized model of the Hunter Killer jet's with posable turbines! It also came with a figurine of one of the Terminator robot's. I might have to pick one of those up soon to add to my DVD/toy collection! :D

Okay, back on topic!

2009.05.30, 12:10 AM
Last year I had a mint condition G1 Jetfire. Even the box was mint condition with a little flap wear! Stickers were perfect, instructions booklet, everything was mint. I can't remember why I had to sell him but I did and now I wish I still had'em as part of my small collection. I did get near back what I paid for though which is always nice!
I'd love to collect the Binaltech's but are they worth the extra price in comparison to their plastic counterparts? Which ones are more poseable? Who's fingers can you pose more realistically? Yea, I'm being a little silly, but would be cool to pose Optimus Prime giving Megatron the finger! LOL! Or vise-versa I suppose would be more likely. :D
I can post a pic of my small TF collection if you'd like.

Oh side note! I was visiting K-Mart today at the local shopping mall while waiting for Dad at the DMV, and I noticed they had a small collection of toy's from Terminator Salvation's. One of the coolest toy's was a nice sized model of the Hunter Killer jet's with posable turbines! It also came with a figurine of one of the Terminator robot's. I might have to pick one of those up soon to add to my DVD/toy collection! :D

Okay, back on topic!

And sell that later for some reason or another, right? ;)

Leader class Prime is what, $20 standard or $40 huuuuuge mother trucker? I'm sketchy about the concept Vette, but I'll prolly get him anyway to top off my small collection. May get a Jazz to actually open since the only one I have is the Target exclusive with sky blue highlights. Bee I really like in black w/ yellow highlights, so the Camo one suffices perfectly.

Anyone want to take a stab at a TF custom using some 1/32? I might actually try given I find a spare barricade I bought for that very purpose a long time ago. He seemed to have the easiest body split to copy onto a solid model vs any other movie/non movie TF figure I've seen.

2009.05.30, 03:36 AM
If I wanted to sell them I would not have bought them in the first place.

I wonder how many collectors are kicking themselves over the first movie leader class Prime? For once I am glad I missed getting that for the first film release. The new one is a way better mold. Most all the returning ones are very much the same. Bumblebee has a few new parts, but other than that he is the same. Barricade rerelease just has the probe arm attachment in place of the Frenzy figure, other than that he's the same as the one I have. I have already seen posts on other forums that brag about dropping $200 or more on the toys so far.

2009.05.30, 03:57 AM
I'd have to look into new Barricade- frenzy wasn't all that thrilling IMO and if the rest is the same, I could toss 1 base car into custom fodder and just have 1 intact with both grill options :D

Whats new about Bee? If its just 2 heads, then its nothing really new indeed.

2009.05.30, 04:16 AM
Just minor changes to the outside look. The front bumper is a different style and different wheels. Just an updated style if anything. In robot mode the head is closer to the movie design.

Shia Labouf talks about the Fallen.

2009.05.30, 07:27 AM
i'm glad i never got into collecting the movie line toys. i stick with vintage lines myself.

i even sold off most of my nearly complete altenators line. i kept the hard to get ones :) my masterpeice collection is just missing grimlock at this point. i still have some altenators for sale if you interested....

i'd honestly rather get the animated toys vs. the movie line. i'm really impressed with how show accurate the animated line toys are. the trouble is, i never really watched the animated series so i don't have any real connection to the designs.

the sames goes for gi joe. i collect vintage lines, not the resolute animated or movie line stuff. resolute was an awsome series though.

2009.05.30, 08:04 AM
Which alternators/how much arch? Shoot me a PM or Ill ask you @ our race today.

Look up Alternety and holy nissan! Both 370z AND GTR are available!

2009.05.30, 03:47 PM
I can't remember why I sold that Jetfire, and I do regret it to some degree but I suppose at the time it was a valid excuse other wise why would I? I did get what I paid for it so I didn't lose anything by it, just might be harder to come by another mint condition one at such a reasonable price.
What's worth collecting more, die-cast Binaltech's, or plastic Alternators? Both are exact same, aren't they? Which can you do more with? I've heard the die-cast scratches easily. Which ones have tighter joints? Most posable fingers?

2009.05.30, 07:55 PM
IMO same thing. Nothing YOUR own retooling can't fix and I don't justify the 50$ difference between the two. New ones like GTR and 370Z are probably Japan only, so we're stuck shelling the damn $50 for those plastic ones.

Got new movie Smokescreen today and I'm pleased with him. Same solstice, just a slight recolor. I never opened one before, so I figured now's a better time to get a character who isn't already dead lol.

2009.05.30, 11:35 PM
While I am not a hardcore collector, I like to have some fun with it. I got a Sideswipe today, and he wasted no time setting Barricade straight over the shelf issue. I have no idea why the last shot came out yellow.


2009.05.31, 01:23 PM
Nice pix man. Sideswipe's Vetter form still makes my skin crawl, so I don't know when I'll decide to pick him up.

I do remember new Bee and integrating the gun into his hand is probably the worst move on Hasbro's side. Separate gun/sword > integrated missle firing thing.

