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2009.01.23, 03:58 PM


Last year we had such a great time that I decided to do it again! The Daytona 500 starts at 3:00 on Fox, so Action RC will open it's doors at 1:00 for practice. We'll start racing around 2:30 or so. It's a fun day - we don't have to stick to any major schedule. We'll run NASCAR races with our normal NASCAR rules on the LARGE oval - with new 45 corners! (See the rules on the website.)

Just like last year, two slices of pizza and a soda are on me for all drivers! This is not a normal day of points, prizes, trophies, etc., although I usually give away stuff for the fun of it during any kind of special event. It's just a day for all of the NASCAR fans to get together, have some fun, watch the race, and run some races of our own.

Who could forget last year when I was so excited that Tony Stewart was about to win the Daytona 500 when Ryan Newman and Kurt Busch blasted by him in turn four to take the win, giving Tom Jr the bragging rights I thought for sure I was going to have? Who could forget "Stugotz, my boy!" or "Cody, my boy!"?

Normal Saturday night points racing will still go on - this is an extra bonus day. This is an event that our younger drivers could handle as well, as we'll split the groups by skill-level, age, or whatever else allows people to run in close groups. It's sure to be a great time, so please send me an email and let me know if you plan on coming. (You can post here too, of course, and I'll enter you in.)

If you plan on running, but do not have a NASCAR set up yet, please let me know as early as possible so I can be sure to have enough bodies, tires, etc. for you to set up your car.

(Race entry for the day will be $10 - just like a practice day.)



2009.02.02, 09:15 AM
Hey, everyone. I spoke to several people this weekend who are getting their cars ready for the Daytona 500 race. It looks like it should be a great race, so again, if you need anything to get your car ready, please let me know so I can order early enough for you.

Email me, as always, at info@actionRCspeedway.com .


2009.02.11, 08:51 AM
It's almost here, guys! I can't wait to hit the oval again! I can't even imagine what it must be like for real NASCAR drivers to be excited to hit the track again after the winter break. I am so excited to get the #41 Chevrolet Target Monte Carlo SS back out there!

Looking forward to racing two days in a row!


2009.02.16, 11:41 AM


2009.02.16, 01:20 PM
If you look at most other racing besides Nascar, they run in the wet. I laugh at Nascar stopping races due to rain. To me, running in the wet is something that adds an extra challenge, and can make the cars that werent running well in the dry, run well in the wet. Do you choose slicks, intermediates or rain tires...

If you look at Moto GP (Motorcycle racing), they have a second bike in case there is rain. They have to pull into the pits and switch bikes. Running in the rain on a motorcycle is harder than driving a car in the rain...

I have even seen some RC races on youtube in the wet... lots of sliding, smooth throttle control and stability are very important.

We should have a "Rain" race at Action, where we have to use ASC tires. Should be lots of fun, with lots of drifting.

2009.02.16, 06:52 PM
sorry I missed sat nite racing. I agree Nascar could easily adapt to run in the rain I have never gotten why they don't. By the way that wreck was all Vickers fault. Jr had a good run and Brian pulled a go kart move.:p -j

2009.02.24, 11:56 AM
Hi everyone! I haven't had a chance to get on the forum for a few days, but I just wanted to say that the Daytona race was a lot of fun. It felt good to get the oval cars back up and running. My right side tires are so worn out that the body is dragging when it's sitting still!

The 500 was kind of a bust, but from what I heard on Sirius NASCAR Radio last week, logistically it is very difficult to postpone a race. Unlike MotoGP or many other forms of racing, where there might be a few thousand people in attendance, Daytona has about 180,000 in attendance. Highways are shut down and redirected, massive amounts of fire departments, EMT's, police, security, bus lines, etc. have to be in place for when the race ends. The logistics and expense of coordinating the exit is difficult - especially when the weather is uncertain and the race past the halfway point, which is when, by rules, they can end it. They did run rain tires for a Nationwide race in Mexico, which was fun to watch. They had stick-on windshield wiper kits! Ideally, the 500 would have resumed on Monday, which it would have if it rained before the half. Hey - there's always the rest of the season, and California was a pretty good race. Vegas is always great, so be sure to watch Sunday!

Thanks to everyone who was there for our 500 Party. I had a blast!

2009.02.24, 12:24 PM
These numbers are for last year...

In Moto GP there are about 130,000... at the bigger circuits, and most are around 90-100,000.

In F1, most are around 100-110,000... with a high of around 145,000.

