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r/c nyc
2009.02.02, 08:42 PM
hey guys my name is Danny and some dude bermbuster (nice guy) convinced me I should try mini Z. Well ok maybe I inquired and he told me all the joys of mini Z so I said what the hell i'll try it. So.... this is what I have so far..
1. Airtronics M11 with spektrum module.
uh...oh yeah thats about it as far as being relevant to Mini Zs. I plan on racing at Brooklyn Hobbies and Action Speedway in S.I.

I ALWAYS try to support my LHS when one is around BUT... whos going to support me if I dont like mini Z so I need a very good used mr-02 2.4 ghz car and if you don't mind, please inform me/sell me what else I will need. Obviously, I may be new, but I'm far from a moron (my wife may differ) so please don't IM with idiot prices on your stuff lol. If you have an extra chassis that you dont use shoot me a fair deal and 9/10 i'll be sending you payment.

If you don't have anything to barter, then by all means I'll take any and all advise! I keep reading about FETS...all I know is that my ESCs have FETS but I never had to do anything with them before. Do I need to be very knowledgable in electric/electronics to work on these little cars? I was damn proud when I learned to soldier... built my own ATX power supply, but have I done more then that? Not so much.... so where do I start from here?



MINIz guy11
2009.02.02, 09:12 PM
There's already a problem with your transmitter setup. Although you have a Spektrum module which is on 2.4GHz, the current 2.4GHz Mini Z's will not operate under the Spektrum module.

To get a 2.4GHz setup to work on your M11, you will need the PN Racing module adapter ($26) and a Ko Propo 2.4GHz Mini Z Module ($80?).

A cheaper alternative, if you can find one, would be to get the 27MHz AM Mini Z module made by Airtronics. Only thing with this setup would be that you have to run AM cars, which should be cheaper used than a used 2.4GHz car.

r/c nyc
2009.02.02, 10:00 PM
Ahh damn..... well I was expecting that because I was told I'd need a module, but wasnt sure if that meant a spektrum because thats what most people associate when talking about M11s if not the 75Mhz. Ok well I know where I can source a KT Perfex for cheap so I'll have to deal with the reverse issues.

So whats the deal with these FETS? This hobby gets more and more technical... traxxas go make me an RTR mini Z :D JK! I'm sure I can handle it, I just like driving more then I like tinkering.

2009.02.03, 08:22 AM
So whats the deal with these FETS? This hobby gets more and more technical... traxxas go make me an RTR mini Z :D JK! I'm sure I can handle it, I just like driving more then I like tinkering.

Get the stock 2.4 chassis and you will have all the FETs you will need for a while....The guys who change or add FETs to there mini zs run in the modified class. You need a good amount of skill and experience to handle that much power in a little car....
Keep it simple Danny and remember install and set up one hop up at a time so you can understand what it does for you. The most common mistake I see is guys putting on all the hop ups and then spending weeks trying get the car to there liking. These cars drive and react similiar to 1/12 scales....

If your getting the Perfex from Jerry P. It will be in good shape. He takes care of his stuff....Just remember w the Perfex you need to use good aaa
alkalines.....some rechargable cells make the tx act funky...

2009.02.03, 09:25 AM
Danny - You can absolutely go the used route, but the new stuff isn't all that expensive. I'd be happy to help you get started. Personally, I use the Kyosho 2.4 Perfex radio and love it. You do not have to go crazy with electronics, like Berm said. Keep it simple - a stock MR02 ASF (2.4) with a descent motor and some supsnsion tuning will be all the car you need - and will fit the Action RC Mini Speedway rules.

We are open Tuesday night, Thursday night, and Saturday afternoon and night. Come down any time (Tuesdays and Thursdays are best for new drivers to try it out), I'll let you try my car and others, and we'll give you a really good "Mini-Z education." I have EVERYTHING in stock!

Hope to see you soon!

Action RC Mini Speedway

r/c nyc
2009.02.03, 02:05 PM
Hi Al, that sounds good. The cost of Mini Z is very cheap in comparison to other R/C (I run 1/8 nitro so mini Z is almost free lol), but I often have a bad habbit of buying things I end up not liking and it drives my wife nuts because she asks me for Jewelry and I give her a hard time but then I spend $300.00 on a Nova Rossi LOL. If I do end up liking it as I've NEVER owned a road car, then trust me I'll be buying an AWD chassis from you because I believe in LHS survival. I might even buy the Mr-02 if I cant find one used within 3-4 days because i'm getting antsy over here.

George... LOL I really appreciate all the help. Maybe one day if you dont already have a 1/8th Nitro I can return some advice :D

I really am more interested in handling mods over power mods to be honest. I also want to keep the chassis within race rules and go nuts on a mod chassis class when I get used to Mini Z, and hopefully if I like it.

2009.02.03, 03:30 PM
Danny - The simpler you keep the electronics, the better you'll like the car, and the more reliable it will be. When you get to see these cars in person, you'll see exactly what I'm talking about. Suspension (and a good driver!) is the key to a good Mini-Z. You'll see.

Also, you'll probably be better off with the MR02 for a 1st car. It's easier and much less expensive to get one up and running as full race-ready ride than the AWD.

Looking forward to introducing you in person to the wonderful world of Kyosho Mini-Z's... !