View Full Version : Feb. 21st race

2009.02.05, 08:42 PM
How does everyone feel about a race at awesome rc on the 21st?

2009.02.15, 08:20 PM
Anyone else planning on making it down for this one?

2009.02.16, 11:35 PM
I'll be there for sure, what classes are we gonna run. I need some tuning time on my new mod set up, even though that track will be a bit on the small size for a fast car.:p

2009.02.17, 01:02 AM
I was aiming for sunday since thats the point series day and my friend can make it, but if all of you guys will go sat I'll try to do that instead. My only issue is that I have an appointment at 2-230 ish, thus can only get down to awesome around 330-4 and thats half the day gone.

2009.02.17, 03:06 PM
I should be able to make it, I'm interested in knowing what classes we're planning on having as well..

2009.02.17, 08:43 PM
i won't be able to make it unfortunately.

i also need to make arrangements for someone to pick up the core loop for the 28th. igor is not far from me.

2009.02.18, 09:21 PM
In all honesty it doesn't matter 2 me what we race. I think I'll hold off 4 the short wheelbase race 4 a later time when more people can get involved.

2009.02.18, 09:23 PM
i also need to make arrangements for someone to pick up the core loop for the 28th. igor is not far from me.

Yea, I could grab it since I'll 100% be there for S7R2 on 28th.

2009.02.19, 09:56 PM
As arch indicated in the HFAY thread, I've got the Core loop (thanks Arch). I should be down relatively early on Saturday, and I'll definitely get some testing in with Core and Flip Side on whatever laptop(s) I bring. I want to spend a bit of time running the Flip Side software and generic transponders on Saturday, but aside from that I say we run whatever we have enough of to create a race (a couple of stock races, couple of mods, F1, etc.).

2009.02.22, 12:27 PM
so how did racing go yesterday? what did i miss?

2009.02.22, 01:42 PM
You didn't miss too much, it was essentially a day of practice and tuning, and I obviously need more of both. :D I couldn't get the latest release of flipside to scan tags on the laptop I brought, but the previous version (which I had already tested) worked great. This was pretty important, because the core software was missing one out of every three laps or so down there. I'll probably be installing XP on that laptop and testing again (since I couldn't get the voice working correctly on it in Win2K, and I've been meaning to upgrade it anyway). I have some transponders on the way from mouser to replace the ones I lost, and I'm hoping one of those sets is actually what core was providing with their system. They cost slightly more because they are no longer in production, but they are the oldest tags of this type, with no factory memory locks.

2009.02.22, 05:20 PM
Today it was empty at Awesome, but I met a new guys who might come to Hfay R2 via my invite. Wish I could've gone last night to get everyone's help tuning my Evo 7. My 86 is in peak shape, so watch out next sat ;)