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2009.02.14, 01:21 PM
Has anyone come from or considered going into slot cars?
I am currently in the process of researching some of the different companies out there as i would like to build a track at my house. Why do you ask?

Well, I realized while it sould be great to have a dnano or mini-z track, not everyone that would come visit me could play. Why? because not everyone had the skill to drive an RC car unless they have been in the hobby before.
However, driving slot car, while it take some skill as well, can by done my mostly anyone successfully, not to mention that "everyone" has had a toy grade slot car set at some point when they were kids and thus know more or less how to use it. This will allow my wife, friends and my kids when I have them to play with me. Not to mention that there is competitions and all kinds of things going in with slot cars also. (not as much as r/c but still).

I also want to as some point build some light scenery around the track. Not as much as people who model trains (although I have to give it to them because they do an amazing job!)

The system that im most inclined toward at the moment is "SCX Digital"
The nice thing about this track system is the while there is 2 lanes per road you can run up to 6 cars and still be able to switch lanes (at certain predesignated areas). In addition, you can customize, per car, the amount of drag brake and also - what really turnned me on to this was their "fuel comsuption system" now you have to fuel every so laps or you slot car will stutter and eventually stop running.

Ninco is another very popular brand use from what I can see specially for rally raids. Check out this video !


anyway, - share you thoughts.

2009.02.14, 02:09 PM
Hi there. I think slot-cars are fun. I've always liked theme since they first came out and they just get better and better every year. The best ones I think are from ScaleTrx and Nico in the 1/32 scale format. Their are infinite body styles to choose from, so much more than Mini-Z's. You can find just about every one of theme on ebay for under 50 bucks. One of the coolest looking slot car's I've seen is of the newest Batmobile.
I my selfe dream of building a semi-scale 1/32 scale slot car track roughly based on Monte-Carlo's hills with all those cool hair-pin turns and switchbacks. The mountain would be built up against the walls and would have all the dips, bumps, and jumps that's available for the tracks. I had same dream for Mini-Z, but more I think about it, I think it'll be cheaper to do it with slot cars than with RCP track's.
I'm curious about this new fuel-consumption system..................
If your going to go with slot cars, go with the 1/32 scale, it's the best out there! By the way, some slot-cars are just as expensive as ultra rare Mini-Z bodies!
I think price's are basically the same between slot-car and Mini-Z's.

2009.02.14, 03:58 PM
yeah im a going w 1/32. The only system with the fuel consumption seems to be SCX - but form looking at youtube vids and such I am seeing the Ninco which lacks this feature at the moment is far more popular.

2009.02.14, 04:35 PM
Scalextric and SCX are NOT the same company.

SCX is owned by Tecnitoys out of Barcelona, Spain.

Scalextric is owned by Hornby International, out of the U.K.
Hornby also makes model trains, owns Airfix (model planes), Humbrol (paints),
and Corgi (1/64 die cast cars).

Scalextric is a good choice. I have a Ford Focus Rally set that works well.

Ninco used to be junk years ago, IMO, but I just looked at their website and their new stuff looks very interesting.

Perhaps an interesting choice with the most options would be Carrera.
If you would get the 1/24 scale track, you can also run their 1/32, and 1/43 scale cars on it, too. And they have 1/24, 1/32 scale digital systems with the same options as Scalextric as well.

Don't forget the 1/64 option : Tomy/AFX and Tyco make really good sets and cars that can be raced in far less space than the bigger scales.

Lots of options out there............

2009.02.14, 07:01 PM
i just came from regional level 1/32 slot cars into miniz!! i have TONS of slot stuff and 75' of scaley track and i will sell just about all of it (except the ultra rare stuff!!) PM and i can get you on the right track (no pun intended!) or email me at muscletexx@yahoo.com and i can/will trade for miniz stuff too! i am in houston.

2009.02.14, 10:46 PM
Thanks, what a good forum to read?
I am inclined more towards Ninco at the moment.

2009.02.15, 10:11 AM
www.slotcarillustrated.com is great and www.professormotors.com

ninco's are very fast but the tend to chatter pretty bad and its due to the high torque anglewinder setup they use, it is very important that the rear tires are as true as possible and back the mount screws off 1 turn.