Nascar does have more seating for its stadiums, I mean tracks... Most was at Daytona, with 200,000. There are a lot that are around 100,000... and others around 170-180...

On a worldwide basis, there is more fan attraction for F1 than even the Super Bowl. Which is why the US is pushing to make the USF1 team for 2010. Especially now that Honda dropped out, and they F1 organizers have lowered the team development spending caps. It will become cheaper to develop, and have less of a landslide team. McLaren and Ferrari have dominated the points in the last couple of years.

Here in the US, NASCAR is the dominant form of racing. I think that it is good racing battle wise, but I dont like how there is so much emphasis put on it... I hate the way SPEED TV really doesnt show any of the other forms of racing much anymore, they should just rename it NASCAR TV. I would like to see some WTCC, DTM... road racing.

If Nascar runs in the wet, it would be much more interesting... F1 and Moto GP do it, and they dont have their heads behind windshields. The drivers must face the elements themselves.

Postponing or canceling races due to weather is a little silly, and I think it cheats out the fans... Make them run in the wet. I know I would watch more Nascar ;)

2009.02.25, 01:50 PM
I always wondered why F1 wasn't as popular in the US. The cars are cool, but I think, among other things, the lack of American drivers might be an issue. NASCAR coverage really gets you up close and personal with the drivers, who seem like regular guys, so you kind of feel like you know them. It's very easy to get caught up in it once you pick a car or driver as your favorite. Throughout my life, as much as I have always LOVED auto racing, I never caught the bug for open wheel cars. In F1, especially on a road course, it always seemed like there was very little passing, which I hate. At least with a full bodied car on a road course, like DTM, SCCA, Speed Cup, and even NASCAR, they go bumper to bumper, door to door and wheel to wheel - and I love watching that. The Australian and British touring car races were awesome too, but I don't see them anymore on TV.

The few times I did try to get involved in F1, because of our F1 class at ARCMS, and because Silvio was a big fan of F1, I watched cars not run the race due to a tire controversy, and I also saw Ferrari dominate week after week, which got old. The technology is awesome, but if you asked me if I'd rather watch a full F1 race or Lucas On the Edge school bus racing, I'll watch the school buses. I think the new American F1 team will make it more interesting, and JP Montoya and Scott Speed already declined giving up their NASCAR rides to go back. AJ Allmendinger (sp?) said he might be interested after the #44 Valvoline Cup car sponsorship ends - if another sponsor doesn't come onboard, or if Valvoline doesn't extend their contract.

While I agree that Speed does have a bit too much NASCAR coverage, they are going to broadcast the racing that makes money. This Friday there will be 11 straight hours of NASCAR coverage! (I love it, but I cannot watch that much.) They dropped World Rally because ratings were low, and really, who wants to watch cars race a clock? They've been broadcasting more CORR events, but CORR got smart and put big numbers on the sides of the truck, like who? NASCAR! Numbers mean identity, and your going to root for your favorite car, number, sponsor, etc. They also started running smaller tracks, like motocross, so you can see the entire event and all the action from the grandstands. F1 never seemed to have that identity, at least in my opinion, that sucked me in. As much as I love all forms of racing, I have never been to a road course race, but it seems like it would be a waste to only see one section of the track only. On TV this is obviously not an issue. If F1 is the only racing on TV, I watch it, but I don't go out of my way to watch it - and I'm Italian - yet I Tivo Lucas, Monster Jam, NASCAR, etc. Jeff Foxworthy should be responding shortly!

NASCAR has said before that running on a superspeedway or 1.5 mile would be very dangerous and difficult in the rain. It's just too fast for an oval. Even the F1 cars must slow down on the long straights to stay in control of the car. Keep in mind that even the NASCAR rain tire from Mexico was still ony 10" wide on a 3500 lb car. They have always said they don't want to effect the quality of the show by running it too slowly in the rain. Honestly, some of the best racing I have ever seen, which was on every Saturday afternoon during the spring, summer and fall, was the Mazda MX5 Cup racing.

I could talk racing all day, especially with a fellow opinionated fan and someone who writes alot like Eugene! I think I have to go get some work done now! (I wish I had so many opinions about important actual world issues! I need to change the channel every once in a while!)


2009.02.25, 04:18 PM
The Mazda series was some of the best racing that I have seen... I wish there were more series like that on Speed...

