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2009.02.06, 01:30 PM
can anyone give me the turns or a link to information for:

x speed, speedyAD,stock r

2009.02.06, 01:51 PM
x speed is a 52 or 55, speedy ad is a 38 turn and a stock R is a 45 turn. You can't compare atomic v. PN motors of the older generation cans because the atomic motors have a shorter stack, therefore, more winds use the same amount of wire as a PN and Kyosho armature with lower winds. Air gap also matters, type of magnets, brush type, etc. I know what you are thinking Marcus... :) Just stick to a stock R for AWD mod at our track and at bigger tracks use an atomic AD Stock or T2... :P

2009.02.06, 04:39 PM
you cant read my mind PUNK!! my thinking is that i dont want to have as much power as the stock R because my consistency will suffer! so i wanted something a little mild with some high RPM's. i have to run AWD mod at the race since there is no AWD stock. im gonna test a few motors 2morrow. what i really want is something that has a high end power band so basically it only goes ballistic on the straights!!! the speedy AD is close but has no brake drag

2009.02.06, 05:36 PM
Maybe you can try one of my old Xerics they have good power and good drag brake, but not as hard core torquey as the stock R

2009.02.06, 05:52 PM
bring one 2morrow, i just frankensteined one and it sounds good so far!!!