2009.02.15, 10:14 AM
I forgot about Carrera, also very good. Nicely done bodies. Like I said, alot of these slot cars are just as high-quality as AutoScales, if not more. What's cool is the slot-cars have interiors and drivers. You should also check out the James Bond's Austin Martin DB9 chrome version, really awesome to look at!
They also have scaled down bleachers with audiances, a few buildings and what not. If you want to get really elaborate, add a train set to it as well, I think you can even get some peices that will allow you to cross the train-tracks with your slot cars. Just make sure you get across befrore the train comes!
I'm not sure what scale of train-set you'd need to match 1/32 scale cars.
1/24 scale is also cool, but the bigger you go, the more room you'll need. Perhaps with 1/24 scale, you can modify some AutoScale bodies to fit the slot-car chassis?
I've always been curious how the Dnano's would handle the slot car track surface. That would be fun to try too.........................

2009.02.15, 11:25 AM
...I've always been curious how the Dnano's would handle the slot car track surface. That would be fun to try too.........................

Ninco is making a 1:28th slot car which is supposed to run in their 1:32 track.
its supposed to be much more tunable and such. I will get a dnano and run it on the slot track someday ;)

2009.02.15, 12:52 PM
It would be interesting to see if the Mini-Z bodies will fit this new slot car chassis. I think it would make collecting AutoScales more enjoyable again simply cause they wont' get the same abuse from running with 5 other cars on an RCP track. With the peg'n'groov slot car set, you have alot more control. I wonder what the cost difference would be between the 1/28 scale slot car's and a Mini-Z chassis.
Also, what scale would be more cost-effective?

2009.02.15, 05:13 PM
the bodies get just as beat up in slot cars as they do in miniz racing!! when they deslot they fly off and usually hit an unmovable object especially in you race with magnets. a 1/32 slot car will run you from 40.00 to 100.00 and most clubs allow ZERO mods, all you can do is true,glue and lube so you end up buying a lot of cars. there are a lot of "tricks" to making the cars run better and driving is still very important not as much as RC driving of course.

2009.02.15, 06:12 PM
that rally track was awsome! i've never seen anything like that.

2009.02.15, 08:49 PM
The only control you have over slot cars is throttle. With an RC there's both throttle and steering. So for a beginner, I think slot-cars would be easier to grasp. All you gotta learn to do, is learn where to slow down and hit full throttle!
Yes your right, IF the slot cars fly off the track's they get more damage. But if you learn control and you dont' crash, I still think slot car track would be safer for the bodies. Unless of coarse you have those track's that criss-cross or one lane nudges closer to the other lane, which is always fun.

2009.02.15, 09:52 PM
PN makes a slot chassis... just wanted to put that out there. I dont know any details, but I think its designed for Autoscales...


2009.02.15, 10:53 PM
WOW! Nice find there EMU. Might have to get one of those and try it out. Nice to see that it sais for 1/28 scale, but question will be, how would you mount a Mini-Z body onto it? And, do they have different wheels, styles, offsets, width's, et'c?

Oh wait! Need a slot car track first! LOL! Oooops.

2009.02.15, 11:06 PM

2009.02.16, 10:54 AM

Um, what did he say? Anyway, pretty cool idea to be able to use AutoScale bodies for slot cars. Just wish he show'ed theme in action. Maybe going in reverse direction of this thread, but I wonder if that chassis could be made into RC? Look's like a durable pan-style chassis?

2009.02.16, 01:16 PM
It is spanish, but I was able to follow along. I still wonder about that front guide flag, He covered the different wheelbases. I think it would need traction magnets to keep it on the track though.

2009.02.16, 01:29 PM
I believe it is designed for 1/32 Ninco tracks as well...

2009.02.17, 06:48 PM
I made a mistake about the name brand earlier. I was thinking of Scalextric, practically billions of makes and models to chose from with outstanding detail's and interiors! AutoArt also makes some fine slot cars in 1/32 scale, my favorite one being of a white Lamborghini Countach LP500S.

