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2009.02.15, 09:44 AM
after watching the video of the camper race in igor's other thread, i had to make one myself.

i found a papercraft website with camper available. i scaled this one to approximate mini-z scale. it's obviously way to long to i cut about 1.5" out of mine however i think i should have cut it down to 6". i'm not as proficient in photoshop as i would like however.
Image 1 (http://mini-zracer.com/mini-zgallery/data/968/aer-1.jpg)
Image 2 (http://mini-zracer.com/mini-zgallery/data/968/aer-2.jpg)
Image 3 (http://mini-zracer.com/mini-zgallery/data/968/aer-3.jpg)

i used some modeling wire i used to make antenna's from to create a trailor hitch which is a very easy thing to do for most mm motor pods as they have screw points on the rear.

for the trailer, i took the rear end off a dummy chassis and made another tow bar attachment


the camper was made in about 10 minutes with some packing tape and printed camper sheets and a couple peices of cardboard.





2009.02.15, 09:49 AM
is anyone else intersted in doing a camper style race? it looked like a lot of fun in the video.

i would suggest either everyone using the same camper model or some guidelines such as min. 6" long by min. 2-3" tall.

maybe someone can manipulate the airstream set i have to be the proper length and or height? maybe remove all the color so we can decorate them ourselves?

i've found mine durable enough for the most part. provided some cardboard is used for reinforcement and framework i think they would be fine so long as it doesn't become a derby style mess.

2009.02.15, 10:04 AM
great job on the camper, user your overlands to pull and race it. :) I might have to make one of those myself.

2009.02.15, 10:08 AM
most of us don't have overlands anymore. we haven't raced those in ages.

2009.02.15, 11:38 AM
most of us don't have overlands anymore. we haven't raced those in ages.

I guess we're are the only club that still races them. they are always one of our most exciting races. We currently have 7 of us competing in the class, 6 hummers, and 1 F150.

2009.02.15, 04:29 PM
I wouldn't mind trying that, but question would be when and where?

2009.02.15, 04:41 PM
We have been running the caravan/camper races forseveral years now it is a regular event.
If I pprint hits onto a normal printerpaper will it be in correct size?

The video was shot at our old track I drove the orange mclaren with the white camper, this was probably back in 2004 or 2005...

Our camper rules can be found here: http://minizata.com/rules/husvagn_2008.pdf
It is in swedish but atleast the measurements can be seen.
in short :
minimumlength: 125mm
maxlength : 220 mm
minwidth : 70mm
maxwidth: 100mm
minheigth :70mm (excluding the wheels)

Half of the wheel must stick out under the camper, as they do in the thread here..

2009.02.15, 04:58 PM
the actual printed paper size is slightly larger than letter size paper. if you print to 11x17 it should print correctly. i resized the files and uploaded them i have no idea if the web or the vb software alters the image size. it should be 2400x3529 in size. this puts the camper wheel diameter at the same size and a mini-z wheel/tire.

2009.02.15, 08:23 PM
Sounds fun. I'd love to race overlands again, but I'm not too sure who still has them. We'll have to set a date for everyone to bring theirs to a club race.

2009.02.15, 09:30 PM
Arch, that camper looks really good, me, VAzRACER, and The Ringer were talking about possibly doing one of these races after seeing Tudor-47's videos.. Looks like you beat us to it :D:D.. How does the car handle while pulling the trailer?

I wouldn't mind trying that, but question would be when and where?

Igor, if we decided to have this race, I'd be happy to host this event at my house.. The only thing is I probably would'nt be able to host this event until around April though.. If my house doesn't work out, we can always run at Hobbyworks on a Sunday outside the store. We just have to give Hobbyworks two weeks written notice before this event..

Arch, what's the name of the site you got the papercraft images from? I'd like to check it out, by the way I've had this one on my computer for a while now.. I figured I'd share it with everybody, make your own Skyline!!


2009.02.15, 11:10 PM
Put that skyline on a bitcharge... :)

2009.02.16, 07:58 PM
there are tons of websites for these. i just happened to find the campers at this one (http://www2u.biglobe.ne.jp/~h_y/sun.htm).

here (http://papercraft.stumbleupon.com/tag/cars/) is a decent car site

2009.02.16, 09:05 PM
^^^Thanks for the links Arch, I had no idea they had that many designs..

Put that skyline on a bitcharge... :)

That's a good idea, I've got a Bitcharge that I modded a few years ago.. I'll have to try that out..

2009.02.18, 09:24 PM
I definetly want 2 do this race.

2009.02.18, 09:30 PM
i'm already building a new trailer. 6"x3" this one has a cardboard skeleton so it should be durable as well.

2009.02.18, 09:37 PM
that is a cool idea and a cool way of pulling very nice looking forway to
seeing a vid of it racing if you can get one

2009.02.19, 09:35 AM


2009.02.21, 09:59 AM
ok guys, i'm just about done with my new camper. i used photoshop to crop the template down to approx. 6" in length and removed the grey color background. unfortunately, i did not take pictures of the cardboard skeleton but i assure you it's very rudementary. i could have done the entire thing in a couple hours (including time for glue to dry). i used shoo goo so it remains a bit flexible vs. ultra rigid to absorb impacts without fracturing joints. the cardboard frame also provides some rigidity. it has a plate base and end caps with a center spine going across the top, 4 peices total. the hardest part is bending the wire to make the trailer hitch. the wire was $.49 at hobby works. any needle nose pliers will work for bending the wire. the wheel set is the rear portion of a dummy chassis. nothing was modified so when it's all done and i need the wheels again i simply pull them off the trailer and scrape off the shoo goo.

this time i also tried to match the ride height of the car to minimize roll over. i think we should avoid low rider trailers in general and aim to keep them equivalent to the car ride height.

mine weights a total of 1.3oz.

2009.02.21, 10:31 AM
here are some pictures







2009.02.21, 05:57 PM
Arch, thats awsome work it looks store bought.

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