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2009.01.24, 04:19 PM
Hello All,

I've given the www.rcptracks.com website a complete overhaul. Take a look as there are many new pages with new information and some newly added products.

I am looking for help from the members here. I am adding pages to the new site that list all the current Mini-z and small scale rc clubs, racing facilities and hobby stores that run RCP Tracks. It doesn't matter if you are a small garage club or a large hobby store racing facility, we would like to add your listings and contact info to the site, so others in the area can possibly race with you or contact you about your products.

We are also adding new picture gallery and video links pages. If you have some pictures of your own RCP Tracks or video links to RCP Track races, we will post them on our site. If you would like to list your club or store name along with the pictures or video, please let us know what you would like printed. Please don't send video files to us. Just the link to youtube or similar hosting forum.

If you have some listings, pictures, video's or anything else to add to the site, go ahead an post in this thread. I will draw one post from the threads using a random number generator and the winner will recieve one complete Core Timing System. I have one of the original lap timing systems, that has never been used. I believe you can still get all the online upgrades from one of the members here. I also have some transponders that come with the kit that I will include. If you don't need the timing system, we can work something else out by sending you an RCP Track of your choice.

You don't need to include the pictures, club listings or video's in the actual thread. Just post here saying information sent and you can email everything to us at rcptracksinfo@sbcglobal.net. Be sure to include your mini-z member name so we can verify the information received with your member name. If we already have your information on the site, go ahead and post up anyway, so you will be entered for the giveaway.

I will pick a winner sometime in the next few months, to give people time to post up. The giveaway is only for US and Canadian residents. If you are outside the US and run RCP Tracks at your store or club, go ahead and send us your info, pics and videos anyway. We would like to provide it on our site for others to view.

RCP Tracks, Inc

2009.01.24, 04:51 PM
Thread stuck!!!

C'mon forum members I know there are tons of videos and pics! What a great opportunity ;)


2009.01.24, 08:15 PM
Great idea and I love the new site!

2009.01.24, 08:35 PM
I have lots' of videos, pictures, etc. I'll send an email to you regarding the pictures and videos.

I'll also forward you club and contact info for SLM. :)

2009.01.25, 02:32 AM
I'll be sending our info. tomorrow for sure... too tired now... drifting in and out of conciousness. :o

Way to go John!

2009.01.25, 03:14 AM
nice site! Thanks for posting our website. I didn't even know until someone told me ;).


2009.01.26, 12:33 AM
congrats!!! nice changes to the old site...

here's an "un-official" list of rcp owners...

and a list of tracks (some not rcp) that were posted a while back...

2009.01.26, 12:47 AM
hmm... maybe we can have some order here by following a format?

track name / website: (i.e. connecticut speedway)
track type: (i.e. commercial / club / private)
track composition: (i.e. 4 wide l + 2 45 kit + 2 large radius inside turn kit)
track operating hours / fee's:
track address / location:
track telephone number:
contact person:
other info: (i.e. hobby shop on site, restaurants nearby: pizza hut, mc donalds etc...)
[add a photo of your track here]

pls. add or delete other pertinent info / categories that i may have overlooked... as above information is just a guide only, and is open to any other suggestions.

hope this works... :D

2009.01.28, 12:27 PM
email sent:D

Dusty Weasle
2009.01.30, 12:35 AM
Email sent.

2009.01.30, 03:06 PM
Thanks guys. I believe all your club/store information is updated. I have a picture, store/club website and contact information posted. I will post additional details about your club/store shortly.

For those that still get our old site, you may need to clear your cache.


2009.05.12, 09:56 AM

I want to do this again, we have even more track to play with now..

The end is the best part..


2009.05.12, 10:26 AM
was a winner ever selected?

2009.06.01, 09:27 PM

Thanks for adding Mini Speedway to the RCP site. We actually moved spaces within the same building and now have a couple hundred more square feet and a more usable space. When we get the track in action I'll shoot you some new pix.


2009.09.16, 08:34 AM
I will pick a winner by Friday. If you still want to enter, post here your store info for our site.


2009.09.16, 08:40 AM
im sure i sent you our club details:)
you also have mail regarding another subject;)

2009.09.16, 08:44 AM
im sure i sent you our club details:)
you also have mail regarding another subject;)

If your club or store is not currently posted on our website, go ahead and email me all the information you want listed and I will get it up on the RCP Tracks website by the end of the day.


2009.09.16, 08:54 AM
the store name will be changing so is not open just yet but ill send the details anyway:D

2009.09.16, 10:12 AM
man....i gotta hurry and get 1/28 Raceway up on the site....lol

2009.09.16, 10:34 AM
man....i gotta hurry and get 1/28 Raceway up on the site....lol

Do you have a picture of your new store front? Send me one if you do and your complete new store/racing facility address/contact info and I will get it up on our site today