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2009.01.27, 09:16 AM
Hey guys,

I am familiar with providing power to the I-Lap transponder via the battery terminals on the MR-02. However, I don't like this installation due to the fact that the batteries will be drained by the transponder whether the car is switched on or off. I'd rather not have to remove the body between race heats to unplug the transponder.

I am looking for suggestions and pics if possible (I am not very tech savvy) on how to power the transponder on an older MR-02 (not the 2.4 GHz chassis with the extra plug) via the car's on/off switch.

Thank you,


2009.01.28, 08:22 PM
For those of you who do connect your transponder to the battery terminals, do you find that your batteries drain noticeably faster during a race day, even when the car is switched "off"?

2009.01.29, 12:47 PM
Having used the I-Lap system for many years I can tell you straight up that the power requirements of the transponder just sitting there are so minimal that there is absolutely no need to worry about it draining the cars battery what so ever. If it really worries you though there is thread some where around here about wiring the transponder so that it turns on and off with the on and off switch of the car.

2009.01.30, 11:35 AM
Ok, thanks for your input, x_zminiracer. That gives me confidence :)

2009.01.31, 09:32 PM
Hi Dan,

I concur with x_zminiracer's assesment that the transponders use an incredibly small amount of power. Draining power won't be a concern.

Craig, the iLap creator, hinted to me of some great sounding ideas for mounting the transponders on the F1's. One idea he already gave me was to make use of the end of a old roll of film, which while being black as night to the naked eye, doesn't stop infrared light at all. When I took out the driver's seat area to mount the transponder underneath, his suggestion was just to put a piece of that film on in its place so that the body still looks great, but has no gaping hole over the transponder. See the attachments... :cool:

Craig mentioned he has a better location for the transponder on the F1 to solder to so that it turns on/off with the power switch as well. I wonder if this can be done with the MR-02's or other cars too - I'll post more when I hear back from him.


edit: woops - that last picture was wrong - fixed now. The transponder works great in the F1's. You can barely even see the red flashing indicator on it, but it misses zero laps.

Also note: this mod will work just as well for those using the Giro-Z, since it's the same infrared tech.

2009.01.31, 09:50 PM

I know you've already got this covered, but I wanted to post this anyway - it just shows the placement of the transponder on the MR-02 and the power connector location. In this picture, I haven't finished even screwing in those battery terminal holder screws... tiny hard-to-find things that they are. ;)


2009.01.31, 10:10 PM
Ah well... I should clarify the picture of the connector a bit in my previous post for the MR-02:

I asked Bill Crotty for some advice back when I first bought the I-Lap, and a really good suggestion from him was to make use of the Giro-Z connectors, as opposed to the ones that came with the I-Lap transponders. These make life easy for swapping the transponders between cars, and lets you easily use a Giro-Z trasnponder if you happen to be at a race that uses those instead (really good for Mr. Crotty, not as important for me). The secondary bonus being that the connector is smaller and fits easier/cleaner under the F1 body where there isn't a lot of room to begin with.

The connector Craig uses at I-Lap is pretty common for receivers in larger cars, I believe. This Giro-Z connector is perfect for the Mini-Z.


2009.02.02, 03:35 PM

Thank you very much for your explanation and pics. That F1 transponder mounting method is very cool! If I race F1s, I will remember that one. I am going to post a short, not-so-technical review of my experience with I-Lap, just to help get the word out and let people know what a pleasure it is to deal with Craig.