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2009.02.10, 11:05 AM
I know everyone is into the RCP track because of their great grip and specially modularity, easy transport, storage and such.

I feel however that a track system such a RCP while very convinitent seem to constrain, or dictate the flow of the track; shape and form (yes I am an architect/designer).

My question is: why is it that in europe, clubs are more inclined to build tracks from scratch such as Vitora and La Factoria in spain, as well as other tracks such as the 2008 Atomic cup. - Could it be a cost factor? or is it that they have realized the above mentioned point in regards to RCP.

I myself have been designing a track layout, Im exploring modulatiry, expandablity and entertaining the idead of it being something like the ATM WC (08) in terms of materials (carpet or some painted surface)

As a result, I have some questions pending: What would be a good lane width, considering there could be 4 (mini-z) cars on the track, or 4 (Dnanos).
Currently my drawings show 22" clear beween barriers, and a 18'-0" main straight.

What type of motors could I run with and 18' straight and a tight inflied ect?
insight welcome =)

2009.02.10, 12:45 PM
Thats why I invested in 2x2x0.5 gym foam tiles. Cheap, not in $200 packs, cut/shape however since there's no stress in killing a few and replacing a few. My only question is whether or not I can, sand/etc, the non-foam surface to level it and emulate RCP better.

My personal plans for this direction are either various width areas or just a togue-like, 2-3 car widths track to race and drift on. When I get time and some more $ I'll try something and post my results.

2009.02.10, 02:05 PM
We have a new track design coming out this year that addresses the issues above. The track is designed for the new Kyosho dnano, but can be used for 1/24 scale cars as well. The new track design comes with the same dual grip option as our standard tracks but with the added features listed below. You will be able to interconnect the RCP pieces from our current tracks to the new kits.

~ create any type road course layout
~ create any size radius turn or sweep
~ create any type of sweeping chicane
~ create any size lane width (lane size can vary in width at any point in the layout and can be adjusted as many times as you need).
~ The ability to replicate any professional racetrack layout currently used around the world.
~ allows users to set up table top size tracks using smaller and varying lane widths. (suited for the dnano when running in slow mode)

2009.02.10, 02:13 PM
Will 30cm and 50cm tracks still be produced? or is this track good enough to make them obsolete?

2009.02.10, 02:23 PM
Will 30cm and 50cm tracks still be produced? or is this track good enough to make them obsolete?

Yes, the 30cm and 50cm tracks will still be produced. The new design can be added to your existing layouts to create the new features. The new tracks were designed for smaller layouts, better suited and more scale to the dnano. I also wanted to create a new product that allowed users to create big sweeping turns, short sweeping chicanes and varying lane widths in a small area such as a table top or ping pong table.

Although the dnano is quick enough to hold its own on a large 50cm RCP layout, I wanted to give users the option of setting up smaller tracks similar to slot car layouts. Most importantly, I wanted the ability to replicate the pro circuit road courses typically seen in other countries.

If you have the room, you can still make the new tracks as large as you want.

If the first production run arrives before April, I will display the tracks at the RCX show in Pomona, California. www.rcx.com

2009.02.10, 04:39 PM
That is very exciting news ! what would the Grain be like specially for the dnanos. I have run Dnano on rcp and it seems the "texture" is a little "out of scale"?

Also, Just make things clear. When I said I was designing a track that was modular and examdable, I meant to say that I want to features to benefit me in the future and I am by not mean saying I plan to produce something to compete with RCP. As a matter of fact, I would be interested to show you a layout I am working on in efforts to see If your new product can help me achieve what I am after.

If so, Can you prodive you contact information directly?

send me an e-mail or pm.

2009.02.10, 05:18 PM
We are testing with a few different skins. So far the best surface has been the pouros side of the current RCP track tiles. The other skins gave the car way too much of a loose feel. More of a loose condition than what I believe you are talking about when you say "scale like". I still believe it is better to start out with a high grip condition, than change up the tires to suit your driving needs.

We are looking at providing the RCP pouros surface on one side and add a new skin to the opposite side that replicates asphalt. This would give users the option to start out with grip or start out with a loose conditions and then change up the tires to suit. The asphalt replicated side would give users the "scale like" appearance for their custom layouts.

We haven't finalized on the surface texture of either side. One thing that would have to be taken into consideration is the cost to add the new skin in addition to the process it takes to create the pouros side. It may come down to adding one or the other, but not both. Since many will be using the track for the Mini-z as well, I think the pouros side may be more popular.

2009.02.10, 08:12 PM
need to find a spray on rubber coating... then you can sell the spray to owners of current tracks to coat the flat side...
I hae always been curious what something like chalk board paint combined with rcp would be like... but with an additive like sand, to the paint to make it rough instead of smooth.

2009.02.11, 03:23 PM
Hi ProfoxCG.
We are in Spain, and in our case we thought of a track we could change at our will. And RCP tracks resulted much more expensive and as you say they sort of dictate the possible lay-out.
We recently made a new track with carpet and it is just perfect... and very cheep.
So I believe the main reason we do not have a RCP track is design first and then economy.

2009.02.11, 03:54 PM
thanks, agree with you. what are your barriers made of?

2009.02.11, 06:18 PM
We had spare squares of foam so we used them for barriers.

2009.02.26, 02:08 AM
Hi everyone,

I have a quick question about your new product RCP.
Is it the one we can see on the Nuremberg toy fair this year for the Dnano stand?

Or is it only a kyosho demonstration stand with no relation to the new layout you're working on?

2009.02.26, 12:42 PM
Hi everyone,

I have a quick question about your new product RCP.
Is it the one we can see on the Nuremberg toy fair this year for the Dnano stand?

Or is it only a kyosho demonstration stand with no relation to the new layout you're working on?

The track we are working on has no relation to the dnano track used at Nuremberg. The track we are working on allows users to make track layouts similar to below. The new design is modular and will adapt to current RCP 50cm kits. I will have some prototype pictures available shortly.

Note: The track pictures below are not RCP products or owned by RCP Tracks and are only posted to show examples of sweeping layouts that our new product will allow users to create with the new tracks.



2009.02.26, 01:04 PM
nice, I'm looking forward to seeing, and getting some of these. :D

2009.02.26, 01:09 PM
^ Me too! I just hope if the surface is changing the grip will be consistant with the current tracks.

2009.02.26, 01:14 PM
^ Me too! I just hope if the surface is changing the grip will be consistant with the current tracks.

Surface is the same.

2009.02.26, 08:52 PM
Hi there! I am looking forward to the new Dnano-tracks and can't wait to see'em come out. I personally found the Mini96 that I have suitable for the Dnano's more so than the larger Mini-Z it was intended for. The Mini96 as I've said before felt too tight for 1/28 scale. So, I'm curious as to how the new Dnano-specific tracks will be like.
Anyway, I have a few suggestions for future track's. As a big WRC fan, I'd love to see some track peices made to replicate WRC stages. Example, have curved and bumpy tracks that can create dips and bumps and crests. Dirt colord tracks and snow-colored tracks would be cool too. Also, if there is some way to have a really slippery surfaced turn peices so we can slide around as if on ice. Also, some scale rock-shapped, and mountain-side shaped foam peices would be cool too if they could be designed to slide over longer peg's. The peg's being those peices that hold the railings onto. The foam peices I'm talking about would of coarse be either optional peices, or perhaps part of a new WRC kit?

I've tried connecting the less-grip side with the high-grip side and the two sides were not compatible. So, would be cool to have an ice-like feature on an optional curve "turn" peice. Plus, we'd like to see more turn peices with various radious's.