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2009.02.12, 11:28 PM
Has anyone ever heard of this truck? Saw one on youtube racing a mini z and it looked fun!!

2009.02.13, 03:26 PM
Photo's or a link might help.

2009.02.13, 07:39 PM

Auldey's RC product line is called Race-Tin. While the company has a corporate web site, you won't find anything there. Here is a link to the "unofficial" Auldey site, with pictures of all their cars.


I have a few Auldey cars, and while they look pretty good, they're no Mini-Z in quality or performance, but then again, they only cost about $25-30. I bought a couple and even converted one of their bodies for use with a MR-015.

Here is my Auldey Supra with working headlights:


2009.02.13, 08:08 PM
Their red/blue logo on the corner their reminds me of Tamiya. I've also been wondering about the Tommica light drift package cars. I posted'em elsewhere but they are also 1/28 in scale and are designed only for drifting. Nice looking bodies, but the chassis look's like crap. I think they were supposed to be scaled down versions of the 1/10 scale drift cars. I often wonder about mounting those bodies on the MA010.
Those trucks do look cool, would like to see other styles too. Maybe paint one up like Optimus Prime? Classic 80's Prime that is. ")

2009.09.23, 10:01 AM
Im just refreshing an old thread: Im REALLY looking for an Auldey Lightning Semi. I would like to put a mini Z 2.4 GHZ board in it.