View Full Version : Pair 2 cars to 1 KT-18 glitch/trick?

2009.02.22, 05:25 PM
I've done this once before and it came back today- 1 KT driving both of my 2.4s at the same time. I find it extremely convenient for switching between 2 cars by just turning one off and the other one on and be ready to go in a flash.

Does anyone know how to properly set this phenomenon up?

2009.02.22, 06:00 PM
I've also had two or more car's set up with one KT-18 transmitter. However, I noticed that when you adjust one car, the other car is effected. The KT-18 can be binded to more than one car certainly, but I does not have memory programs for individual cars. You'd need a more sophisticated transmitter for that.

2009.02.22, 06:42 PM
I use stock settings, so my ONLY concern is having both of my cars tied to 1 KT for convenience. So marc, any idea how to do this for sure?

2009.02.22, 07:46 PM
Same steps as the first one.

2009.02.22, 07:52 PM
Same steps as the first one.

Pair 1, reset, make sure it works, pair the second, reset and they both will work?

2009.02.22, 08:27 PM
Exactly. You are telling the car to communicate only with that specific TX. You can have many cars paired to one transmitter, whether it is a KT-18 or a high end TX using the ASF module. I have 9 ASF cars paired to my transmitter.

2009.02.22, 08:31 PM
I see. I thought that TX had a memory for 1 car and pairing mode reset that memory each time. Thanks guys, this eases my switching a great deal!

2009.02.22, 08:56 PM
A while back I think I had four car's paird to one transmitter. My two Z's, and my two D's and it seemed to work fine. But as I said, without having that special memory feature, you adjust one setting, and the other cars are effected. But as you said, you leave the settings to stock so you should be fine. I'm not sure how many cars you could bind to one transmitter, but I think 3-4 was the most I had. Very nice and convienent not having to swap out those damn crystals!

2009.02.22, 09:07 PM
Just nice not to have to pair them each time you want to use another car on same TX, but turn the next one on and go!