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2002.06.12, 12:00 AM
I have a question with any of you with a tlp turbo,

Does it ever get extremly hot to the touch, almost to the point where the plastic coating is melting off.

When i bumped up to the bigger pinion i think that i dont have enough torque to spin the motor so all the electricity is going back to the turbo and heating it up, i know all i need to do to fix that is all the bb can and stronger magnets, but was wondering how much heat it can take before it blows, cause i really dont wana pop anything on it.

2002.06.12, 10:07 AM

Is it the TLP Turbo or Twin-Turbo?
Are you running a standard motor.

I have a TLP Twin-Turbo fitted to my LWB CLK.
I've used an X-Speed, NML Ultimate and NML Evader with it.
This is with a 9 T pinion gear.
My TLP runs extremely cool. When I ran the Ultimate, it got a little warm, but far from "hot"

Make sure your rear axle isn't too tight and that the pinion/spur gears are meshing correctly.

2002.06.12, 10:36 AM
i've got a tlp... ran it with x-speed and modified hand wound motors... with the x-speed it's cool... with the modified hand wound motors, it gets warm... but not hot...

if you can return it, i would suggest that you do, otherwise check the circuitry if there is any type of partial short or wires slightly touching or anything...

2002.06.12, 03:02 PM
lol, now i need a bit of help, i took the shrink wrap off and pulled the wires off one by one and replaced them as i went along, but somewhere in the morning around 4 am in between running to the washing machine to get laundry i forgot that i had pulled one wire off already and was needing to replace it

The steering works fine and it works good with out the turbo so i know it has to do with how i rewired it

If anyone has a camera and can take a picture of the turbo itself where the wires are soldered to the board that would be great help, i guess i shouldnt play at 4 in the morning, lol.

BTW its a TLP Twin Turbo R, i was running it with an xspeed with a 14 tooth pinion with the gear mesh perfect. Im guessing i need more torque, but first would like to get my turbo working again

2002.06.17, 12:52 AM
i'll try to post a pic...

2002.06.17, 11:10 AM
thanx herman :)

2002.06.17, 11:37 AM
thanx for the help guys, i just had to play with it a little bit to get it figured out, lol but now my z is in a million parts, my body is paintless but a few hours of work and it should be all good, thanx again. :D :D