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2009.02.17, 07:11 PM
http://shop.textalk.se/shop/6088/6088-1096956-shopw-124a23.jpg (http://www.ekampanj.se/apex/bip.publicreg?pid=1570988)
PN Racing Mini-Z World Cup Sweden Regional Race 10-11 of April
We invite all you racers to come to Sweden and race in this PNWC race.
It will be held in a swedish town called Jönköping and will be held at the largest custom car show in scandinavia:

Registrate for the race here (http://www.ekampanj.se/apex/bip.publicreg?pid=1570988)

We will apply all PNWC rules for 2009 and the new track layout on RCP.
RCP tracks are not so common in sweden yeat so if you usually race on RCP tracks this is your time to shine.

Some of the best racers in the world have already said they are coming from USA, Spain and Sweden and we are just getting started.

We will put up more information this week.;)
/Joakim Sandberg www.RadicalRides.se

2009.02.27, 05:36 PM
PNWC European Championship in Custom Motorshow 10-11 April

KYOSHO Sweden AB will let us be in their booth and compete!
And it will all happen in the best Custom Motor Show in Europe!

Drivers from Sweden, Spain, USA and Portugal have shown interest and we hope to get even more racers from different countries.

PNRacing in the U.S. has given us permission to call it "PNWC European Championship" and the race is part of the PNWC 2009 and of course will we have the same track layout.

The competition is on the RCP and on a surface of 11 * 6 meters 264 pieces 50 * 50cm
The rules will be the same as all the PNRacing World Cup and in 2009 the finals will be held in Barcelona in October.
The best racers will be directly qualified to the world finals in Barcelona.

We also intend to have a contest with our Swedish rules on the local rubber track in Jönköping so everybody get a chance to see how fast you can drive on these tracks.
This means that we are running entirely under international rules(PNWC rules) Friday and Saturday and Swedish rules on Sunday(if you want to try it out).

This will be a opportunity to have a great weekend and meet people like yourself that love to race and see cool cars.

If you are interested or you have questions you can e-mail me at joakim_sandberg(@)hotmail.com

/ Joakim

2009.02.28, 02:27 AM
philip and i will be there.....:D im also bringing my lovely wife kelly:D
im excited to be there

2009.03.01, 08:15 AM
Saw this now... I have a endurance race the weekend before, so I don't think I will be able to make it.

Hope you guys put up a good race and have fun over-there ;)

2009.03.01, 04:19 PM
We put this race the weekend after the endurance race in Spain to make it easier for international racers that come from countries outside Europe.
The plane tickets from Spain to Sweden will cost around 150 euro

And the car show is one of the best in the world.


2009.03.01, 04:27 PM

Please registrate here (http://www.ekampanj.se/apex/bip.publicreg?pid=1570988)

International racedrivers please contact joakim_sandberg@hotmail.com for more information on how to pay for the race.

Go fast go Orange
/ Joakim Sandberg (www.RadicalRides.se)

2009.03.02, 09:22 AM
I´ll be there and i´m hope to meet and race against the fastest guys in the world.
We swedes are all new to RCP so take the chance and show us how its to make the car go fast with rubbertires and RCp track.

2009.03.08, 04:12 PM
Open Masters are held the day after - April 12 - at Taberg Raceway (in Jonkoping as well).


The Race is held on super grip rubber surface - no restrictions on motors, bodies or tires - read more >> (http://www.pocketrocket.se/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=281&Itemid=1)

2009.03.10, 07:31 PM
We have changed the name of the event so its more easy to understand this is an Regional PNWC race that will make the best race drivers qualified to race in the big world final at Barcelona Spain.

And the lap times will be put in the ranking system for all drivers to get a ranking.

2009.03.14, 03:09 AM
We have now got a much bigger area in the car show for the race.
200 Square meters 20m*10m

Also all the people that help us will come in for free.

To registration (http://www.ekampanj.se/apex/bip.publicreg?pid=1570988)

Last year there was 90.000 people in the car show so it will be crazy and fun with a lot of people.

Check this film out from last years car show (http://www.custommotorshow.se/2009/film2008.php)

2009.03.26, 03:45 PM
im getting nervous now.....less than a week away till i leave for europe......co much work to do to be ready for this event and the one b4 this:confused:

2009.03.26, 05:16 PM
Hey Grant, are you coming for the 12h Race?

2009.03.26, 07:06 PM
Hey Grant, are you coming for the 12h Race?

yes philip , my wife and i are coming out to this event today is here b day ...her present is the europe trip....;)

2009.04.10, 04:16 PM
we will make it live tomorrow, www.pnwc-live.com
Sweden time ARP 11 9:00am
USA time ARP 11 12:00am

2009.04.10, 06:36 PM
April 11th at midnight... Thanks Philip! We can all watch it at my shop. lol I got projector/movie room at the shop. ;)

Good luck to all the drivers!