2009.02.17, 06:56 PM
I placed and order for a Ninco N-digital Master track, I have also bought a rally Clio =) and the next car im after is a slot.it mclaren F1 GT. (like the news one that came out for the mini-z)

2009.02.17, 07:02 PM
Sounds like an odd combo. Would think you'd want another rally car to go along with the Clio?
There are thousands on ebay and it look's like their slightly cheaper than the Z's depending on models. Naturally, the more rare they are the more expensive they are. Fly is another great company.
If your into WRC, I'd get some of the Scalextric rally track's as well. They have dips, jumps, dirt, snow, and ice effect. The ice effect has a slick spot on the turns to make it tricky as if driving on ice. Very cool stuff. Dont' forget to post pictures of your new hobby!

2009.02.17, 07:40 PM
I will get another WRC car in a few weeks, I wanna get a few so everyone in the house can play.

Ninco makes some good track for rally just like SCX. One thing I liked about Ninco was that digital and analog tracks can be combined and you end up with a digital track, - does that make sense?

I am working on my tack layout for which I am going to need more track than the lots of track that comes with the kit I bought. I will post pics over the weekend when I get the track and clio. The Slot.it will take a little longer since im giving my LHS the change to get it for me.

BTW, for those in the slotcar hobby, Ninco is also releasing a 1:28 scale chassis 'XSLOT" the nico track is wide enought to drive on it, so one of my project will be to drive a 90mm narrow MA01 in it ;) may even put a rail on it.
(yes im backwards)

I will post pics soon of the track and such.

2009.02.18, 03:31 PM
Here's an awesome idea for your track, especially if your into the WRC as I've mentioned before.

2009.02.18, 06:08 PM
This is one of my favorite slots. I wish kyosho did an autoscale for it.

2009.02.18, 08:16 PM
Check out ebay item number 250362075897. This is one of the coolest slot-cars yet! The newest Batmobile!

2009.02.18, 08:22 PM
This is one of my favorite slots. I wish kyosho did an autoscale for it.

is that yours? are you into slot cars? Ninco actually also makes a Mugen NSX

2009.02.18, 08:41 PM
Yep, thats one of my slot cars.

2009.02.18, 09:43 PM
Yep, thats one of my slot cars.

oh nice, do you have a picture of your track? is it a ninco also?

2009.02.18, 10:43 PM
No track anymore. No room. I kept the transformer, the two remotes and a couple of cars:

-The Ninco NSX you see
-The Fly2 Porsche in the background
-The Carrera Subaru at the bottom
-Ninco Alfa Romeo

2009.02.18, 11:41 PM
No room? Did you not measure your available space before purchasing track? Oh well, what happened to the track?

2009.02.19, 01:05 AM
No track anymore. No room. I kept the transformer, the two remotes and a couple of cars:

-The Ninco NSX you see
-The Fly2 Porsche in the background
-The Carrera Subaru at the bottom
-Ninco Alfa Romeo

so basically you can use any brand car on any brand track correct?

2009.02.19, 07:49 AM
It was the scalextric strarsky & hutch track and I had it setup in the bedroom (I own a condo). Eventually, the wife kept stepping on the track and it ended up bending to the point that the cars could no longer run. I threw away the bent track, sold the starsky and hutch cars and kept the transformer and remotes.

Yes, all 1/32 scale cars could run on that track. Even the carrera subaru which you can change the polarity so it can run in either direction.

2009.02.19, 10:08 AM
Seems like with a Condo you'd have plenty of room for it elsewhere. Bumber......
Are you planning on another track?

2009.07.17, 09:43 AM
Not sure why I did, but recently had a change of heart for slot cars... guess I am too lazy to steer a Mini-Z ?!?! lol.... the lane changing and pit box for SCX was the deal maker...

... Since I got my starter set, I have taken it a bit further, to help pay for my hobbies, altough I doubt this will ever get any customers, I am hopeing for one or two every now and then for some spare funds.

http://www.slotcarrental.com :)
It will be a mobile track ill be able to take it any where... mostly between MI and FL though since I might drive to parents in FL...

2009.07.17, 10:22 AM
That sounds like a good idea. Is it easier to transport than an RCP?

