View Full Version : overland wire swap

2009.01.25, 05:04 PM
Hello all, I recently switched all my cars to 2.4 ASF and my overland needs a PCB board. Not sure if Im gonna do 2.4, but I do have a 2 x 2 stack from my old 02 car. As we all know the wires are shorter on the 02. I heard cable wire is good, I also heard computer fan wire etc......The multi colored servo wires need to be replaced. The black and red battery wires are done too. Any suggestions?

MINIz guy11
2009.01.25, 05:23 PM
Eugene sugguests IDE Computer wire, so you could talk to him about that next time you're at Action. :)

I've recently found a vendor for 26AWG wire and posted the link to it in the Mini Z Science section.

For battery wires, you could steal from a unused stock motor. It is the same stuff, just cut to length.