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2009.02.14, 12:50 PM
I just got my new GTR R35 in the mail today and have a question about how to set up the head and taillights.
Since this is my first Mini-Z I didn't know how the bodies were set-up. I've had a few Xmods and know that they have slots for the lights in the body. When I looked at my new R35 I noticed it didn't have any. Are all the mini-Z bodies like this, or just the new R35? Is there something I have to modify to make it work?

Here is what I am talking about:



2009.02.14, 01:01 PM
there are a few models that can adapt very easily for light sets and some need modification

2009.02.15, 12:23 AM
Most of the new bodies need to be modified for headlights. You just need to drill a hole, I think 2mm... depending on the LEDs that you are using.

Some older bodies came with small holes for the lights, similar to the Xmods.

2009.02.15, 09:51 AM
3mm and 5mm are most common led sizes.