View Full Version : Melbourne, Australia Mini-z Fans??

2002.06.11, 07:50 PM
Hey, I'm from Melbourne, and I wanna find out if there are any more Mini-z owners out here?!! Maybe we can get together and race!!

Also, here's a good tip, if ur wanting to buy a Mini-z, go to The Hobby Place next to melb central, cause they're selling for $250.

*well, I would buy my Mini-z from Mini-zracer.com online shop, but I don't have a credit card. :C so if u have to pay cash, i have to go local.

2002.06.12, 02:57 AM
heya.. i'm not from melbourne, but i am from australia.. i live in perth, and i only know personally 1 person who has a mini-z (a friend/boss).. and another i chat to a fair bit at my lhs. they've sold plenty of readysets, but finding their owners and racing them is the hard thing :P

2002.06.12, 07:12 AM
damn, ah well.

Anyways, I just got a Red S2000! It's sweet!! If I had known they were this cool (which I did) I would have got one sooner! (but I didnt, cause Im poor :P ) hehehe..

I'm workin on a custom white Integra Type R, and Im workin on puttin some blue front headlights in, and a soft neon blue underglow underneath the chassis!

MINI-Z ROCK!!! ^_^

(I wanted a silver S2000, but they ran out, only had one red one left, but thats ok, got it for $250!!!)

2002.06.12, 08:00 AM
lol.. so you wanna be a wedginator eh? .. his silver s2000 has been thru hell and back lol :D

when i got my mz i didnt know what to get, i liked a lot of them (altho mainly the yellow porsche gt3 and the warsteiner clk).. i couldnt get any of them the day i went to buy one, but luckily my lhs had one remaining readyset of the black imprezza. seeing as the black imprezza is (was?) only offered as a limited edition in the 1:1 car, i saw the chance to own one in 1:28 scale :P


i've been playing round with some 'super bright white neon' LEDs and when they are underpowered they give out a really nice blue glow.. you might wanna investigate this option before getting blue tinted LEDs coz if you're not happy power em up fully and you've got yourself a set of super whites =)

2002.06.12, 08:37 AM
Dude, that is an AWESOME TIP!!!

seeing as hyper brites cost like half the hi-blu's do, being able to change them to differ the color would be awesome!

I think I will setup a pair of bright whites, and hook them up to a POT, so I can differ how bright I want them, depending on a small blue tint for day driving, or super white for nite driving!

heheh, yeah man, after seeing wedge's site, I wanted a silver S2000 bad!! (still kinda do) but I'd prefer my white type R... hehe..

Picking up the 1/24 (I think its Tamiya) Integra Type R kit tomorrow. It costs Aus$33 and I will go to **** Smith's to pickup my components too.

When I was in high school, my electronics teacher was really cool, he was mostly into mini rc's himself, and he showed us all these things on how to make custom RCs. Our end of year project was to make our own Mini RC, and he even taught us how to Vaccuum Plastic form our own bodies which we carved out of wood!

So hopefully I can put that basic LED knowledge to good use, and do something as good as Wedge's!

Man, I'm so glad I woke up real early this morning! When I called the lhs at 10am, he had like 7 MZ for sale, and when I went there he only had my S2000 left. (which I put on hold)

I can't wait to race another Mini-z tho, driving has been cool, but I think something is wrong with my MZ.

It drives perfectly fine, but when my Mini-z is about 10 feet away from my controller, it goes crazy and starts driving itself and smashing into walls and stuff. Maybe its call I have interference here? I dunno...

Anyways, Ill try and get some pics up of my custom jobs later!

2002.06.12, 08:39 AM
oh yeah, and a Black Impreza??!! o.O THAT's AWESOME!!!

And here I didn't even know u could get it in Black!!! (I would have if I could)

Black Impreza with blue tint headlights and an Underglow of white or blue would be a style god! lol

2002.06.14, 05:24 PM

There's a new indoor Mini-z track opening up in Melbourne!

