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2009.02.02, 03:37 PM
Kudos to Craig at I-Lap!

As many of you know, the I-Lap infrared-based race timing system has gotten very positive reviews for its function and features, and for its unparalleled customer service. I too have had these very positive experiences when I purchased this system for Mini Zs.

First, I had a few questions about I-Lap, which I asked via e-mail. Craig always responded within a few minutes to a few hours. How many of us have e-mailed a vendor, only to have to wait a few days or weeks for a response? Not I-Lap! This helped me make a quick decision to purchase this timing system. After asking a few more questions, Craig e-mailed me his phone number in case I wanted to talk to him. I paid via Paypal on a Monday, and explained via e-mail to Craig that I hoped to have the system by that coming Friday. Well, not only did Craig indicate that he could deliver the system by this day, he also used expedited shipping to keep his promise! I don’t know of any other hobby vendor who goes the extra mile like that! Do you?

For those of you not familiar with this system, it can also be used to time races using larger scale vehicles, such as all of your 1/18, and bigger! Its hardware can accommodate a track as wide as 24 feet! Whatever scale you decide to race, you can get started right away since the package is customizable and will come with your requested number of transponders and sensors, a decoder, all necessary cables, some extra velcro to fasten things, and three different software programs (two of which are “trial versions, but they are usable). Currently, I am learning to use Laps Free, which is plenty feature-rich for my purposes. Laps Free accommodates up to 20 cars per heat, allows for driver database set up, and has some very neat functions to help set up races based on driver ability and class, all while making sure to help you avoid frequency conflicts.

Just visit rclapcounter.com to find out more!

2009.02.02, 11:09 PM
Well put - I love this lap-counter as well - and totally agree about the excellent service and support.

One thing I wanted to point out about the i-Lap product, which may not be immediately aparent to people, is that the product uses the AMBrc protocol. This lets you have choices of available software, from free products to the best-in-market products like Autoscore and RC Scoring Pro. This gives clubs, and individuals like myself, choice of how to use the product.

When I bought the product, it came with LapsFree as well as an i-Lap specific version of RC Scoring Pro, which is basically the full version of their product that costs something like $500 but is limitted to races consisting of 5 cars or less. For me, using it as a personal product, the limitation isn't an issue... I only have 4 transponders right now. For a club, the upgrade to the 10 car version of the product is $249 is very reasonable for a top-notch professional product. The support from the RC Scoring Pro guru, Douglas Hay, is equally as impressive and knowledgeable as that of Craig at i-Lap. The pairing of these two companies in particular is a breath of fresh air for RC.

I've heard some clubs moving to full AMBrc system, well... this product reduces a lot of that initial cost involved in AMBrc but provides almost all of its benefits. Top-notch software, along with reliable, robust hardware that can be easily used for different scale vehicles. It makes a lot of sense to me for the club level, mini-Z or not.

For the personal level, like me, it was also a good decision. When I was making the choice to buy a lap-counter, I saw core fading away fast with the Kyosho grab, amongst having other technical issues... and I saw Giro-Z coming in to fill the gap. Choosing between Giro-Z and i-Lap was a no-brainer, to me, since the software and support for I-Lap is leaps-and-bounds better, and the cost was basically the same. Being able to put your laptop (or desktop) pretty much anywhere was a bonus as well, since it just uses a standard network cable to reach to the bridge - mine came with a 50 foot roll. To this day, I'd make the same choice if I were looking in to buying a lap-counter.

I'm repeating myself a bit, I know, but there you have it.

/me = getting off the soap-box now. :rolleyes:

2009.02.05, 10:23 AM
Have been a customer of Craig's for a long time, started of with a early version of the AMB 20 system. It's an aw-some system.

We now have the latest AMB / rc system, got it this past weekend! Craig told me when i talked to him on Tuesday that it could be there by the end of the week. Although I really didn't expect it, not only was it here the end of the week, but was sent out over night for next day by 3 pm service, the mail person was at my door about 2 and handed it to me and said sign here!

All I can say is WOW! this system he has now is quite the tight package.

We use laps free and using the older 20 system made for some extra work for the race director. With the new system, no more, hacking the tables to match up what car is what driver... Sweet ness!

I like lights and while the old system was nice the new one with its blinking transponder active light, and lights on the bridge sensors, and new ones (to me anyway) on the decoder, I am in ooh lights heaven!

When I first wanted a timing system for a little Xmod club we had (and now grown to a full blown Mini-Z Racing club!)

there wasn't a system out that that i was impressed with or though was small enough for these mini cars, until I came across I-Lap! The video of it on nitro on road cars and another one with one car and all the transponders on top of it really impressed me and I have been a die hard fan of I-lap ever since!

The I-Lap system was the first of the kind, has always been and continues to be
the best one you can get. IMO sure others will agree hands down.

Another + is that other clubs in the area have the same system so we are all set to go race one an other! (lets go racing boys!)

2009.04.01, 10:41 AM
I haven't been on the forums in a while and just saw this.

Thanks to you guys for the kind words.

Happy Racing,