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2009.02.04, 11:34 AM
Our LeMans Point Series will kick off this afternoon at MBMZRs home track at CFI. We will race Saturday at the 843 RACEWAY track at 843 R/C Hobbies, and will continue to race these two days, at these two places through-out the month. Regular race fees apply.

This will make for eight races with 6 of them being scored. This leaves each competitor two drops for their two lowest scoring races.

We will have sporstman class and pro class at each race, and will score them seperately for the series. Prizes will also be awarded for both classes based on total score at the end of the season. We will hand out prizes at the end of the final race on February 28th at 843. Prizes will be as foolows:
1st place - Trophy + $75 gift certificate to 843 R/C Hobbies
2nd place - Trophy + $50 gift certificate to 843 R/C Hobbies
3rd place - Trophy + $25 gift certificate to 843 R/C Hobbies

Again, these prizes will be awarded to each the sportsman series winners, and the pro series winners. You will be placed into the class based on your past perfromances and the race directors discretion. Basically,whatever class you are racing now, you will be racing until the series is over. We can determine bump-ups/downs from class to class after the March 7th event, when club racing resumes its normal scheduling.

Points for each race will be awarded as follows:
1st place - 20 points
2nd place - 18 points
3rd place - 16 points
4th place - 15 points
5th place - 14 points
6th place - 13 points
and so on, down to 1 point for 18th place.

Stay tuned for tonights results! Im kicking myself every couple of minutes trying to remember the video camera, lol.

EDIT: I should have just done this the first time :D

2009.02.06, 01:35 PM
We had a decent turn out wednesday. I thought there would be more entries, but with guys getting ready for the phsycho nitro, we had a few no-shows. A great time was still had by all, and there was some awesome racing, especially in the Sport class!


Pro A-Main
Landon - 63, 8:06.948
KB - 62, 8:09.979
Shane - 60, 8:063609
Ed - 36, 5:24.029
Bobby - 0, 0:00.000

The video:

Sport A-Main
Andy - 53, 8:08.006
Tannie - 51, 8:08.907
Chad - 50, 8:05.338
Stan - 21, 4:16.446

The video:

Sport B-Main
Stan - 29, 5:00.722
Kevin - 26, 5:05.87
Woodie - 26 5:08.899

The video:

The standings are just from this race of course, but I love the way they look right now, lol :D


Pro Class
Landon - 20
KB - 18
Shane - 16
Ed - 15
Bobby - 14

Sport Class
Andy - 20
Tannie - 18
Chad - 16
Stan - 15
Kevin - 14
Woodie - 13

Ed Roberts
2009.02.07, 06:37 PM
Results from race #2 of the February 2009 LeMans Point Series.


Some great racing today. Thanks everyone for coming out.

Ed Roberts
2009.02.07, 06:58 PM

Pro Class
1. Bobby - 14 20 = 34
2. Ed - 15 18 = 33
3. Shane - 16 16 = 32
4. Landon - 20 00 = 20
5. KB - 18 00 = 18

Sport Class
1. Andy - 20 18 = 38
2. Chad - 16 20 = 36
3. Tannie - 18 16 = 34
4. Woodie - 13 14 = 27
5. Kevin - 14 11 = 25
6. Stan - 15 00 = 15
6. Matthew- 00 15 = 15
7. Steven - 00 13 = 13
8. Chris - 00 11 = 11

Remember Drivers it is the best 6 out of 8 races.

2009.02.08, 10:35 AM
Thanks for posting the results. It looks like the Sportsman are off to a battle. Hopefully more of us pros can start making some showings and catch up to the race in our class :o You, Bobby, and Shane have got something going on! 2 points between you :eek:

Hopefully with the off-road weekend out of the way, everyone will show up ready to race :D

Ed Roberts
2009.02.11, 09:03 PM
Results from race #3 of the February 2009 LeMans Point Series.


What a great night of racing. Good, clean racing and everyone had a great time. Thanks everyone for coming out.

2009.02.12, 07:33 AM
It was a great night of racing! Even though I had difficulties in the main, and had my worst finish in a while, it was still the most fun night of MiniZ racing weve had in a long time! The sportsmanship and attitudes were awesome (on an off the track), and the quality of racing was just phenomenal, all the way from the top of Pro A-main, down to Woodie and Kevins battle for second in the Sport B-main. What a great night!!

Ill get the season standings and videos posted up soon. I missed the Sportsman B, and only got a portion of the great race between Bobby and Ed in the Pro B :( That was one heck of a race, and I really wish we had the footage. Im pretty sure Ive got both of the As, but havent confirmed or edited them down yet. Ill get on that, and Ill have them up soon!

