View Full Version : m8 w/ PN adaptor

2009.02.02, 03:43 PM
Does anyone know how this thing suppose to fit with no mod? I haven't seen an actual PN adaptor but my customer (who lives 2 hours away from the shop) is having some difficulties trying to fit the PN adapt on the m8 tx. Please advice.


2009.02.02, 06:16 PM
My friend at the trak has the 2.4 module and the pn adapter and it fi no problem in my M11:)


2009.02.03, 10:48 AM
I have one with this setup. I added some foam under the PN board to act as a spacer then taped the module to the radio with electrical tape to stabilize it as all the weight is on the radio pins.

The pn adpapter board spaces the module outside of the module box.

2009.02.03, 10:52 AM
I velcro'd the module to the adaptor board then servo taped an appropriately sized foam block that wedged into the radio's module hole.

2009.05.19, 06:17 PM
besides the perfect fit issues is the PN KO Module Adaptor a solid performing product? Any problems that one should know about?

I'm thinking about switching everything to M11 so just wanted some fedback first. Thanks in advance.