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2009.02.20, 06:14 AM
I am new to the forum and new to Mini-z. I needed something to do in the winter when I couldnt race my nitro onroad car.

I was wondering I see the damper plate. What is its purpose. Is it to stiffen up the chassis or is it to function as a spring?. Also in a MR02-MM 98mm do you need to use a shock and a damper plate. Or do you use one or the other. Which one do you perfer? I would like to race with my mini-z so please provide me the best setup.



2009.02.20, 06:58 AM
Welcome to MZR. Although there is nothing like the smell of nitro in the morning and the burn of nitro throat in the afternoon There is nothing quite like the year round weather proof heated and airconditioned thrill of Z racing. The feel of a well turned out mini on RCP is not unlike the feel of an 1/8th scale car on 40%. Just wait. You will see.

The damper plate system is actually more of a steering aid. By controlling roll rate at the rear you can tune the steering into or out of the corners. As to whether or not you run a rear shock has more to do with which T-plate you use. The softer the plate the more sag you have with the rear suspension. The shock is actually a crutch to help the chassis return to center. There are hydraulic units available that further control this action.

For the best info Reflex Racing has many excellent tutorials on car set up. If you need anything you will find them quick to respond and personable and very friendly to deal with. They have an excellent product line as well.

You will be able to get all the help you want or need right here on this forum. As far as I know all of the current and past National and World champions enjoy membership here and are more than willing to make your Z experience one that you will want to continue. Who knows. When summer rolls around you may want to stay where it is cool. The fact that you can carry everything you need to compete at a World class event can be carried in a large briefcase isn't too shabby either. Remember. As one of our members has often said "support your local hobby shop cause you can't race on ebay"

And again, welcome

2009.02.20, 09:36 AM
i ran without a shock and just a damper for a while with an enzo body. my car was sagging too much though and i put a shock on just to control ride height. i believe everyone in my club uses a shock. my car ran fine without one though, id say it depends on your setup and you will need to try it yourself

i would say you certainly should have a disc damper or reflex racing's side damper as i don't know any(though im sure there is) that dont run a damper. if you run reflex's side damper though, you will need a shock

2009.02.20, 11:16 AM
As one of our members has often said "support your local hobby shop cause you can't race on ebay"

With an exception of your only local hobby shop being staffed by stubborn circle that will never budge beyond their personal ineterst. If this is not true, then support them by all means.

Low center mass > disk damper > top shock in my fairly new experience. MR15 teaches you everything very harshly, but once you get the car going good you know exactly how each parts affects it.

2009.02.20, 02:58 PM
So a damper is used to stabilize the rear from rolling in turns and a shock will prevent the sag in the chassis. I have a PN Racing MM LCG Motor mount with ball differentials. What would you all think

By the way thank you so much for your comments and support. Yes I do miss my nitro but I need something to keep me sharp in the off season so that come spring I am ready. Also I saw a race and was astonished by the competition and level of handling these cars possess. I never thought I would see suspension stabilizers on a mini z..hahaha.


2009.02.20, 03:21 PM
PN parts are of good quality and value. Which of the LCG mounts did you get? the 94-98mm or the 98-102mm? The 98-102 has the option of utilizing the Reflex side damper system while the other currently is limited to a damper plate system. I know that Reflex is working on a system for the shorter set up. Either is a good choice to start with. The 98 setting is where you will probably spend most of your time anyway as it is generally accepted to be the most stable and easy to drive set up for someone new to the scale.

Enjoy yourself. Any information that you need is only a key stroke away.

2009.02.20, 07:32 PM
Disk dampers or side dampers are used to control chatter when cornering. IMO, this is the most important benefit of damping.

Disk dampers also control the squat and weight transfer under acceleration and deceleration. They also control bumps.

Top shocks control the squat and weight transfer under acceleration and deceleration. They also control bumps. They are usually not necessary in stock, but they help manage the chassis with mod power.

We've found that our side damper system (with top shock) is marginally faster than a disk damper setup, but a LOT more consistent and controllable. As mentioned, it's only available in 98mm wheelbase, but we're working on shorter versions.