View Full Version : April 11, 2009 - HFAY S7, Race 4

2009.01.31, 08:37 PM
This will be held on a Saturday at Hobby Works, Fairfax, VA

2009.03.25, 05:12 PM

Hobbyworks called me today about this date, I was told it was the first Saturday of their clearence sale. They want to mave all the events they had planned for this weekend becuase the store is going to be very crowded. I asked if we could have the weekend before this one, which will be the 11th, he said it was fine. Since they are moving us they said we could have any weekend we wanted since we scheduled so far in advance unlike all the other events they are holding. I just wanted to make sure it was cool with everyone planning on coming to this race for it to be on the 11th instead of the 18th. If there is an issue let me know and I will call them and see if the date can be moved again.

2009.03.25, 05:19 PM
sounds good to me. thank you for fielding the issue.

i'd also like to discuss the slot car track guys pushing us on our time given the 12 month pre-planned calendar. i do not like being rushed given our advanced planning.

2009.03.25, 08:07 PM
I should be able to do the 11th.

Looking forward to it. Hopefully i can make it through the races with any breaks.

2009.04.01, 06:33 PM

Since most of us have agreed it is ok do have this race on the 11th do you think you could change the title on the thread so there is no confusion.


2009.04.01, 07:09 PM
done :) :)

2009.04.01, 08:06 PM
If Brian gets back to me about rwd MA before this...

2009.04.02, 09:44 PM
tall, i broke down and bought the motul r35... i could have waited another couple weeks for the white bodies but i was ordering white bodies so tossed it in.

2009.04.03, 01:02 PM
tall, i broke down and bought the motul r35... i could have waited another couple weeks for the white bodies but i was ordering white bodies so tossed it in.

Arch, You should bring that R-35 with you on the 11th, I'd love to check it out.. I just ordered the Calsonic version, I would've gotten the Motul version as well, but at 50 bucks a body I'd rather save my money and get the Woodone instead..

By the way, I should be able to make the 11th for HFAY..

2009.04.03, 06:06 PM
I'm planning on being there for the rest of them... thanks for the heads up on the date change too!

2009.04.10, 10:03 PM
see you guys tomorrow morning!

2009.04.11, 06:44 PM
sorry we missed you ed.

thanks for the good times today guys! we had a good turn out and despite being rushed for f1, i had a great time and was very happy with my motul gt-r.

i'll do better to get the results to brian asap vs. waiting to the last day.

2009.04.12, 01:51 AM
Yeah, between the weather and everything else I've been trying to get done as of late... it would've just been too much. However, I am now legally able to operate two wheeled forms of transportation in my great commonwealth, and the one I just picked up today is a good start.

Wow... look at all the spam that just popped up on MZR... ridiculous!

2009.04.12, 09:20 PM
Man i had autoscalecollectoritis for the longest time, now I think I'm coming down with a serious case of racing fever.

Fun as usual guys, thanks to everyone who helped set up and break down. Definitely great to be honing my skills with some of the best racers out there.

Hope you can make it out next time ed.