View Full Version : February 28, 2009 - HFAY S7, Race 2

2009.01.31, 08:36 PM
This will be held on a Saturday at Hobby Works, Fairfax, VA

2009.02.01, 10:19 AM
fyi, i will not be able to make this race, my oldest son turns 9 this day. i spoke with imx and he will manage the racing.

i also plan to return the core before then as i only need it for a couple days really. anyone with ideas for a pickup, please let me know. if igor is heading down south maybe i can meet him somewhere and he can bring it?

i spent an hour or so this am ordering plenty of f1 parts including new cf side plates and main chassis kit. i'm hoping that if i replace these i can get rid of the awful left turn spin out. i hated dropping out of the last f1 hfay race but as it was 95% left turns, it would have been an exercise in frustration and putting other cars at risk.

2009.02.01, 11:18 AM
can someone remind me what the deal was with ordering atomic toe in tie rods? i want to order a new -1 and i don't recall if these were the ones being discussed as backwards or not meaning i would have to order +1.

2009.02.01, 05:17 PM
I believe they are numbered correctly for the F1s, since the tie rod link is ahead of the knuckles (i.e. a -1 tie rod is shorter, thus you get toe in), but they numbered them the same for the racers, where a shorter rod actually means toe out (since the links are behind the knuckles). This is unfortunately pretty confusing, though I always run a zero degree tie rod on F1s, since I never lack for steering on that chassis.

2009.02.03, 07:22 PM
tallgeese, is igor coming down to race with you guys this weekend? if so he can pick up the core from me and bring it with him.

2009.02.03, 10:04 PM
tallgeese, is igor coming down to race with you guys this weekend? if so he can pick up the core from me and bring it with him.

The plan so far is for Igor to come down and run with me and Matt on Friday.. I can possibly send him your way to pick up the CORE loop and whatever else he may need.. I'll have to check with him and get back to you as soon as I find out..

2009.03.01, 08:07 AM
hey guys, sorry i had to miss this event.

did someone send in the hfay results?

2009.03.01, 09:06 AM
Soy has the results. Sorry you couldnt make it, it was a great day of racing.

2009.03.01, 10:12 AM
I received you HFAY times... thanks.

Mike Keely
2009.03.06, 05:18 PM
Anyone here in the DC area have a I.C.S to program the new 2.4 boards? Anyone know what they cost?

2009.03.06, 11:07 PM
hit up mlee in the carolina's. he's got one.