View Full Version : What tyres do you use for PN Racing MR02 Machine Cut Delrin 22mm Wheel Rear 14.5 ???

2009.01.24, 10:22 PM
Does anybody use this wheels? (Part # MR2075RR)

They're BIIIIGG.

Just for knowing. I use them with Kyosho LM Tyres and they're fine.

Tried them out with a couple of soft front (narrow) tyres and they were amazing. The problem is that 2 narrow tires = more than 14.5mm wide... so they stook outside. Not very comfortable.

What are you guys using with these?

Check'em out here (http://www.rckenon.com/public_html/shop2/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=37_129_145&products_id=3552)

2009.01.28, 04:32 AM
No one uses these wheels?? great!

2009.01.28, 05:41 AM
You can fit F1 rear tires, cut the side walls off, tape and glue. The 20 compound work well, only issue is lowering the chassis due to the wheel diameter. Adds a bit of rake to the chassis.

2009.01.28, 08:54 PM
Thanks Pedro!...

yes, I have also tride them with F1 tires... didn't cut them anyway. but this post was just for checking if anyone uses these.

2009.01.29, 05:43 PM
You need to use two front tires on each rear wheel. You can use any Kyosho or PN front tire but each wheel needs two of them. Atomic tires were a little to wide to fit side by side.

2009.02.05, 01:58 AM
Double fronts glued and cut.