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2009.02.05, 01:44 PM
Let's see those classy chassis!

As Speed himself would say "The Fabulous Mach 5! One of the most advanced designed and fastest racing cars in the world!"


Only mods viewable from the exterior are the atomic tires and aluminum wheel nuts. They look better than the black plastic ones it came with


You may be able to see the Speedy 07 Motor. It's not got the punch of the GoV-12, but it gets it moving. Who says tail fins are dated?


Underneath you can see the new motor mount, motor, and differential more clearly. You can also get a good look at the tires, which I love. Those are 30 degree atomic grooved slick tires. I chose them mostly for their looks. They were the "Mach Five-iest" tires I could find, but as it turns out, they actually handle quite well.


Here's the Mach 5 Mini-Z along side a Mach 5 toy from Hot Wheels, based on the recent movie release. The two are very similar in size, and I'm thinking about making a body of it, that way I can have a Mach 5 to bash the crap out of without feeling bad about ruining a rare collectible body. Most people don't notice how much the new Mach 5 differs from the classic. I like the older version myself. Way more pointy. Which do you prefer?

So that's my new, and first, Mini-Z. I've ordered some more parts, including a side shock set for the rear, and a light kit, for those dangerous night races. I'll take more pictures when I get them installed.

2009.02.08, 08:44 PM
i would get some extra servo gears...
or probably switch to a mr015 chassis (because of the servo saver)...
great pics... :D