2009.04.11, 04:22 PM
So sorry, finally we can't get internet access in the custom car show.

But Grant took 1st Pan Mod, I took 2nd, this is such a great race.

I will upload the pictures soon, now already 11:23pm at Sweden, we just drove 3 hours back to Stockholm.

2009.04.11, 08:40 PM
Congrats guys.:)


2009.04.12, 01:25 AM
Congrats guys.:)


Thank you! Larry, we will be SC regional too, see you soon.

Grant also took the Fast Lap big trophy!

2009.04.12, 09:33 AM
Congrats to PNRacing! Sounds like you guys did great!! I cant wait to see pics and full results! Did any one get any video? If so, please share :D

Cant wait to see you and Grant in SC :D

2009.04.12, 10:14 AM
Way to represent the US guys!!! Good Job.

2009.04.12, 12:22 PM
Congrats guys!

2009.04.12, 01:05 PM
Keep in mind that this was the absolute first time we raced with PN rules. We have run on RCP once before in the nationals final two years ago with foam tires.
This was the first time on RCP with rubber tires and a must say that I´m pretty happy with my result finnishing third only one lap behind after the 10min final. Led the final first four minutes then dropped back and fight with Philip and Grant for some laps but I was not consistent enogh to battle for the victory all the way.

Did take the win in 2wd stock.

2009.04.12, 02:07 PM
Can anyone post up the list of drivers and classes? Thanks!

2009.04.12, 02:19 PM
these guys here in Sweden are top notch drivers....and they drove well....
a great time was had by all....for a new track with no grip to begin with.....we vaccumed it and it was almost as good as the other tracks in the usa....
the double high walls were a little distracting and the fact that they were blue , gave it an awkward feeling but all in all it was a good time....
i was lucky to have gotten the win....i was sleeping on the start and got rear ended by philip going in to r2 while trying to lead a clean paced first lap which allowed dahlis to jump out in to the lead then i was in third...workin my way back up trying to keep a smooth (rather slow for me) pace....
i managed to get back in to the lead getting by philip .... then dahlis....only to get hung up be another racer who stoped on the straightaway exiting the last turn( i guess to let me by):confused:then to get rear ended going in to the first turn allowing philip to get by me...at this point i am getting a little flusterd and making stupid mistakes....rushing corners an philip was 3/4 of a lap in front of me @ this point with 2 min to go.....:(
not quite sure what happened but i just kept drivin as smooth as i could and @ i min to go i was on the back of philip and i was set to just follow and make a race of it.....then @ 30 sec to go philip got hung up jus b4 the straightaway gifting the lead to me..... and the last 30 sec was the longest 30sec of my life......i just kept telling myself ....just stay in the middle...;)

this was a good race for me...i wish it was smooth and a runaway.....but a come from behind win is what i need to give myself a little more race craft:D

2009.04.12, 03:55 PM
Congrats!!! PN for a great showing in Sweden. Keep up the good work. I guess you guys used the new PN front end?

P.S. Make one for the AWD :D... Please :D

ocean rodeo
2009.04.12, 05:10 PM
Congrats on your victories:D

2009.04.16, 03:55 PM
Sweden driver put on Google Video, the Yellow car is Grant, Orange/Yellow is Philip, I think this is one of the qualify


2009.04.16, 04:11 PM
what were the lap times for stock 2wd and 2wd mod/pan mod?

2009.04.16, 04:25 PM
what were the lap times for stock 2wd and 2wd mod/pan mod?


I belive the traction was medium.

2009.04.16, 04:29 PM
Pan Mod vedio


2009.04.19, 04:43 PM
I want to thank everybody that helped with the race and all the racers for making it turn out so good.
Philip and Grant were perfekt representatives for America and the mini-z sport.
Not only did they drive very, very good they helped out with the race a lot.
They also answered questions about everything from everybody.
I even got Grant and Philip to test my car and make it go perfekt but it didnt help me because i drive so bad any way... :-)

For me this was a weekend with a lot of work but was absolutely awesome to have all these great racers on track at the same time.

Next year we will make the race even better and we hope to get some more of the mini-z sports super stars to sweden but next time I hope it will be much tougher opposition when we had a year of practice.

The results are up:
And I will put up pictures as soon as I get them.

2009.04.29, 03:21 AM
In the nort of spain, they´re training for de pnracing 2009 with one "prepn-racing"

see this page http://www.teamtracker.es/?p=563

2009.04.30, 11:35 PM
go to http://www.PNWC-Live.comclick PHOTOS, we upload a ton of photos.


2009.04.30, 11:37 PM

2009.09.28, 03:13 AM
Hi All!

In the weekend of 25-27 of September we ran the second PNWC qualifier in Sweden 2009.

Here are the results: http://www.pnracing.se/PNWC_Resultat2/Mini-Z/PNWC%202009/menu.html