It's at N2C (An Internet/Lan Gaming/Anime Cafe) centre.

It's indoors, and upstairs, just off Russell St, It's on Little Russell, near the little arcade.

I was there yesterday, gonna take my s2000 and give her a rip today!

Finally melbourne got a track!

(The guys who sold me my mini-z were there) and they're gonna sponsor the prizes and stuff for this track...

wh00t. Go Hobby place! lol

2002.06.14, 11:25 PM
sounds good... now get some pics and post em :P~

2002.06.19, 09:06 AM
Hey I'm from Sydney but go to Melbourne quite regularly.

Any more info on the Melbourne track? What days/ nights etc do they race? I will be there in a few weeks and wouldn't mind checking it out.


2002.06.19, 02:06 PM
info about the melbourne N2C track:

well, I don't think this track could really be compared to any Sydney track, Sydney have a MUCH larger Mini-Z following, and I've heard they have many tracks up in Sydney? Well, more than one atleast.

This is the only melbourne track I know of, and they're only just starting, but it's still heaps of fun. currently it only looks like the road surface and foam walls to make a track, but soon they will be doing more fancy stuff on the track to make it look better.

Most likely only Friday/Saturday nights, because there's not that many Mini-Zer's down here. But they're starting up some kind of Midnight Club, where you can only enter if your car has LED kits installed, they turn out all the centres light, and race in the dark. That's gonna be heaps of fun.

And if you get bored of racing (pfff yeah right) or your batteries die out, you can go play CS, Watch Anime DVD's or Read Magazines / Manga's or just sit on the couches and chill out while drinking hot chocolate. It's a really nice atmosphere, and it's all on the one price. It's run like a CS cafe so you pay like an hourly rate, it's $3 an hour for Members, and $3.50 for casual non-members. You pay a one price, and you can do whatever you want to do. I'm a non-member, but I make use of their specials.

If you go Friday or Saturday night, you can pay $15 for a night pass, and you can play from like 10pm to about 8 am (when they close up to reopen o.O)

It's $20 for a day pass, and you can play as much as you want all day until 10 pm.

Normally, we go out clubbing or parties in the early time of the night, then, you can go hang out (or if you've got nowhere else to go) you can go to N2C and pay for a nite pass. It's a really cool idea. hehehe

So if anyones coming down from sydney for the weekend, and you don't wanna go to a hotel, just come to N2C and race all nite! LOL

When I get my membership (it costs $5 for one) I'm gonna be at N2C every friday and saturday most likely. I'm trialing for the Inhouse N2C Counterstrike Clan (most of the members are my close friends) and if I can get in to the clan, I can play at N2C, as much as I want without paying anything. (because I would then be the House Clan and they sponsor their house clan.)

Tomorrow, I'm going to Jaycar electronics (the BEST electronics shop in Australia for LED's.) and getting 2x white, 2xblue, 2xred to install in my mini-z. I'm gonna use 2 x Blue to put put an underglow below the chassis. (Like in Fast n Furious civics)

Can't wait to try it out, but as soon as I'm done, I must go start hanging out at N2C more to see what is going on with the Mini-Z community there.

I'll let you guys know what is happening there...

2002.06.21, 03:36 AM
cool , thanx for the info. Sounds pretty cool.

There really aren't many tracks in Sydney at all , if any. Luchiano and I went to where a few people gather to race in a carpark on Friday nights but no one was there ! :-)
There are a few people talking about it but nothing has really got off the ground yet. Hopefully sometime soon.

When I'm in melb I'll call into that place to check it out just for fun. I prob wont be there on a Friday or Saturday though unfortunatly.


2002.07.16, 07:17 PM
does anyone know of mini z clubs or tracks or even a good surface to race on in sydney? im trying to stimulate interest as it seems ppl are buying them like crazy but not racing them, and we all know thats where the fun is!

2002.07.26, 09:11 AM
Hey Teek

What is the address of N2C?

I work in the city, so should be able to run my mz during the lunch hour - cool :D