I have caught myself watching a little more Nascar lately... but I wanted to keep that a secret ;)

2009.02.26, 02:02 PM
Hahaha - Just pick a driver and follow him for a season. That's how you get hooked. When you follow one guy, you learn about his car, all cars, his team, teammates, sponsors, pit crew, crew chief, car owner, family life, statistics, points, and you just get caught up from there. Following one guy helps you learn so much about the rest of the sport and it's strategies. You quickly realize it's so much more than "a bunch of guys driving around in circles" as so many people say.

I wasn't really a fan until '98 when I bought my first house, and my neighbor was a fan. He had an 8 and a 6 on the back window of his truck, and I wanted to see what they and the sport were all about. This was Tony's rookie year, and I loved his car and his style, and I like Home Depot, so I chose to be a fan of Tony and a black #3 car that I seemed to like alot. I was hooked from there. I picked the right cars to follow. One was the story of the new, aggressive guy with an extensive and very successful racing career before debuting that year, and one was the seasoned veteran, the crowd favorite, and the most 'intimidating' car out there.

Watching these two guys for just one week, and following up again the next week, got me completely hooked, and I've been a huge fan since. By following Tony, I learned about Bobby Labonte, Greg Zipadelli, Joe Gibbs, and so many other things. Just walking into a store with an orange #20 hat was like joining a club where you had instant recognition. Having never been a regular sports fan, which made me kind of an oddity in social circles (still usually am!), I had no idea what it was like to have a "did you see the game last night" kind of conversation with a total stranger. Now, between the increase in the numbers of NASCAR fans, and how easy it is to pick them out in a crowd, being a NASCAR fan made me finally feel like a real sports fan.

Anyone reading this who does not follow any regular sports, or any form of auto racing - pick a car and follow it for one race. Pick your favorite number, color, driver, sponsor, home state - whatever helps you pick one out. Watch again the next week to see if he improved in points, if his teammates helped him, if his manufacturer is running well, etc. You'll be hooked too! Once you do that, go to a race! (If you follow this advice, please let me know. I'd love to add to my list of success stories!) If you have kids, or are lucky enough to have a lady that actually tries to share your interests, get them or her to pick a rival car. With me liking Tony and Justin liking Jeff Gordon (his birthday #) and Jimmie Johnson (opposite of Home Depot), we're always trash-talking each other, which is a lot of fun.

Eugene - I look forward to seeing you in a hat of whatever driver you choose to be a fan of. I think you'd like Ryan Newman - he's got an amazing engineering background, and really knows the science of a race car - kind of like you do with Mini-Z's!


2009.02.26, 03:11 PM
Al, You make some great points about NASCAR. I always disliked NASCAR, but as I continued to watch NASCAR it started to grow on me. NASCAR does a great job of marketing. It is very easy to relate to the drivers. They do not come off like most athletes. I think if you went to a race the drivers are extremely approachable. Nascar does a great job of explaining the cars and the racing on tv. I love the breakaway car. That is one of my favorite spots on tv when they are racing. The racing is very good. There are very few races where some one opens a big lead. As for F1 I used to love it. However previous years when Ferrari dominated it was pretty boring. Michael Schumacer who is a great driver would get in the car put it on auto pilot and win just about every race. F1 has always been very intriguing. Unlike nascar teams did not have many restrictions. The teams with the big budgets usually dominated. Now over the past few years F1 started to come up with restrictions on all sorts of things. They started to limit engines and all sorts of electrical add ons. Some of the mystery in the engines, special fuel and many other facets were intriguing. However too much technology in the cars actually took away from the racing. In NASCAR you have restrictions you have good close racing. In F1 you have technology with few restrictions and have ok racing. There are very good teams in f1 and bad teams IMO. Where in nascar you have a much more level playing field. I think one of the best
f1 tracks was INDY. There someone who went to the race could see the whole track (for the most part) and not have to watch it all on a closed circuit tv. I hope F1 could do something to tinker with the racing to make it more intriguing. Who knows will see what happens. Happy racing

2009.02.26, 03:29 PM
I couldn't agree more. It seems that the closer a sanctioning body makes the cars to each other, the better the racing is. It's the same reason why I have always loved spec RC racing, but certainly understand and appreciate the benefits of mod classes as well. With the economy in the toilet like it is, maybe F1 will make it easier for new teams to enter and be competitive. If the racing gets better and more competitive, more people will watch, the ratings will go up, and like Eugene would like, it will get more TV coverage. I'm all for it, but will still prefer to watch lawnmower racing in the meantime! Yeeeee-haaaaah!