2009.02.12, 02:21 PM
Ive got the videos uploading to youtube, but at 8 minutes a piece they are taking their sweet time :D Ill probably get them up tommorrow, but there is a small chance Ill get them tonight sometime after they finish.

In the mean time, I did some preliminary figuring so I could get some standings up. Ill have a print out with all of the official scores at the race on saturday. Ive got them shown as overall, which is all the races combined, then I also have them shown with one drop. After this weekends race, Ill start posting them with 2 drops for each person. That way every one will see exactly what they have to do to move up each week.


Ed - 51
Bobby - 48
Shane - 45
KB - 38
Landon - 35
Eric - 16
Monty - 12

Pro w/ 1 drop:
KB - 38
Ed - 36
Landon - 35
Bobby - 34
Shane - 32
Eric - 16
Monty - 12

Sportsman OVERALL:
Andy - 58
Chad - 52
Tannie - 52
Woodie - 41
Kevin - 38
Stan - 15
Matthew - 14
Steven - 15
Chris - 11

Sportsman w/ 1 drop:
Andy - 40
Chad - 36
Tannie - 36
Woodie - 28
Kevin - 28
Stan - 15
Matthew - 15
Steven - 13
Chris - 11

Once you factor in the drop its pretty amazing the top 5 is within 6 points of each other. Weve got us a very tight battle for second with 3 of us within 2 points :eek: Itll be cool to see how this plays out over the next few weeks. I hope I can make to the rest of the races thats for sure, lol.

In Sportsman its even closer! With the drop figured in, Andy is off to a 4 point lead (but he is going to miss this saturday :o), with Tannie and Chad tied for the second spot :eek: Take one step down, and youve got Kevin and Woodie tied up for the fourth spot! Those guys are on the bubble for the money, so look out for them to step it up in the coming weeks to try and move into the money spots :D I dont think weve seen the last of Matthew either, I heard he had some techinical difficulties at the start of the last race, and still mae a strong run. He will be in the hunt before this thing is over, Im sure of it :D

2009.02.12, 02:45 PM
yes the racing was great fun now if I can just hold on to the end!!!!

2009.02.12, 02:49 PM
Haha, Chad has a victory under his belt at 843, so hes got te tie braker on you too! You either need to get yourself a victory, or atleast have a point advantage on him by the 28th :D

2009.02.13, 10:53 AM
I got the videos uploaded to youtube. Here are the links. There was some great racing going on in those A-mains! I wish I could have been more a part of it :( I missed the Sport B, and most of the Pro B, sorry guys. Atleast I remembered them before the As were over.

Sportsman A-Main

Pro B-Main

Pro A-Main


2009.02.13, 01:36 PM
dude, is that a helicopter filming the race:D. got some over head coverage.is that the camera making the noise? i thought that was my speaker:confused:. that was a cool race. thanks for the love tap at the beginning. i did'nt even get a sorry:eek:.LOL. i'll just keep that locked up inside for later.:p.:) later man,cya tomorrow.good job

2009.02.13, 02:25 PM
No apologies. I even tried to blame you, lol. Somehow I put the little fake clear DVD in the camera with the real one, so it was in ther grinding away :eek1: Atleast the picture came through clear, allthough I wish there wasnt proof I spun you, lol.

See you tommorrow homie. I need a good run if I want to stay in the championship hunt. :D

2009.02.13, 08:23 PM
man I was up front to long to have let Andy get by and I sure get confused as to what car is Andy and which one is Chad when they are stuck to my back bumper!!!! that sportsman A main was so much fun 2EZ will be looking for a win Sat on the 843 track.

2009.02.13, 08:25 PM
Haha, Chad has a victory under his belt at 843, so hes got te tie braker on you too! You either need to get yourself a victory, or atleast have a point advantage on him by the 28th :D

What I need is several victorys I don't think either of us is willing to settle for a TIE!!!!:D

2009.02.13, 08:27 PM
gonna have my A game face on tomorrow:rolleyes:.ya watever:D. it's gonna be some close racing:).cya

2009.02.13, 08:28 PM
i'll bring the mod motor;). just in case:D.

2009.02.16, 04:13 PM
That was a great race day this saturday! Unfortunately, there were some malfunctions with the CPU and we had to run the mains manually. This means the files werent available in the regular format and Ed didnt get them. I neglected to grab the sheets, and 843 isnt open on mondays :( Ill stop by there tommorrow and get everything posted up. I will say, I went through my master score sheet, and there has been an error in Kevins score. He has actually scored one more point than has been posted. In race two, he was originally scored with 11 points (same as Chris), but by the results, he should have been scored 12. Things will all be cleared up when I get the sheets tommorrow and post everything.