S2k Racer
2009.06.01, 07:03 PM
This movie is gonna be cool. I can't wait to see it.

2009.06.02, 01:29 AM
Another released picture I captioned. A little something classic.

2009.06.02, 07:51 AM
i have the following for sale, cheap... please pm me if interested.:)
tracks blue corvette
rollbar orange wrangler
skids blue scion
ravage black corvett

anyone have the latest binaltech's from jpn? still debating on getting the gt-r.

2009.06.02, 11:07 AM
Hammer, who's that blue chevy?

2009.06.02, 12:02 PM
Jolt the Volt.

Don't ask me why I didn't name it. I know is sounds a little lame for a transformer. Just going by what has been released and the toy packaging. How big a part it plays I have no idea, but we have seen alot of pictures of it in a few different locations. The writers have said it's a last minuite addition. Even a GM rep came forward to say it is not a robot in the film, the toy and grouped with the other known Autobot alt forms contradicts that statement. Basicly a prime example of not knowing what is real or rumor. We will know the real deal when the movie opens. In a nutshell a real can of worms.

The funny thing is most not all other Autobots are based on concept cars, that one on the other hand is based on the production Volt and not the concept design.

2009.06.02, 12:30 PM
My only disappointment in the first movie and probably with the second movie, is their choice of vehicles. Sure, their being sponsored by GM, but the original's were all a bunch of mixed brand's. All except for the Lamborghini Sideswipe, wouldn't be too hard to get a hold of these day's. Well, that and the fact most of it is animated anyway. Oh yea, I suppose Jazz, the original Porsche 935 might be hard to replicate, but again, most of it's animated.

2009.06.02, 01:11 PM
It was never the brand names that bugged me that much, the use of concept cars was a touch much. I drive down the road and every car I see is a concept. It works in Speed Racer as that is set in a fantasy world, but the idea here is this is a real world that we relate to. Sure Mission City is made up, but it still isn't set in the future.

For Bumblebee I read that they started with a Pontiac GTO and hacked it down to the floorpan. Then built up the body with fiberglass for the film car. I have no idea about how or what they had to do for the Sideswipe Stingray concept.

Then you have the logic of taking a one off show piece and do stunt work with it. Yea, run that million dollar show piece through a wall, no problem. So we are back to that fiberglass shell over a cobbled up nightmare chassis. For what, toys we want to buy?

This link is a montage of clips showing the different Autobots.

S2k Racer
2009.06.02, 10:59 PM
Personally I think I'm liking the Camaro less and less.
I still think it's stupid that you can get 426 HP for only $34k

2009.06.04, 08:09 PM
Maybe GM will get some revenue from the new movie and use that to replenish from going bankrupt. HAHAHAA

2009.06.05, 03:51 AM
There will be no GM Transformers ads like the first film had. The only tie in ads are M&Ms and LG phones, and maybe Burger King will start soon.

A look at the bussness end of this.

The only thing about the new Camaro and the Challanger for that fact. Both those cars are heavier than the Mustang. No matter how much horsepower it has, you still have that extra weight to deal with. The only real strong point is the outside styling. One other thing is I am a 6 foot tall guy, and the Camaro anyone over 5'7" has there head up against the headliner.

2009.06.05, 07:25 PM
I gotta agree with you guys here. Its not like the cencept sales will go up after the movie because given those prices the buyers are diehard fans who can care less if their new car is a TF character. IMO if this movie promoted more production cars they could've really bumped real sales. Kids see some 15-20k $ cars and bug their parents to buy them that particular one over a toyota or a honda.

Btw Hammer, you ever get on MSN?

2009.06.06, 12:53 PM
No, have not messed with MSN in a while now.

2009.06.11, 03:16 PM
Wheelie meets Mikaela's torch. He seems to be a cross between Jerry Lewis and Moe Howard.

2009.06.19, 04:43 AM
I tried to hold back posting TV spots, as we are up to our eyeballs in them as is. This one seems to have me floored with Sideswipe in action against Sideways.


2009.06.28, 01:13 PM
I have not seen the film yet, but I am going Monday to see it. It did 201 million over the five day opening, just behind The Dark Knight by 2 million. A local car dealership had these out front, I think they need to be made as Mini Z bodies soon though. I call them Bumblebee and Cliffjumper.

See attachment.

2009.06.28, 01:37 PM
we saw it yesterday!

this movie is not for young children. it is not the same family friendly film the last one was unfortunately. there is much more vulgure language, etc.

there were some obvious gag moments that were cheap and played to the lowest form of entertainment. i did not care for the general treatment the twins characters got much at all and i'm not alone in thinking they are blatantly negative sterotyping. they were pure comic releif. think jajar binks.... they went for cheap laughs in my opinion vs. true funny moments in the last film.

all that being said, it was worth the cost of admission and i want to see it again to pick up on more details that i know i missed.

2009.06.28, 04:37 PM
Watched it last night too.

STRONG language warning, as arch has said. It has a very healthy portion of profanity, dished out by almost every speaking character -- I'm actually not impressed with that given that the first movie had no need of it at all.

