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2009.01.24, 07:56 PM
I race a MR-02 and a MA-010. My sone races an mr-02. We both have a problem in keeping the tires mounted to the car.
Here is a list of what I have tried, and none of them work very well:
1) ca tire to rim
2) atomicmods griplock glue
3) 3M super 77 glue
4) scotch double sided clear tape

The tape seems to work the best, but does not seem to stay stick for very long. I would like to find a better solution, but I need to remove the tires in order to replace them when they wear out.

do you have any suggestions?


MINIz guy11
2009.01.24, 08:00 PM
I've been very happy with PN Racing's Tire Tape. I bought a set 2 years ago and am on the same set, still not throwing any tires.

2009.01.24, 08:51 PM
I tried that, also, and it didn't work very well either.

Maybe there is some secret to using it. I just stuck in on the rim and placed to tire onto it.


MINIz guy11
2009.01.24, 08:56 PM
You did peel the paper off to reveal the adhesive, right?

If that doesn't work, you might want to try a softer degree tire.

2009.01.24, 08:59 PM
yep, did that.

I am using 6 degree rears and 15 degree fronts. I can't go much softer.

Do I need to clean the rim/tires with anything before using the tape?


2009.01.24, 09:06 PM
Make sure your rims are clean. Most of the time all i do is use the PN tape. Put 1 layer of tape on rim, peel the paper then put another layer of tape on top of 1st layer, peel tape and put tires on. Never had much of a problem and i run the same degree tires for the most part.;)

2009.01.24, 09:11 PM
i'll try it that way. when I used the PN tape, I only used a single layer.


MINIz guy11
2009.01.24, 10:15 PM
Oops, I ment a harder degree tire. It sounds like your tires are gripping the track too much, causing the tire to rip off the rim, even with tape.

2009.01.25, 02:25 AM
What body are you running? The reason why I ask is because I had that problem with the Kokusai Kaihatsu Racing McLaren F1 body. I used tape, CA glue, etc and my tires were still peeling. So that may be the contributing factor to why the tires are demounting.

2009.01.25, 09:00 AM
I am not sure the body has anything to do with it. I have run several. Here are the ones that the tire peeling has occured with:
Mustang GT
Lamborghini Countach
McClaren F1
Ferrari F50
Ford GT

Now I do admit, I put a lot of stress on the tires. I will wear out a set after 3-4 race weekends, while a friend of mine can run twice as long on his tires. But there still should be a way to get them to stay on.


2009.01.25, 01:24 PM
hmm...the bodies were my guess from experience. The only other thing I can think of that would be ripping CA glued tires are that the glue is not bonding the two sides or your producing a lot of roll and the tires are the first thing to give out. But that's just me guessing.

2009.01.25, 03:01 PM
simple solution buy smaller tires so that you have to stretch them abit to get it on the rim and itll stay on.

i have never run any tape or glue on my tires and they all stay on

2009.01.25, 05:19 PM
Try running 0mm offset on the front end. Use Kyosho plastic wheels, they do not protrude as much as the Atomic dish wheels. Tape the tire on, lift the lip and glue the tire to the tape and wheel itself. Do this on both sides, but less glue is needed for the inside where the lip is.

A few of those bodies are known for throwing tires. Typically bodies that have curve under like the Ford GT, and Countach will lift the body up when it is in a collision and pull the tire off. Bodies that glance off the wall instead will work better on keeping your tires on the car.

The F50 with 0mm offsets shouldnt throw any tires. I have used that body with 1mm offsets and havent lost any tires. I prefer 0mm for all the bodies listed.

To wrap up, use no offset Kyosho plastic or PN wheels. They are narrower than the Atomic. Tape and glue the tire as shown on Reflex's site. Normal CA will not work, you must use tire CA.

I personally use Atomic 40d slicks up front, which I dont need to glue/tape... I have yet to throw a tire since I made the switch to the harder front tire. I run the same tire setup on all my 2wd cars. 8d ATM radials in the rear, 40d Atomic Comp Slicks in the front.