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2009.02.02, 11:28 PM
Hey guys! I'm new here and to the world of Mini-Z racing, I just bought an MR-015 chassis off ebay last summer. Of course, I wanted to race in style, and being a big fan, I bought the Speed Racer "Mach 5" body, It's super cool.

I've made a handful of modifications to it, of course i replaced all the stock plastic bushings with bearings, bought an aluminum motor mount, adjustable ball differential, and a Speedy 07 motor to liven it up a bit, along with some atomic tires to keep all that power going to the ground. I also had to replace the H-plate when the stock one broke after a rather impressive jump off my kitchen table (okay, it was an accident...).

Now, I'm looking for something to help stabilize the rear, something in the way of a side shock system. I bought a damper plate kit, but it doesn't fit, and I don't think a top-mounted shock will either. The Mach 5 body is low, REALLY low. There's only a quarter inch clearance between the chassis and the body inside when it's put together, so this seems to rule out a lot of options. Also, it runs the relatively short 90mm wheelbase, which also seems to rule out some of the side shock systems.

Anyone else have the Mach 5? I don't race it anywhere, but If I ever find a place locally, it'd be a shame if the famous Mach 5 couldn't keep up with the competion, so I want it to be a well-tuned machine. It seems like the body is ruling out a lot of options, but if that's the price of style, then so be it!

2009.02.03, 01:16 AM
All I can say is heed the new, crappy movie's advise- drift it. Don't even bother beating it to smitherenes via racing. And Disk Damper System is pretty essential for rear suspension. Look in my thread and marc's threads to get some ideas of a good setup.

I weighed down the front belly with 2-2.5 grams of lead tape and it killed stock motor body roll. 5 ish grams did it for Speedy 07.

Body wise, if you don't mind using 94-98, get PN LCG MM 94-98mm mount(PM me cuz I actually want to sell mine for the time being). It'll be rock solid and hardly flip without any ballasts. Otherwise, try a Porsche, RX7(either), AE86, Lancer, any other body with room in the back.

flat 4
2009.02.03, 02:38 PM
Kyosho dose have a side shock set up out. Its not the best thing in the world. The shock comes apart fairly easy while driving. the disc system works alot better. Plus you can use a shock on it as wel.l

2009.02.03, 04:55 PM
HEY! They'll be no badmouthing of that film on MY watch! Not that this is the place for it, but I love that movie to death, it was so fun to watch.

But anyway, thanks for the suggestions. I found a side-shock set by 3 Racing, It says it's supposed to fit, and from the images I've seen, it will. I'll see how that fixes things up. The rear end is very skittery right now with just the H plate, so anything will be an improvement.

2009.02.03, 07:14 PM
I would advise a disc damper setup instead of the side shock. Side shocks dont really dampen the reaction, they work as springs to reduce body roll. A disc damper works a lot better. If you dont have enough room for a disc damper, you can allways shave away some plastic around where the post is.

2009.02.03, 08:52 PM
I would advise a disc damper setup instead of the side shock. Side shocks dont really dampen the reaction, they work as springs to reduce body roll. A disc damper works a lot better. If you dont have enough room for a disc damper, you can allways shave away some plastic around where the post is.

Then what do you think about my setup, roll is my #1 problem, so should I try the side shocks?

2009.02.03, 09:12 PM
All I can say is heed the new, crappy movie's advise- drift it.
hmm... haven't tried, but can it fit the ma010 chassis? it would be nice to see a drifting mach 5 tho... wish the body came with the speed racer figure... and it would hurt to see one totally bashed... aren't these bodies rare?

i would suggest to get a basher body...

welcome to the hobby... :D

flat 4
2009.02.03, 10:03 PM
A beater body is the best way to go. I have more body that just sit. I only race a few of them. last time I counted I had some where 22 body's I have sold some of them

flat 4
2009.02.03, 10:05 PM
By the way, I like the Speed Racer Movie. Bolth of them!

2009.02.03, 10:37 PM
Edit your posts instead of double/triple posting dude.