Hopefully, the videos will pop up in the next day or so!

2009.02.17, 01:08 PM
Race 4 Run-down:
This was another great race weekend! Eric brought the Hanna boys out to run the sportsman class and mix things up a bit :D Collin was smooth all day, ended up TQ, and cruised to the win in the A-main. He ended up almost two laps ahead of second place Matthew, who got tied up early. Matthew ran a consistant, fast race to get back up to second after his mishaps. Woodie came through with a great qualifying run to get into the A-main. He then put down a career race and pulled off a third place finish. He had a couple of bad laps, but for the most part he fought Matthew for the second position the whole race, holding it for quite a few laps. Chad followed Woodie in fourth place. He didnt have as clean of a race as he was looking for. It seemed the new body threw him off kilter a bit and he spent a better part of the day chasing handling. Kevin rounded out the top 5 with a solid run. Despite having an off-oace lap towards the end, he managed to sneak by Tannie and take over the 5th spot right at the end. It was worth a point in the standings, so its a big move. Both of those racers are in close battles in the LMPS, so that position was important to both of them. Tannie finished the race only 3 seconds behind Kevin in the final A-main spot.

Griffin was the only racer there at the end that didnt get to run in the A. He had good runs in qualifying (pole for the B :D), but couldnt get it together in the B-main. Kevin and Tannie stole the bump-up spots from him. Stan left early and didnt get to run the main, but since he qualifed for the B, he grabs the last 11 points to be handed out for the day.

The Pro class was just as exciting. We had a visitor Matt (VAzRACER) from VA, who put down a win in LM class last time he visited. Also, Eric (kromie101) was out to run for the day, and hes been known to put down wins as well! It was a very tough day qualifying, and Matt ended up starting in the B-main with KB (one of the season leaders and usual front runners), Ed (the overall points leader) and Monty, so you know the competition was tough! KB ended up winning the B, with Matt in second, so they got to bump up. Ed followed closely, and ended up finishing just 8 seconds out of 2nd, with Monty right behind (2.6 seconds) in fourth.

Matt started out 6th on the grid, with KB in 5th. Both of those guys were coming off of the intense B-main race, and both of them were focused and determined to get to the front. bobby was on pole and had been running about half secind faster laps than any one else all day. I knew if he cleaned it u pa little and stayed out of trouble we were all in trouble! I wanted to stay close but bobbled and gave a position to Eric, Bobby built a lead from us in the early parts of the lap then parked it and had to let the field pass. He and Matt were in the back of the pack, but oth of them had fast cars. They pushed KB to the front while moving through the traffic themselves. Bobby and Matt had the fastest cars by far, but my consistancy and clean air gave me the advantage I needed to stay out front (after Eric parked it and let my by on lap 2). It was obvious at about 4 minutes in I wasnt going to cruise to the lead, KB was steadily gaining on me, and I could hear Matt and Bobby constantly trading fast laps. As I was coming around to lap Eric and Shane I made a few small mistakes running off-line, then finally I planted it in the wall. I didnt loose my spot, but KB was then only a turn away from me. I could feel the pressure building on me, and could see the deperation in his driving with Bobby triling him and applying pressure. I was driving as fast and as clean as I could, but he was driving tighter and faster than I was. He was staeadily gaining and I was getting nervous. I was still onyly a few tiles ahead of him when I planted it in the wall coming into the chicane. Luckily as I glanced back, I saw him on the wall too. We pulled off together with Bobby and Matt now right behind us. Bobby really wanted to make a move, and was coming fast. I didnt see what happend but a few moments later he was gone, and Matt was right on KBs bumper. With them racing I gained a little space and tried to calm myself. After Matt got by KB he drive right up behind me like I wasnt even hitting the throttle. I held him off the best I could, and luckily he made a mistake trying to overtake me. It was a small mistake and few turns later he was right back on me. I knew there wasnt much time left, and I was defending as hard as I could. For the last part of the last lap, Matt was right on my bumper, trying to get inside on every turn. I held him off nervous there was going to be another lap. Luckily, I heard the announcer call "done" for a ocuple of people, and I knew, I only had to hold him for another ocuple of turns. In hte last series of hairpins I tried to stay as tight as I could to keep him behind me. Me made a nice inside out move on me, and had the position to overtake me on the inside of the final turn! I kept it as tight as I could, and luckily Matt glanced off of the inside apex. UIt wasnt enough to spin him, but it slowed him just enough not to be able to get by! I took the win by .655 seconds! KB took third less than 3secinds ahead of Bobby, and Shane followed him less than 2 seconds ahead of Eric!

