View Full Version : Friday Night Spec Racing 2-06-2008

2009.02.03, 01:38 AM
We'll have Friday Night Spec Racing. Sign up at 6:30pm and Race starts at 7pm.

-MR02 (2wd)
-PN 70 Turn motor (old/new version)
-7 Tooth pinion
-44 Tooth Spur
-86-106mm Wheelbase
-Any AAA batts (no lithium batts)

-MA010 (awd)
-15 Tooth Pinion
-31 Tooth Spur
-PN 70 turn motor (old/new version)
-90-98mm wheelbase
-Any AAA batts (no lithium batts)

Race Fee is $5.
Combined Class.

2009.02.03, 01:39 AM
We are also adding a new class on Friday! High/Tall/Hatch type bodies.

List of bodies:
-Toyota vits
-Mini Cooper
-Honda Fit
-Renault (hatchback)
-Alfa Brera
-VW Bettle
-PT cruiser
any high/tall bodies with STOCK WINDOWS and WINDSHIELD!

-90-94mm wheelbase
-AWD or 2wd combined
-PN 70 turn motor (old/new version) ONLY!
-Any gear ratio (48 and 64 pitch ok)

I have one VW beetle available if you guys want to borrow it. Prizes to be announce on both classes!