View Full Version : Mounting body for MR-02MM or MR-015 MM chassis question

2009.02.02, 07:33 PM
Hey guys,

I have a Caprice Taxi body that I'd like to mount onto an MR-02MM chassis (don't ask :D). According to the body compatibility chart I saw on Atomicmods, this Caprice body should fit an MR-015 RM or MM with 94mm wheelbase, or an MR-02 RM or MM with 94mm wheelbase. However, when I have the T-bar screwed to the "front-most" holes on the bottom of the chassis, the chassis wheelbase is still too long for the Caprice.

What obvious solution have I overlooked? :confused:


MINIz guy11
2009.02.02, 07:40 PM
If you are using the stock Kyosho MM Motor pod, the chassis length is 98MM in the "front-most" holes.

To achieve a 94MM MR-02MM chassis, you will need an aftermarket MM motor pod and MM T-Plates. Examples of this would be the new PN Racing LCG Mount, PN Racing ML Mount, Atomic Ver. V 94MM Mount, etc . . .

2009.02.02, 08:44 PM
Hi Miniz guy11,

Thank you for the info. I have a few other questions:

1. When you referred to my needing an aftermarket motor pod and MM plates, did you mean the stock MM plates? Or, aftermarket plates?

2. Would the stock Kyosho motor pod that comes with a 94mm wheelbase MR-015RM car, like a Caprice Taxi readyset, fit my MR-02 chassis if I make the chassis an RM?

Thank you.

MINIz guy11
2009.02.02, 09:17 PM
1. Stock MM plates and aftermarket MM plates are the same length. I was just saying this to clarify that using a RM plate of any kind will not work.

2. The stock RM motor pod would work find on a MR-02 chassis. All Kyosho RM and MM motor pods are the same, whether for the MR-015 and MR-02.

2009.02.03, 09:25 AM
Ok, I feel silly! About an hour after I wrote my last post, I remembered having some RM motor pods and plates somewhere. After a brief search, I found them and referred to some found instructions to convert my MR-02MM to an MR-02RM.

Thank you for your prompt responses, Miniz guy11.