View Full Version : Help with my new pcb board!!

2009.02.09, 11:17 PM
I bought a new RVP project pcb board and when i hook it up to my car the servo motor runs and will not stop! I tried the trim on the radio and i tried changing out my crystals but nothing works! I also checked to see if any wires are touching and they are not! Does anybody have any tips on what i can do to fix the problem?:(

2009.02.10, 04:37 AM
sounds like the pot is not being centred by the gear that drives it.
did you take the gears out too?
you may of lost a small brass washer that goes between the two smaller gears

2009.02.10, 06:05 AM
I had this happen recently when i installed a new awd in my f1
I had swapped the orange and green servo wires on the board.