View Full Version : My 2.4 MR-02 Mini-Z won't slow down

2009.02.05, 02:10 PM
simple, my mr02 rolls way more than my am ever did, do you guys know why it does this? i put all the brake i can with the helios before reverse doesnt work, 16 Brake(or reverse, whatever it says) i think. i won't be satisfied driving this car until i can fix this and my contempt for kyosho grows. thanks for any help

it feels like im waiting years to get the thing back on the racing line, it creates the effect of oversteer or no intitial turn in and if i compensate by slowing down sooner, my lap times go up either way. I'm trying to get used to the brake but no one else needs to use it like i would have to and some not at all and i know i shouldnt have to, there's no reason the car needs to roll like it does

2009.02.05, 03:13 PM
in your sub trim decrease the throttle trim to a lower #. I actually like mine to move forward as it helps keep up the corner speed when letting off throttle.

2009.02.05, 03:37 PM
in your sub trim decrease the throttle trim to a lower #. I actually like mine to move forward as it helps keep up the corner speed when letting off throttle.

i already did that, its on 16 B, i cant go back anymore or reverse doesn't work. my car rolls way to much, i need more brake for sure, people pass me like im standing still because im waiting for my car to turn after i release the throttle or tap it. my car setup if fine too. its not me because my am car was fine, i can't put brake into this thing no matter what i do. i can see that it rolls too easy, its just obvious and rediculous that i cant fix it with a 2.4 car and a helios. it drives me nuts that i hate my $500+ dollar radio/2.4 Z car when im as happy as a clam driving my awd am zmod, stupid.

MINIz guy11
2009.02.05, 04:08 PM
I'm an Airtronics M8 owner and a AM car user, so I'm not sure if this is exactly the fix. I will still try and help, using my knowledge, though.

Sub trim does nothing with the braking force, is what I know from my M8. It just keeps the throttle at a neutral setting, for the car to not move when at idle. It would also be for quicker response as there will be less throw until the real actuation.

I have always used throttle EPA for braking force. A higher end point will allow for more travel on both the brake and the reverse of the car, which is what you should be striving for. To adjust this, I would assume you go to your throttle EPA menu and set to a higher reverse EPA. You may need to push the trigger into reverse to get to that menu, as with my M8.

2009.02.05, 04:12 PM
USB ICS connector -> Virtual Inertia -> OFF. Thats about it. Virtual Inertia ramps the throttle down after the trigger is released. If you disable it, as soon as you release throttle, there is instant drag brake.

Controller settings wont really help. I had one car that had this pretty bad, a local adjusted it at the track, and now its perfect. Before I would have to tap brake slightly to get it to drag brake in the corner. Now I drive it just like I would an AM, only more precise. I dont know why different cars handle differently from the factory, I personally dont like the Virtual Inertia.

2009.02.05, 04:19 PM
okay, so why would my car have virtual inertia on from the factory, i find that difficult to believe

2009.02.05, 06:42 PM
It comes on as a default. There are I think 6 different settings for VI. Some feel more than others out of the box. I have 8 2.4ghz cars, and they are all slightly different. One was a lot stronger than all of the rest, alomost undriveable for me without making the adjustment.

2009.02.05, 06:48 PM
sounds like my piece, thanks, looks like i need to buy that ics, or get someone else to. from the kt18 trash to this its been a real headache, i just hope i can forget it once its over with. basically every mr02 race since i got 2.4 has been a wreck, nothing but frustration, good thing i was having fun beating ma010s with my zmod in the open class, haha, i probably would have stopped racing all together without that to look forward to, actually i know i would have. this has made me so angry ill boycott kyosho wherever i can, can only avoid them so much, theyve brought me steps closer to getting out of the hobby

it's so bad that ive been already gathering parts to make another xmod with a Z board to run in 2wd class, lol

i have a couple weeks left of warrantee so i may just return the whole kit

2009.02.12, 05:03 PM
oh glorious day, i have some brakes!!! oh suuun shining....

yes well got my ics today and the inertia setting was on 3 and i switched it to off so i finally have some brakes(without using the brakes, because thats slow). Inertia could be the most retarted thing ever to put on a stock car but whatever, its so nice of kyosho to make a 80 dollar connector that i have to buy after the fact, thank you kyosho! i love you so much...(bitter sarcasm)

alright so it is kinda cool that i can mess with settings, im a little bitter about the "lost" races(the jumping up and down and yelling at my car and throwing it on my work area) since i drive an hour there and back.

anyway if your car dont stop, you need the ics

2009.02.12, 06:07 PM
Glad to hear that your issue is resolved. I too wish that it was disabled from the factory, and should be an option you can add... not have to remove.