It was a great day and has made for some interesting standings! Things are heated up, and we are now half way through the season points series! Keep an eye on those top three spots for each group. Those are the paying positions!

Here are the standings in spreadsheet form:



2009.02.18, 10:25 AM

Good report. (you like me need spell check)
The close racing is lot's of fun, this has turned into a great series for both groups!
Mat glad you got to come down and race look forward to seeing ya at the Beach again soon!!

2009.02.18, 10:54 PM
I dont have time to write a report, but man, what a night of racing!!

Here are the resuts the best I can get them for now. I dont have time to print and scan in everything.

Here are the standings, just copy and pasted from the spreadsheet.

Pro Class Standings, total points:

Ed 79
Bobby 77
Landon 75
Shane 74
KB 72
Monty 36
Eric 29
Matt W. 18

Pro Class Standings, wtih Drops:

Landon 60
KB 56
Ed 52
Bobby 49
Shane 47
Monty 36
Eric 29
Matt W. 18

Sportsman Class Standings, total points:

Tannie 85
Chad 81
Woodie 76
Kevin 69
Andy 58
Matthew 33
Steven 29
Stan 26
Collin 20
Windell 13
Griffin 12
Chris 11

Sportsman Class Standings, points with drops

Andy 58
Tannie 56
Chad 52
Woodie 49
Kevin 43
Matthew 33
Steven 29
Stan 26
Collin 20
Windell 13
Griffin 12
Chris 11

Ed Roberts
2009.02.19, 11:08 AM
Results from Round 5 of the February 2009 LeMans Point Series.


2009.02.20, 10:04 AM
Thanks for posting the results Ed! Ill get the videos and the full spreadsheet posted up on monday. If you grab the ones from saturday, and get them up, Ill add them in.

Did any one post last weekends videos up to youtube?

Ed Roberts
2009.02.21, 06:02 PM
Results from Round 6 (2-21-09) of the February 2009 LeMans Point Series.


Some great racing today.

Landon will have the point standings up Monday.

Thanks everyone,

2009.02.23, 08:42 AM
It is monday Landon!!!!

2009.02.23, 10:01 PM
you know your in the lead 2ez. quit rubbing it in.

2009.02.24, 07:42 AM

You are right, Tannie is in first, and Woodie has moved into second with his first win of his short career!!! Youve got your work cut out for you over the last two races of the series!!

I slacked last night nd didnt get the spreadsheets scanned in. Ill get them up today I promise. In the mean time Ill get the official standings pasted in, so those are available atleast.

2009.02.24, 02:10 PM
Looking forward to tommorrow guys!! Here is the layout for tommorrow and the current standings!



The track (sorry about the crappy celll phone pics)




2009.02.25, 11:24 AM
man thats going to be a turn marshal nightmare. but it does look good. is your dad back in town?

2009.02.25, 12:34 PM
Good thing weve got our sticks, lol.

My dad is back, and ready to race!

2009.02.27, 01:09 PM
Wasn't to bad for the marshal's maybe we are finaly getting better!! Wasen't true in the Pro Class when the two leaders fliped on the hair pin at the bottom of the hill!! (Landon and KB) Landon where are the latest standings???

2009.02.27, 03:44 PM
Sorry Ive been out of it today. Im not feeling to well. Ive got them uploaded into the spreadsheet, but have to start getting ready to head over tothe parent house for dinner. My G'parents are in town, and weve got to share the baby :D

Im about to log off, and get back on with Sarahs computer, so I can atleast copy and paste them up. In the mean time, here are the videos from the last two weeks :D

2/18 Sport B-main (partial)

2/18 Sport A-Main

2/18 Pro B-main

2/18 Pro A-Main

2/25 Sport A-main

2/25 Pro A-Main

Enjoy, and stay tuned for the standings!

2009.02.27, 03:57 PM
Im just going to post the standings with drops, as this is really the current standings. Ill have the print outs with me at the race tommorrow, so you can figure out where you stand with your particualr drops. We will be figuring the finals standings and handing out the prizes right after the final main :D

Sportsman Standing
Tannie 88
Chad 86
Woodie 84
Andy 78
Kevin 70
Steven 58
Matthew 51
Stan 26
Collin 20
Windell 13
Griffin 12
Chris 11

Pro Standings
KB 96
Landon 93
Ed 84
Bobby 81
Shane 77
Monty 49
Eric 43
Matt 18