If its 90-94mm wheel-base length, it'll fit on MA easily. Mach 5 is pretty damn rare at this point.

2009.02.03, 11:23 PM
The car was sold to me along with a Dodge Viper body. i guess I could use that to race. Occasionally I see a Mach 5 body pop up on ebay for 60 bucks or so. I might buy an extra so i can have a Mach beater body to take to the track, and then a nice one for display.

Sucks though, I really can't put a damper system on with this body without voluntarily destroying the body.

Ah, to hell with it. I'll make whatever mods I can and stick to making hot laps in the living room. As long as I'm having fun, right?

2009.02.04, 09:07 AM
Rare bodies only really appeal to collectors man, if you're blessed by not being one, then do whatever to it. Else you'd be blowing extra $ like a good deal of us for such preference trips.

Viper is a really nice body, so I'd consider just using that one to race and get a 2nd Mach if you must.

2009.02.04, 11:36 AM
The Mach is to rare and precious to risk damage. I myselfe would like to have one for display.
While I never cared much for the movie, or even the original cartoons, the Mach is still a very cool car.
If yours is in prime condition, dont' risk it buddy. I doubt they go as high as Murcielago's, but it could bring in some money you could use for tuning that MR15.
I'd try the disc-damper without a topshock as the Mach is very low. The disc-damper does not take a lot of vertical room except for the post, which I think can be trimmed down. Maybe try working out something with the LM motor mounts as they are lower than MR02 types? Know what I mean? The Le Man's bodies are probably just as low as the Mach with the exception that the Le Man's bodies were specifically designed for the MR02 chassis, and the Mach was designed for original MR01 chassis. The thing with the AWD chassis, is you'll probably need to get either the low-down crystal adaptor, or go with a 2.4. I think the 2.4 chassis is alot flatter ontop than the AM car's. That might be your best bet.
Whatever you do, please take photo's and share with us your projects! We like seeing projects progress!

2009.02.04, 05:48 PM
Yeah, I sort of want the Mach 5 body as a serious Speed Racer fan. I don't think I'd ever resell it. I like using it because I like driving an RC version of one of my favorite cars ever, of course, I don't want to beat it up. I got it used, but it's still in great condition. I've only been driving it around my house, and I'm careful not to ram it into any walls at full throttle.

I already cut down the post as far as I can go with my damper system, and it still hits the inside of the body when i put it together. When I said the Mach 5 has 1/4 inch of clearance inside the body, I really meant more like 3/16. It also rubs against the back of the chassis because of the short wheelbase.

Seems like the Mach 5 will just be my "pleasure cruiser" as it were. Although I still can't deny how awesome it would be to see the Mach tearing down the track with a stacked FET, mercilessly ramming opponents into walls. I'll take some pictures as soon as I get a chance.

flat 4
2009.02.04, 06:57 PM
techno might have a Mach 5 for sale. You might want to talk to him. Look in the Marketplace. Good luck.

2009.02.04, 09:08 PM
Hey guys, I put some pictures of it in the picture thread, go check them out if you want!

2009.02.04, 11:01 PM
Checked out the pics. that is an MR01, not an MR015.

2009.02.04, 11:16 PM
well, i'll be damned. The first site I checked listed the Mach 5 under MR-015. i never second guessed because I really didn't know better

2009.02.04, 11:19 PM
The Mach 5 was sold with the MR01 originally, and may have been re-released with the MR015 chassis.

2009.02.04, 11:39 PM
All of the MR015 parts I've bought have fit. Shame, it seems there's not much available for MR01 chassis.

2009.02.09, 10:42 AM
Just make the leap to MR15 2.5GHz dude. If you got some 15 parts already, it'll only help.

2009.02.09, 08:09 PM
for me, the best feature of the mr015 over the mr01 is the servo saver... which will help in this case, because the rims look like they are sticking out of the body... :D

2009.02.10, 02:07 AM
^ Happy Bday dude! ^

2009.02.10, 02:57 AM
thanks for remembering :D