View Full Version : EAs F12001 for the PS2

2002.06.11, 05:34 PM
anyone else own this game? great graphics and sense of speed.
F2002 is coming out soon. i just hope they ad telemetry.

2002.06.11, 05:40 PM

Call me an elitist. I don't do consoles.
I've too much money invested in high-end PC's with decent graphics cards (GeForce-4).
The PC is king when it comes to gaming, espcialy network gaming like Q3 Arena, Unreal Tourney and TOCA-2 (Touring Cars)

2002.06.11, 08:13 PM
F12001 is a great game. Just when I have some time to sit down and play PS2, my dad breaks a button on my $10 steering wheel. Oh well, I guess you get what you pay for. I love the game but sometimes, I think it's a little too fast, if that's possible. That triple-apexed corner at Sepang is terrible. And is it just me, or do the drivers have, like, infinite tear-offs? And is it just me, or is there someone that always blows the engine on the first lap?

2002.06.13, 07:53 AM
i know what you mean rick. lap times during qualifying and/or practice are much faster than reality. the proper set up is the key to making corners regardless of how they're presented.

F12002 by the way just came out but i'm going to wait for GP4 when it gets ported over. i suspect this game might be more realistic than EAs versions. i miss not having telemetry and saveable pit data

as for the buttons on your steering wheel, that's a bummer. if it's any of the shifter buttons, that might be ok since the F1 cars are automatic now anyway.

2002.06.13, 09:02 AM
I have found Microprose GP 1,2 and 3 have been always very realistic and the best F1 of there respective times.

Am sure GP4 will conitinue the Legacy well.