View Full Version : May 09, 2009 - HFAY S7, Race 5

2009.01.31, 08:37 PM
This will be held on a Saturday at Hobby Works, Fairfax, VA

2009.04.12, 09:30 PM
i'm looking forward to this one! i'm getting more and more comfortable with my mm setup.

2009.04.13, 04:36 PM
That's good Arch, I know you said you didnt like mm for the longest time. They seem easier to setup and drive IMO.

2009.04.13, 08:51 PM
it could be i was just enthralled with the new gt-r but it does seem smoother to me than the db9. i think i'm going to stick with it for awhile.

lets just hope we continue to get 9 drivers so we can keep nice and clean heats/mains. i don't recall having a really bad race all day for once. nothing broke, i didn't break anyone elses car, so it was a good day. all i need to do is keep up with tires and i should be good.

i do have a slight issue with my disc damper that i'd like to get some feeback on. it seems no matter what spacing i use, it's either 2-4 mm to short or to long. i either get 0 reverse travel or 0 forward travel.

2009.04.13, 09:24 PM
And hopefully I won't have an exam that day LOL. Otherwise, hope I get my new MA project up to HFAY par by that time and regain my competitive standing.

2009.04.14, 12:39 PM
i ordered some of the 45x45mm and 38x25mm generic transponders, 10 of each. i'd like to try these out if you guys will permit the time.

2009.04.14, 07:35 PM
Has anyone else noticed that the 20th is a Wednesday?:eek:

2009.04.14, 07:53 PM
:o someone want to double check the calendar....

2009.04.14, 08:19 PM
The following days are saturdays in may, 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th. So which day can we have this race?

2009.04.14, 08:24 PM
I'll give HW a call tomorrow and see what day they have us down for, we could have just made a mix up. I am going to see about setting the date for either the 16th or the 30th. The 23rd and 24th is the weekend of the PN race in MB so I would like to work around that if I can.

2009.04.15, 07:55 PM
The only open date was the 9th so I put us down for that date.

It turns out there was a date setup for June instead of May, so I canceled the one for june. I checked the rest of the dates and they are ok, it sucks but the first race of the season in July I am going to have to miss:(.

2009.04.15, 08:14 PM
9th of May or June, Vaz?

2009.04.16, 01:40 PM
May 9th will not work for me.

2009.04.16, 02:06 PM
i ordered some of the 45x45mm and 38x25mm generic transponders, 10 of each. i'd like to try these out if you guys will permit the time.

i got these in the mail today and will post pictures of them tonight.

2009.04.16, 03:46 PM
May 9th is okay for me.

2009.04.16, 05:42 PM
May 9th will not work for me.

I'm sorry man, it was the only date they could give me and they had to move another group from that spot for us.

I talked to HW today, all the dates in July are open right now, would anyone care if I moved the July date to the 25th so I can make this race. I dont want to sound self centered and I'm sorry if I do. If this is a problem at all for anyone I will not move it. Please let me know how you guys feel about this. Thanks.

2009.04.16, 08:51 PM

Texas Instruments RFid Transponder RI-I03-112A-03


Texas Intruments RFid Transponder RI-I11-112A-03


Texas Instruments RFid Transponder RI-I02-112A-03

2009.04.20, 08:31 AM
First two look huge! Do you want us to use them as a new vinyl or what, arch?

2009.04.20, 08:59 AM
the bottom is the same size as the standard core transponder, the middle is just over half the size and the top is maybe 1/4 the size.

i would like to test these for reliability for club racing, or hfay if decided we do not need to sort heats. in particular, i would like to try the f1 sized transponders.

2009.04.26, 04:20 PM
for anyone in maryland/virginia looking for danano's, the virginia beach store has them, has fair prices and will sell over the phone. here is the contact information. (http://tinyrc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=24049)

2009.04.26, 05:01 PM
How much arch? If I ever sell my damn phone, I'll jump on one of these.