2009.07.17, 12:07 PM
Well the FINAL plan is to have a track like a train layout... so I will actualy need a Trailer specifically for it... might make it built into the trailer so it unfolds and its a track, like other people have done. Or I might make it sectional so I can take it indoors through doorways etc...

The temporary track I can almost toss in one or two of the starter set boxes... just have to take time to set it up each event.

RCP is light weight, but bulky... that is if your like me and too lazy to take all the rails off. :)

The Dream Track, this will be similar to what I wind up with on the train layout detail level track... although I may have to alter it so I can section it off...
Notice the alternate routes ;)

And the oval, for smaller spaces... what I will likly build first. dont actually have enough track yet.

2009.07.17, 12:35 PM
Hi Drac,

very nice! keep in mind thought that with digital you do not need that many lane changers.

I have invested in SSD and I have a dream layout, and I have the regular

This is the typical:

This is the "dream" larger track:

(Early revission)

I too would like someday to have a permanent track with scenery. The scenry actually add alot to the track.

So what made you make the move to slot cars?
I saw a vido of a dirty rally race on youtb and then I found out about scx digital. Looked up some vids and I was hooked. That is why I left mini-zs (maybe ill come back in the future)

2009.07.17, 01:02 PM
The Mini-Z hobby was just too expensive to keep driving to ann arbor, the only place to race... not to mention the increase in their parts and set prices over when I started (almost 3x). Maybe I am just bumed cuz I still do not have a working MiX prototype... maybe I shoulda spent the money on that instead of slot cars, doubt it would of bought enough parts for a prototype though :) Have not given up on Mini-Z... just waiting for more funds. I like to try and keep my hobbies paying for them selves, and Mini-Z's stopped doing that...

I was recently going to open a game-store when the local one closed, but I just cannot get enough funds for lease, insurance, inventory, fixutres etc... to start it up. Not in THIS economy!

With all the ideas I have for hobbies, business ideas, toys etc, I could go through about $5 million in month... some ideas profitable, some charitable, some just for the hell of it...

Lots of lane changes are not NEEDED, but they come in handy with so many lanes and the on-ramps I was using for de-slotted cars, wanted the option to change lanes before a merging car etc... and definatly did not want people getting their fingers smashed betweent he car they are placing on the track and one going full throttle at them... since it would be "customers" that could be driving and track marshaling...

2009.07.17, 01:14 PM
My RCP track is totally apart rails and all and are stored in a nice bin in my Dad's hanger. With his 2 year old Irish Setter, I don't have much opportunity to set it up and use it. So it just sits. :(

2009.07.17, 01:19 PM
I agree with the driving far to race....
I want to open a club, for the people by the people kind of thing....

anyway, where in fla are your parents? If you are even in my area and end up setting something up let me know, I would love to come help you.

I have been into mini-z since 2004... i needed a change and digital slot cars are FUN ! (believe it or not)

2009.07.17, 02:16 PM
I've thought of slot cars. I had the smaller HO scale years ago before I knew anything about Mini-Z's and Xmods. They were fun indeed. Even cooler now with the large selection of amazingly detailed 1/32 scale cars. However, I think 1/32 scale slot car racing takes up more room than RCP's Mini96. Oh sure, you can get a basic starter kit that doesn't take up much room, but I don't think those are as fun as larger more complex set's. I'm a big WRC fan and I'd love to set up a track much like when they race the mountains at Monte Carlo.

Check YouTube for some awesome Monte Carlo-like slot car set ups. Guy's get pretty creative with their tracks! The ones that now feature the drift-style are quit suitable for WRC! I'd like those dips and jump pieces!

2009.07.17, 05:26 PM
They are near West Palm Beach, I always forget the name of the city/town...

Grandmother is in Englewood, Aunt is in Tallahasee... :)

And I will apparently have another Aunt in California since they are moving...
Just need a place to stay dead center of the USA and Further East now and I can go national lol...

Been into Mini-Z since 1999... didnt buy one till 2000 though.

The SCX track is quite flexible... kinda like rubbermaid container plastic... if you bend the straights in an arch carfully, the metal rails will kind of hold the shape.

2009.07.17, 06:06 PM
Let me know when your in sofla !