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2009.02.22, 11:37 PM
Guys, I really want to get a general idea of the successful 15 setups, so please answer these following questions:

Your 15's class(motor):
Your 15's chassis weight without batteries or body:
Any weight shifts/additions you've done:

Pix are more than welcome and thanks to everyone who contributes!

2009.02.23, 12:21 AM
I think that my MR015 setups are pretty successful.

MR015 Pro Stock Class. Speedy 07BB motor.
98mm McLaren F1 LM body.
Chassis 100g, body 32g, running weight... 180g

MR015 70t narrow body class (bodies not compatable with an MR02)
94mm F355 body (90mm body, shaved to fit)
Chassis 98g, body 30g, running weight 175g.
I have a little lead tape on the bottom of the front clip and next to the crystal holder... ~2g.

MR015 70t 90mm class (preparing for KO race)
90mm F40 body
Chassis 99g, body 34g, running weight 182g

The F40 and McLaren chassis' are a little heavier than the f355's because I have tower bars on them to increase the track width without using offset wheels. They have the same track width as an MR02. I will post pictures when I get a chance, need to borrow a camera.

2009.02.23, 06:58 AM
Thanks man, now I have 3 setups to compare to.

2009.02.23, 09:39 AM
My old Porsche 934 MR15 was pretty nice, you could check out it's thread. EMU did a marvolous job with the motor mount and disc damper.

2009.02.23, 09:44 AM
But whats the chassis weight and motor you ran in the end?

2009.02.23, 10:08 AM
Oh, sorry. I never did weight it. :(

2009.02.23, 10:13 AM
Cuz if EMU hooked it up, I'll assume it was about 180 in the end given that you had a top shock and all other stuff.

2009.02.23, 11:01 AM
Could be, but as I said I never botherd weighing it.

2009.02.24, 01:17 PM
Oh, sorry. I never did weight it. :(

I would have rated that car on the heavy side with all the alloy additions.

I'll be sure to give you some info soon once I've done switching to EMU's 015 to 02 front track conversion. My bone stock 015Nascar will be soon converted to a mostly stock 94mm 350Z and I think the difference will be noticable.;)

2009.02.25, 11:50 AM
Class = MR-015 chassis and bodies with Kyosho Stock or PN 70 Turn motors
Chassis weight = 91.1 grams

I go to Cruizin with R/Cs most of the time, they have MR-015/70 turn motor and Hi-Mount classes now. I also run in Action RC's MR-015 class.

Similar to Eugene, I think my MR-015 set-up is pretty successful. It could be my most successful car. I have a greater advantage over other similar class cars with my MR-015 than I do with any of my other cars (or truck...).

2009.02.25, 04:41 PM
GIH, could you please tell me your Hplate/front and damper spring settings?

2009.02.26, 10:37 AM
Hello Skv, I am happy to share...

I am running a Kyosho medium carbon fiber (7mm wide) T-plate/PN 015/02 Low Down green front springs with 4.5mm stock limiters and 1 stock preload spacer on each side/red bottom and green top damper springs on my PN

91.1g chassis
29.2g body
48.7g Orion 900's
169.0g Running weight

2009.02.26, 04:09 PM
I'm surprised it doesn't flip or does it?

2009.02.26, 04:41 PM
I can get her to flip but I really have to be over-doing it a bit. :rolleyes:

2009.02.26, 05:23 PM
Reason I added weight to mine was because I couldn't find settings to keep her steady on high speed straight > medium turns.

2009.02.26, 06:39 PM
Where did you add the weight and how much?

2009.02.26, 07:08 PM
Read my Battle Machine thread in 15 board. This thread is a little follow up to give me a better broad view of how your guys setup your 15s.

2009.02.27, 10:40 PM
Hey Skv, that is a nice setup.

I was running -1 wides in back and they were great. I took them off because I was told I couldn't race with them, funny thing is it runs faster with narrows. It ran really nice with Kyosho 20 wide radials too.

I dropped some weight today. I put a 2.4 top cover on my car today, the diff from my mod car and switched to plastic 3R knuckles. I needed to even out tire wear and got good results going to 3' from 2'.

89.6g chassis
29.2 g body
48.7g batteries
167.5 g running weight

I was running with MR-02s today and giving then lots o' trouble.

2009.02.28, 03:48 AM
I swapped out my steel diff shafts for ti-shafts...

94g chassis
29.9g body (with lexan wing, no Core transponder)
49g batts
172.8g total

McLaren F1:
98.4g chassis
32.2g body
49g batts
179.6g total (exactly where I want it to be for weigh in on a 180g class)

98.6g chassis
37.5g body
49g batts
185.1g total (I need to drop weight on the body)

2009.02.28, 11:34 AM
My mod car had my PN diff with a titanium shaft, 52t 64p gear and 5 ceramic balls. Now it's in the MR-015. I thought it would cut more weight...

2009.02.28, 09:53 PM
I raced w my KPG body, 171g total, and the car was flipping about like a b****. Maybe I need to stiffen up the front to white or yellow PNs to help that besides adding some weight. Frustrating body to switch to, but extremely rigid and stays glued to the car regardless of abuse. Never popped once and it was flipping and getting rammed all day.

2009.03.01, 12:32 AM
I never had good results driving the KPG body... it looks nice though. Try the F355... It is my favorite body on the MR015 chassis. It hasent popped off once, although I did crack my chassis today on the rear of the battery terminal...

2009.03.01, 02:55 AM
Hi Eugene, what wheelbase(s) do you run with the F355?

2009.03.01, 03:39 AM
I run 94mm, but I am sure it will run well at 90mm as well... I will try after the KO race, or possibly at the KO race if I feel that I need to run with less weight. The only problem, is that I dont have MR015 width upper tower bars, and I dont think that the 355 can use the MR02 width front end. The 90mm chassis setup has the MR02 tower bar conversion... I have to get the JPL upper bar and use it with the PN MR015 width lower bar to be able to convert back and forth between track widths. It would be a little heavier for the narrow track width than the stock chassis, but the ability to not be restricted to the wider width, may come in handy...

2009.03.01, 02:45 PM
While on the subject, could you guys tell me a little about the roll shocks and how it compares to DDS? I'm thinking of trying one out via flat4's hookup and if it cures my rolling problem, I might ditch DDS for a while.

2009.03.01, 04:05 PM
I have never really liked roll shocks. I feel that they are too inconsistant. And if you roll, and the rear pod moves too much, a shock can come apart and that is the end of the race...

I think that your choice in body is what is causing the car to roll. I never had any luck with the KPG or the FD. I did have good results with the Audi TT on basically the same setup.

Have you removed the part of the window that is under the roof, not visible from the outside? Do you have tire wear marks on the inside of any of the fenders? What tires and spring/t-plate setup are you using? Do you use and damping fluid or grease on the DDS?

2009.03.01, 06:04 PM
EMU, lets further the setup discussion in KPG's thread since itll be more on topic that way. Im running my Battle Machine setup minus lowering of the front and green vs purple springs. I shaved enough of front fenders not to catch the tires, so its just about the roll due to weight shifting. My 86, thats a pretty high body as well, has half or third the problems as KPG.