2009.05.09, 07:11 PM
thank you guys for finishing up the season 7!

i must apologize for slacking on the time management. i promise to run a tighter ship from now on.

we will get back to our 5 minute rule. if you can't have your car ready within the 5 minutes before your race, your run as a DNF. i understand not getting the time to do tweaking until race day but please come prepaired to race, especially for HFAY as we have 2 classes, clockwise and counterclockwise to run in one day between noon and 6pm. technically, that is more than enough time however we seem to continue to run late, compressing races which simply adds stress to what should be a fun thing to do.

The key here is to keep this fun. if were not having fun, i'm not sure it's worth the effort. keep it fun, friendly and we all benifit :)

again, congrats on wrappign up another fine season of HFAY for our club. i can't thank you all enough for taking the time to participate. i look forward to seeing our club standings and individual finishes. very good job to everyone!

2009.05.09, 09:52 PM
Definitely a fun season. It was nice being able to make it out consistently. I think I only missed the first one.

In regards to the race management, I'm in complete agreement with Arch. In the next season, I think we should run things like the national events . . . have a preset schedule with set practice/tweak sessions and set qualifying and mains. This way if you want to set out for lunch or tweak your car, you can plan ahead without needing to guess. If you don't show up for your race, then you get a DNF. Maybe it's a tough policy but it works and respects everyone's time.

Sticking to a set schedule will also allows us to build in time to just have some fun runs after we get through our formal racing.

2009.05.09, 10:51 PM
I think having a general schedule is fine, but the idea that we would award a DNF to someone who is grabbing lunch and isn't watching the clock doesn't sound too fun (and this should really be fun, no?). Re-instituting the five minute rule is a good idea, though.

2009.05.09, 10:58 PM
i think the most natural lunch break is the gap between clockwise and counter clockwise racer class.

2009.05.10, 12:42 AM
Maybe, but then it crams the 2nd direction racer and F1 into 1 block or would be basicly be 2 big breaks?

What would be an estimate on the total time races would take w/ scheduling? I can't really think of anything less than 4 hours altogether if the breaks are long enough and thats almost what we're running these days, no?

2009.05.10, 07:20 AM
Soy: I agree that getting a DNF is not fun, but if you know when the mains are I don't think most people are gonna miss them. I'm also not suggesting there's a devious time keeper relishing starting races without people. Really just more of an effort to be prompt. I'm sure we'd all make an effort to let people know that a race is starting if they happen to not be there. I totally support a 5 minute grace period.

The point is to keep the day flowing and not cheat the track time and races. Yesterday we finished direction 1 racer around 3:40pm and then ended up squeezing the rest in a little over 2 hours. I think that can be avoided if we all try to keep things flowing. Trust me, i'd rather not have a set schedule, but my big push for this is to get in as much racing as possible for people while respecting people's time.

Here's a possible suggestion.

W/3 Qualifying Groups (1:20 total):
20: Open practice/tweak
10: Qual 1 + break
10: Qual 2 + break
10: Qual 3 + break
10: Main C + break
10: Main B + break
10: Main A + break

W/2 Qualifying Groups (1:00 total):
20: Open practice/tweak
10: Qual 1 + break
10: Qual 2 + break
10: Main B + break
10: Main A + break

On a race day, this can look like:
1:00 - setup/open practice
1:20 - racer 1 practice/races
1:20 - racer 2 practice/races
1:00 - f1 1 practice/races
1:00 - f1 2 practice/races
0:30 - breakdown/cleanup

6:10 minutes total or 4:40 if you don't include setup and breakdown. We can then just do whatever after that.

2009.05.10, 09:49 AM
can i suggest we start the day at noon? many of us arrive at 11am to begin setup. if you really need testing, tweaking track time, which is understandable, please come early.

i'd rather finish early than always coming in just on time or late. we have some members that also that can not stay till 6pm on a regular basis. this would allow a greater number to complete all classes and allow fun runs with whatever time is left over.

2009.05.17, 04:09 PM
guys, i updated our 2009 schedule to include draft time schedule. i added 10 minutes to each racer class in order to leave time for lunch breaks.

biggest change, start racing at noon vs. 1pm. whats really been getting us is getting of to such a late start.

store closes at 7pm, we should end at 5pm. this leaves 1 hour 30 minutes for anyone left to do whatever they want.