View Full Version : Motor bearing sizes and availability?

2009.02.02, 12:02 PM
Hi there,

I recently acquired some older PN motors; Speedy AWD, Speedy 05, etc, which are non BB cans.

The cans themselves are good quality however and drilled for aftermarket mounts.

I've removed the bushings and would like to install some bearings in them. I find, however, that wheel bearings are a bit too small for the armature shaft to fit.

Does anyone know the size and\or a good source for motor can bearings?

Thanks for the help,


2009.02.03, 09:20 PM
usually 2mm inner diameter.
try going to r*m*** and finding the atomic motor ball bearings. a bearing replacer tool can also be helpful

2009.02.04, 10:20 AM
Thanks XM,

Your response got a little mangled, so I'm assuming you mean RC Mart?