I personally feel there was more eyecandy and less plot in this one (IMO there were some sizable gaps in logic) but overall I think it was a decent package.

I'm also with arch in that some of the comic relief moments weren't done particularly well though. Felt like the producers decided that nothing else would be able to lighten the mood, which may have been the case... but if it were the case I probably would've omitted the particular cuts altogether.

2009.06.28, 05:35 PM
exactly my point, the 1st one did not need that stuff, and the 2nd would have been far better had the story been strong enough to not need it as well. it just comes off cheaply to me that they had to resort to using it with the hope of keeping interest, keeping the edge. in the end, it takes away from the movie more than it gives in my opinion. i wanted a sequel i could watch at home with the whole family and i don't feel this is that movie.

2009.06.28, 07:38 PM
I am really disappointed by these reviews. I was really looking forward to the sequel ever since I saw the first one. Now, I'm not sure. It might result to waiting for DVD release.

S2k Racer
2009.06.28, 08:05 PM
I saw it on Thrusday.

It does have very strong language.
It was as good as I was expecting.
Can't say it really exceeded my expectations though.
The action was good.
The story was ok.
Though I think it should've been called the Megan Fox Love Story rather than Transformers.

Someone I know told me that right before I saw it and I thought, "Why not call it the Shia Love Story?" But as I was watching the movie I realized, "Yeah, this really is more of a Megan Fox Love Story..." It's ALMOST like the focus of the movie was about Her, How HOT she is, and her relationship with Shia... Luckly the Transformers Theme managed to stay the main point. Barely.

The Descepticon chick was the weirdest thing EVER...


2009.06.30, 05:46 AM
I caught the 12:45 showing yesterday, I tried to avoid the hardcore types that try to spoil it for everyone else. Over half was kids eight years old or younger, and most of those are girls. Some of the material was difficult in that crowd. The first movie pushed that somewhat, with "happy time" and the lubrication jokes. Now we had Wheelie doing the Austin Powers Mini Me bit.

I liked the forest fight the best, I mainly wanted the action stuff. I did get to read the novel before seeing the movie. There are a few details from that to fill the voids in the film, and a few things changed around. An example Mudflap gets sucked up into Devastator, in the book it was Skids that got sucked up. An example of a backstory on how Alice the Pretender got her name. In the book it transscanned an animatronic at Disneyland. The film didn't go into that.

2009.06.30, 06:34 AM
A lot of people are dying to see this movie not only because of the robots but of course because of Megan Fox.

2009.07.02, 08:04 AM
One of the best parts is we get to see more Megatron and Starscream, more background. If you listen to all the crap, you miss all the good stuff. Yes you have over the top jokes and gags, that make you well want to gag (pun intended). But look past that to see what you came to see. Megan over a bike, sure I find that hard to skip. Simmons in a jock strap, I can do without.


Right now I have been reading The Veiled Threat. A bridge between the first film and ROTF. The ROTF book I have already read all of it. It is a good read, with parts different from the film. And at the same time alot of it found it's way into the film.

2009.07.03, 09:45 PM
Just saw Star Trek today and I thought it was one of the best! It was very interesting to see how Captain Kirk got his career going! I had no idea that Spok and Ohera were lovers!

Wouldn't it be a real kick if the original cast appeared as the parents of their younger selves? The only original actor was Linord Nimoy as future Spok!
Still not convinced about T2 though.

2009.07.05, 05:22 PM
I seen the reports that say the DVD and Blu-ray disc will have extra footage, at least 6 or 7 mins added to ROTF. And the release is set for October.

I just hope the third one don't end up like X Men The Last Stand. I liked the first two, then that one seemed to turn everything inside out. Maybe we will know more about that in three years time.

There has been alot said about this film, and you read alot of bad stuff. I feel it's a film you have to see and form your own opinion of it. Yes, you have the strong humor parts. And at the same time the classic Transformer lore is explored a bit as well. I wanted to see more character development with the new ones, and not all the attention focused to Skids and Mudflap.

2009.07.05, 05:25 PM
all negativity aside, and i pointed out some as well, it's still one you should see in the theater and feel it's worth the cost to do so.

2009.07.05, 06:45 PM
Well maybe I'll drag Dad to see it this week if it's still playing.

2009.07.06, 01:11 PM
Nothing can beat hearing the crowd laugh at the Twins getting tossed out of the temple by Bumblebee. That makes me enjoy the film more, later when I get the DVD and see it at home I remember that part.

2009.07.11, 12:47 AM
After seeing it I guess it wasn't as impressive as I was expecting, it felt a bit like the 1st movie but on a bigger scale battle. :p
I'm probably the only one that didn't like Devastator's new look, I'm too much into G1 I guess... ;)
But overall it's a good movie, kept faithfull to the 1st one. :)

2009.07.22, 05:08 AM
The high point was the Megatron and Starscream scenes, that is something we wanted from the first film that we got this time around. I myself wanted more development on Arcee, but the overall treatment was vague at best.

Some of the jokes was overdone. The Mojo scenes, I thought once was enough. The second clip was pushing it.