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2009.02.09, 02:55 PM
Wildwood Community Centre
Winchester Court
ST17 4RA

From 1300hrs until 2200hrs

8.00/ racer (including hot dogs &/or burgers) ..... newcomers free. Non competitors can buy dogs or burgers @ 1 each.

Racing F1 & MiniZ/Iwaver/Xmods.

HFAY Season 7 races 3 & 4 (Stock & F1) in the afternoon, Large track in the evening for club championship.Also we will run a 10 minute "in the dark" race for those with light kits fitted. Could also be a "dodge the ball bearing" event for those racers with a spare battered autoscale they don't care about any more.:eek:

You can still bring your own food & drink. Kitchen facilities available. Georgie Forman will be in attendance as normal. A supermarket is located next door (Sunday opening hours).

2009.02.09, 03:07 PM
Dodge the ball bearing?! What, lol!!

What is it?

It sounds bad ass. I'm in for sure! :D

2009.02.09, 05:09 PM
Dodge the ball bearing?! What, lol!!

What is it?

Search the forum threads for......M41A3 BB's ;)

2009.02.09, 05:22 PM
Haha! :D Like the sound still...

2009.02.09, 07:10 PM
Wooo hoo, i can come! I'm allowed out...lol, i'm coming!
My god it feels like ages since i've used the Z's, ... oh... hang on...it is!...lmao!
Hey Tom, did you get those tyres for me, back in ...like... November? lol
Not even sure i remember what they were, was it 3 sets of atomics or something?

2009.02.10, 05:04 AM
They were Kyosho 20's mon and I never got 'em sorry. EGR mart had ran out of rears, so I never bothered getting any, to keep things simple. The shop was then put under construction and has been for a fair bit now... :(

2009.02.10, 10:11 AM
I should be there, Sam will either be home or still in hospital. Might not be able to use ball bearings. If you don't dodge them, or end up driving over them, they may end up getting in the motor cans and buggering them up, but, there has to be something else we can use. What about the silver sweets that are called ball bearings?

2009.02.10, 10:47 AM
Or we could forget the tank altogether and just use house bricks haha! :D

Who's game? :rolleyes:

2009.02.10, 02:32 PM
The BB's the tank fires are 6mm plastic balls, and not a chance they could get in the workings of a car, maybe get under the shell, but thats about it, and i wouldn't have thought it would do much damage to be fair.
If it cought a wing mirror it may knock it off, and *maybe* if it hit square on the window it might crack it. But again i wouldn't have thought so. Its getting run over you wanna worry about, it weighs 9 lb and has metal tracks, i reckon it could do some serious damage...lol

2009.02.10, 04:36 PM
sorry, was being a bit dense there, didn't realise the two posts we're being cross-linked and we we're going to have to dodge round obstacle balls. I was just thinking that ball bearings would be small enough to get in the motor cans, or elsewhere to them being magnetic and the motor being big (or small in mini-z's) magnets.

2009.02.13, 03:35 PM
I'm still racing next week, but I might be a little late as I might be racing twice. Dudley have round 4 of their winter series so I'll be running the blaze.

Should be at club round about 4 or 5

2009.02.15, 08:58 AM
Anything to avoid setting up the track, aye, Sarah. :rolleyes:

2009.02.15, 12:03 PM
ah ya got me! I will be pulling double duty though next sunday which makes a very long day. If I get the Blaze to handle right and with enough speed, then maybe trophy time, wooden spoon last time :(

2009.02.15, 05:29 PM
Well, good luck!

2009.02.16, 06:29 PM
yeah good luck with it Sarah, bring the trophy to show us if ya win it ;)

2009.02.21, 06:40 PM
Sorry lads, your not gonna believe this, i think fate is against me at the moment :(
We've been looking after some furnature for my sister in law for a couple of years, waiting for her to get a house to have them back off us, well she's been in her new house about a year now and has decided she wants them.... tomorrow. :mad:
She's already arranged for a friend with a van to come and get them tomorrow and as such has cornered us in to sorting it tomorrow.
Might be able to make it later on, but i'm not hopeful, as once we have emptied them and got them downstairs, we've then got to try and find somewhere to put all the stuff from inside them (a tallboy and a dressing table).
I think i may aswell give up on HFAY this season, i'm already at the bottom and losing points fast.
Sorry to let you down (again) lads, carry on like this and i might as well give up trying :mad::mad::mad:

2009.02.23, 05:16 AM
I had a really good day yesterday! That new timing system is bloody brill!!

When I get back from uni later, I'll do more to the site and snazz up that timing system, Bri, but for now, I've updated the SMZR CC results:

Heat 2:


Interesting turn of events, with Sarah taking second place in the overall standings, pushing Brian down to third! However, Matts come shooting up from the bottom with his second and third place finishes to sit in fourth position!

Great racing yesterday peeps. Good food too, thanks Dad. :)

2009.02.24, 08:27 AM

I stll can't believe my f1 went better on three wheels, but like I said on Sunday it is David Coulthards car,, so it's kind of amazing it got past the first corner. Can't remember who said it, but they mentioned that when the Beeb start showing F1 again, because David is one of the commentators, the cars will get to the first corner, then everyone's tv's will explode.

I'm also gonna start calling Tom, Tina, 'cos everytime he passed me he hit me! grrr!

2009.02.24, 10:25 AM
You cheeky sod! I didn't have that issue with anyone else. Perhaps that says something about you too, Tina... :p

I only thought it would take me an hour to update the site, but it actually took me four lol.

27 new piccies:


Completely re-vamped members page and profiles:
- Added the past members and changed the images. Also added Matt and Sarah. Still awaiting more info for your profiles. I also need Rich and Neils Birthdays so that their profiles can generate their age.


Frequencies updated:


About Us Updated Significantly:


And updated the CC page, mentioning the 1 a month fee.


2009.02.24, 04:01 PM
Well I'd put it down to you getting nervous about me coming for your championship lol

You did lap me a lot, but that just means I need to work on the car so I'll be the one lapping you :p

2009.02.24, 04:12 PM
Actually, just browsing the website, now I understand



2009.02.26, 01:20 PM
think we will have to get a ref for when you 2 are racing:D like they say rubbing is racing:)

2009.02.26, 01:48 PM
I'm just used to a different kind of racing is all, but like I said in a previous post, I just have to be faster than Tom then lap him, just as long as I don't have to buy a new bodyshell every month.

2009.02.26, 02:53 PM
thats the advantge of lexan shells tend to give abit bung abit of superglue or epoxy on it and use it as a learning body:) must admit i caught you a couple of times:o so toms not just to blame

2009.02.26, 03:09 PM
most my other cars use lexan shells, and they will bend but only so far. the number 1 reason for replacing lexan bodyshells is the wheelarches folding in on themselves, mainly at the front.

2009.02.26, 05:55 PM
think we will have to get a ref for when you 2 are racing:D like they say rubbing is racing:)
Andddd... "Press on, regardless...".